What is Lalamove?

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Because of our techno-centered world and everything is possibly be handle with only a single click, Lalamove fits in perfectly to make and change how deliveries are working.
Lalamove is an on-request same-day delivery platform that lets users place orders through its application or site. Laamoveare reforming how deliveries are being done and simultaneously simplifying the lives of individuals.


Lalamove has originated in Hong Kong technology company that gives on-demand, same-day at the same time advance request conveyance services by associating users with delivery drivers on its mobile and site application. The organization works in cities across Asia and Latin America interfacing more than 7 million users with more than 700,000 conveyance drivers. The service of Lalamove is currently accessible in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Jakarta, Pune, Delhi, Bangkok, Pattaya, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Manila, Cebu, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico City.

What is the difference between the Lalamove delivery service to other delivery services?

The rivalry is inescapable yet keeping steady over things is the most significant! Over at Lalamove, it persistently working to ensure that it gives the best support to the users.

Here the things why Lalamove stand-out:

Door-to-door conveyance service for motorbike and van orders
The driver maintains 85% of each control esteem - take a minimal commission in the game!
Lalamove gives customizable alternatives to individuals not looking to follow through on fixed package costs for moving.
Lalamove course enhancement related to its multi-stop feature has helped numerous businesses spare expenses and time!
Lalamove's bicycle and vehicle highlight point deliveries have a most extreme delivery time of 60 minutes
Lalamove is a little however humble group that ensures every one of our users is fulfilled.

What Lalamove delivers?

Lalamove delivers nearly anything you need! From little package or documents to furnishings. Lalamove doesn't care about playing with the Law! Lalamove does have limitations to unlawful products, animals, and particular kinds of massive things like pianos. Drop to customer support group quick questions to see whether you are uncertain about your thing that can be delivered. Lalamove team works day by day from 8 am to 10 pm.

What sort of vehicles do Lalamove drivers have?

Lalamovers are regular individuals who own their vehicles and have joined the company to make their spare time productive by gaining extra. Lalamove fleet comprises of Motorbike, Cars, Vans, and Lorries.

How would I know which vehicle type I need?
Here are the vehicles which will be the most appropriate for your things:

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Is Lalamove cheap?

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Being an on-demand and premium support or assist individuals with sparing time - Lalamove is the most cost-proficient way if you are hoping to send or get merchandise inside a particular time.

Moreover, its multi-stop and routings make sure the users are saving the money from their orders.

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Ensure that once the users make a pick-up request on their package, he/she can track the driver and check his/her momentum area. Truth be told, you can likewise permit your users to follow their packages and their current area.

Along these lines, if you need to build up a conveyance application like Lalamove or GoGoVan, remember to include a GPS tracking feature. The component will support clients or application clients to follow drivers and the whereabouts of their package.


Delivery booking has never been this simple! Time to move on to better things as the customary method of booking your deliveries through a window is currently gone! With Lalamove's application base on-request delivery service, you only have 4 stages to make your deliveries.

Stage 1: Choose Your Preferred Vehicle
Open your Lalamove application and browse the 3 vehicle types specifically bikes, UV (S), and UV (L).

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Stage 2: Choose Your Pickup Point
After settling on your vehicle type, input your pickup goal. On the off chance that your present area is your pickup goal, essentially select the "current area" to spare you from the problem.

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Stage 3: Choose Your Drop-off Point
After you confirm your pickup location, input your drop-off goal. You can just choose the "current area" if your drop-off goal is your present area.

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Stage 4: Choose Your Preferred Mode of Payment
In conclusion, pick whether you will pay through money or through Lalamove wallet to your assigned Lalamove Driver to launch or end the exchange.

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Now you all have the steps, just simply sit back and relax while Lalamove does your deliveries in your doorstep. A stress-free delivery is currently conceivable with Lalamove because as you do the booking, Lalamove does the moving!

15 Practical Reasons Why You Should Make your Deliveries with Lalamove

Are you using Lalamove exclusively to convey a package from point A toward point B? On the off chance that you are, at that point, you've settled on the correct decision! However, things being what they are, there's something else entirely in its application than one-way conveyances. Here are a couple of reasons why you should make your deliveries with Lalamove.

1. Real-time tracking

We sometimes get anxious about trusting that our deliveries will be sent to the recipient or when we're sitting tight for the delivery to contact us. In some cases it's insufficient realizing that your package will contact you on a particular day - you need to watch out for its exact area as well!

Bid farewell to depend on conventional tracking numbers, and know precisely where your package is with Lalamove's real-time tracking. Additionally, appreciate the special reward of knowing your driver's subtleties that makes everything increasingly secure!

2. Allow Users to Schedule his/her Package Pick-up Request

An on-demand delivery application must give fast access to the items and ventures with the goal that clients can helpfully book them. In this way, the principal most significant element to consider is allow users to make or schedule their requests on pick-ups.

While booking or scheduling your pick-up request, users must think that its simple to enter the addresses (get and drop-off areas). Additionally, users can enter item data, pick vehicle type, favored conveyance time, and other required data.

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The users of Lalamove book deliveries service tailing a couple of basic advances. Along these lines, ensure that your application users don't think that its hard to make a pick-up request. Aside from this, permit your users to make a schedule by choosing a date, time, and kind of bundle, in any event, a week or one month back.

