Transportify is one of the popular vehicle rental application in the Philippines because of the different things that it can do to the people who need it. Transportify is one of the best rental vehicle services because they have different kind and size of trucks and car in their companies. Transportify helps people in different kinds of situation in their life such as moving of house rental, appliance services and many more. This application is very popular in the Philippines and it gives many benefits to the people who doesn't have cars for them to benefit on it. This company also has a good driver because of the attitude of each drivers towards their guest. Many people are comparing Lalamove and Transportify. We all know that lalamove is very popular in terms of delivery of items and being a courier to many people. Lalamove is very trusted already because of the services that they are giving to the people. I remember booking Lalamove because i am selling some collection of my shoes because i need money because i don't have work due to covid19. I risk the money and my shoes but in the end the transaction was successful. The reason why many people are comparing this company to Transportify because they both deliver and serves as courier to many people. The different between the two of them are Lalamove is best on courier services on a small scale of matters such as delivery for clothes, shoes, food and many more but in Transportify they are best in terms of Big scales of matter such as delivery of appliances, utilities and many more.

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If you are willing to become a member or drive of transportify here are the requirement that you need for you to qualified their standard procedure and to be one of them. It includes Driver's License, We all know that mostly of the drivers have their own License because without this they can't travel and drive because they can be fine for illegal driving and get in trouble. TIN ID or Tax Identification NUmber Card, This card is also need for you to have the rights and know what amount of the tax deducted. Almost all of the Filipinos who are working in different industry requires to have a TIN ID Card because it validates that they are giving tax to the government. NBI Clearance, This clearance is one of the most important requirement on applying in different job because it validates your background in the society if you didn't committed crimes or illegal things. Sales Invoice, This is a requirement where you can refund the money that you spend for the company. Cash Deposits, This requirement is basically needed for you to know where you can deposit your money for bank transfer for the purpose of salary income. Government ID, This ID's are mostly needed for identification and also background check for the company. This is also one of the most important thing that you have in your life because it has many purposes not only about work but also about life and different matters. Android Smartphone, This requirement is number one important thing on becoming a member and driver of Transportify because this is where you can get and receive bookings from other people. This is the part where you are already processing and creating money through working with Android Phones. Mostly of the people in the Philippines are using Android because they say that it has a cheaper prices and very comfortable to use in terms of this matter. But for me based on my experience about phones I strongly disagreed because i am a fan of Apple phones. I experience the best product of cellphone in Iphone and I already proven and tested the quality of the Apple products. Lastly, Vehicles. If you want to be a member of transportify you must need to have your own vehicles for your transportation and delivery purposes. These is all the requirement that you needed for you to be a driver and member of Transportify.

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Some people are comparing working to this company and working to a regular work. Mostly of the people says that they earn big money here compared to their previous job that is why mostly of the people are applying here. Imagine working with handling your own time and earning money for you to sustain yourself and family. I salute many drivers because some of the guest and customer of transportify are very rude and mean. As a customer we need to understand also the customer in every action that we are doing because we don't know that job are very important to them because it is their source of income. Me as a person that is working in a Hospitality Industry I always understand every transaction that i am booking with transportify, Lalamove and many more vehicle rental application even they do some bad thing to me i still give them a chance because i know that they are maybe tired of their work.

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If you are interested to be part of Transportify you must need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the company that you will apply on. You must really understand and review their rules and regulation for you not to failed in the long run when you are already member of Transportify. Many members are complaining with transportify because they didn't know the real benefits and police of transportify. Always remember that before you enter or apply to a company you need to know some information about them for you not to regret it in the end. Many people wants to have job especially this covid19 that is why don't waste the opportunity that you have in life. Transportify gives many Filipinos an opportunity and hope to sustain their daily lives. The owner of this company are very successful because of the good ideas and concept that he deliver to many people in different purposes in life.