3. Multi-stops

Did you realize you can set aside to half of your time and cash when you request numerous deliveries in a single trip as opposed to mentioning separate deliveries? Simply press the '+' symbol in the application to include different locations on the off chance that you have to deliver to more than one location.

4. Remarks area

Getting a delivery driver or rider that can't satisfy the better subtleties of your delivery demand is a bummer. Keep away from the disappointments that accompany this region by recording your necessities in the Remarks. The substance in Remarks will be shown to the Lalamove's delivery partners for their consideration.

5. Medium to the huge vehicle for moving

Moving a set of computers? Need to deliver a queen size bed from the furniture shopping center to your home? Or on the other hand at long last moving from a leased house to your fantasy house? Lalamove has a total scope of vehicles to meet your huge scope deliveries and moving needs.

Look over Lalamove's van, 4 x 4 pickup truck, 3-ton lorry, or 1-ton lorry that is perfect with your stock. Budget-savvy? Lalamove is seriously valued!

6. Payment Gateway Integration (In-application Payment)

Giving your application clients in-application payment is the must requirement, helping them to pay for the service straightforwardly from the application.

This feature in any on-demand application doesn't offer to its users, so give your users various payment choices. Your application users must have numerous payment alternatives like credit/charge cards, net banking, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and other e-wallets. Utilizing these payment alternatives, users can safely make the payments for the service continuously.

If you give a couple of payment alternatives to your users, it will offer accommodation to them while booking or making a schedule. Along these lines, the payment gateway integration is a profoundly significant feature for your on-request pickups and delivery application.

7. Door-to-door deliveries

With our undeniably busy lives, whatever that can simplify should make it an absolute necessity have! Having our things both received and delivered to our doorsteps, releases us about our lives consistently, and ensures that the entire procedure of deliveries is sans bother.

With Lalamove's bicycle, vehicle, and van orders, door to door deliveries is incorporated! This implies that you spend more energy on things that matter while Lalamove ensures your deliveries are satisfied.

8. Cheaper and quicker delivery

The delivery scene has changed throughout the years. Decades ago, you needed to pass your package to the counter at the mail station or dispatch office to deliver them. Same day delivery was unfathomable as the quickest delivery in those days was 24-hour conveyance. It cost an exorbitant price on the off chance that you have to get it across quicker than 24 hours!

With Lalamove, it gives you the comfort of an on-request delivery as indicated by your period. 24-hour delivery? Or on the other hand delivery within the hour? It's your call, and it'll just cost you from RM5.00 with Lalamove's delivery motorbike and RM20.00 for a 4 x 4 pickup truck conveyance.

9. Insurance inclusion

Need a security net for your significant cargo in Lalamove's lorry? Remember to purchase Lalamove's protection inclusion before you put in your conveyance request with Lalamove! The protection premium beginnings from RM4 to right to RM100,000 inclusion with RM200 premium. In case you're depending on Lalamove's vehicles for your business deliveries, this feature is crucial if Murphy's Law chose to strike.

10. Same day delivery

With the coordinations game quickly advancing, and organizations like Lalamove being a key player to making the delivery more productive any time than ever, Lalamove would now be able to bid farewell to Next Day Delivery as the best choice. With Lalamove's bicycle and vehicle deliveries, send anything around the specific location with its same-day delivery only in less than 1 hour.

This likewise implies Lalamove can be your favored decision with getting any very late things errands, sending urgent files, sending a gift to your friends and family, or getting shopping merchandise delivered at your home.

11. 24 hours, 7 days every week

Since we don't work dependent on the 8-to-5 period, you can depend on Lalamove to understand that package conveyed whenever of the day. To Lalamove, there's not a distinction between a 6 am and 6 pm delivery.

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12. 6 kinds of vehicle

Select the best vehicle for your necessities and stock, be it a motorcycle, van, 4 x 4 truck, vehicle, 1-ton lorry, or 3-ton lorry. That is how you amplify the space of your chosen vehicle to get your things across faster and effectively.

13. On-request delivery booking

We live in a tech-concentrated and on request world, and the greater part of our errands are effectively done through our cell phones, tablets, or PCs. We're fixated on figuring everything out with no complain included. That is actually how Lalamove fits in.

Skip the need to stress over getting last-minute things conveyed or prepare for a major move. Lalamove is there to ensure your conveyance orders get coordinated with a driver as and when you need it!

14. Real-time Updates and Notifications

The fourth fundamental component to coordinate into your package conveyance service like Uber application is ongoing updates and notices. You can keep your application clients updated and advised about their requests, demands, or schedule solicitations. If the driver is close by to pick, advise your clients about it through message pop-ups.

Aside from this, you can inform your application clients after the delivery of the package. On the off chance that you continue updating your clients, they don't need to continue checking the application for the update of their package. Thus, remember to incorporate pop-up message include in your application.

15. Saves time and expands efficiency

As cliche as it sounds, time is money for the greater part of us. Consistently we waste on trusting that another delivery will show up instead we spent that time on being productive.

We all have those days where we could have left something significant at home while we're as of now busy working. Or on the other hand, it could even be expecting to send urgent files over to your customers. Why sit around making a trip down when you presumably have 10000 different things on your plate? Just Lalamove it to ensure your things are conveyed to you.

So, are you ready to Lalamove it? Download the application today and enjoy instant and scheduled deliveries!