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    Thread: Motorcycle, The easiest way to roam around

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      Default Motorcycle, The easiest way to roam around

      The motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that lets you drove to a small path and it is powered by a motor and has no pedals, A motorcycle has plenty to offer to its driver or owner like going to a place that you want without being traffic, and it is faster than a car because it is two-wheeled so it can roam around unlike four-wheeled cars they cannot counterflow in a small area.

      Motorcycle has parts that you must know when you will buy or when you need to upgrade it, for exhaust it must have the Full systems, its Slip-on, The header, and link pipes. In the category of drive, it has the Chain and Sprocket Kits, Chains and Master Links, Sprockets, Axle Blocks. In Fuel and Air, it must have the Air Filters, the Air Filter Chemicals, the Air Filter Accessories, the Air Cleaner Kits, and the Velocity Stacks. In Engine Parts and Accessories, it has the Camshafts, the Case Covers and Guards, its Clutch Kits and Components, the Cylinder Heads, Big bore kits, Gaskets, Oil filler and drain plugs, Piston kits, its radiator guard and hoses, Spark plugs, and Stators and Regulators. In the
      Control parts are the Cables, Foot Controls, Hand Controls, Steering Dampers. In the Brakes, it has the Brake Bleeders, Brake Fluid, Brake Levers, Brake lines, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Pads, and Brake Rotors. In the
      Lights and Electrical, its Accent Lighting, its Batteries and Chargers, the Bulbs, Headlights, Taillights, and its Turn signals. The body Parts
      are the Axle Blocks, Body Mount Hardware, Bodywork, Chain Guards, Fender Eliminators, Fenders, Frame sliders, Graphic kits, and Decals, its Mirror block off plates, Ram air tubes, its seats and seat costs, and its Swingarm Spools. In Suspension, its Fork Accessories, the Lowering Links, its Shocks, and its Swingarm Extensions. In the
      Tires and Wheels, it has the Tire Combos, Tires, Wheels, and Tire Care. In Windscreens, it has the Lowers and Wind Deflectors, the Windscreens, its Windscreen Bolts, and Windscreen Mounting Hardware. It has also the Crash Protection where it has the Axle Sliders, the Bar End Sliders, the Crash Bars, the Engine Covers, and Skid plates. In-Dash and Gauges, It has the Gauges,
      Lap Timers, and the Radar Detectors. In the Luggage, it has the Saddlebags, the Tail Bags, and Tank Bags. The motorcycle is exposed to stealing or theft so you must also put an alarm on it

      Motorcycle has many types such as
      the Standard type, a motorcycle where it is popular and favorite because it has a modest design and is suited for all objectives. It has variations from 125cc up to 1,000cc and can be fitted with luggage.

      The cruiser, designed for cruising, then, how it got its name. It commonly has a little lower seat height, making it a good “cruising” around. Its engine size is pretty varied from a small displacement engine through 1,000cc or more depending on the brand. Examples of cruising motorcycle ate Yamaha V-star 250 cruiser and Ducati XDiavel.

      The sport type, where are meant for speed and agility with forward-leaning ergonomics ready to carve some corners while riding. The biggest difference between a Sports type motorcycle is their weight. Most of Sport type motorcycles made from a lot of aluminum and lighter materials to increase the side to side maneuverability of it, examples are Kawasaki Z1000SX, £9999, and Yamaha Tracer 900GT, £10,649.

      The Scooter type, many people argue that a Scooter isn’t a genuine motorcycle, but they sure can get you around in safety. Scooters are best suited for a municipal area that doesn’t incorporate highway speeds. They are lightweight and low to the ground which makes them easy to navigate through city streets without having to muscle them around all day. They come in modifying sizes, from 50cc through 500cc, and will have enough power to get you to roam around. An example of Scooter is a Honda NC700D Integra.

      The Moped typed of motorcycle, several may think if the Moped type should be called a Scooter, or be a sub-category of the Scooter, but it is technically different. The Moped type has a lighter frame based on a bicycle-style and a smaller engine 50cc or less. they should not be ridden on highways, as they are unfit of keeping up with traffic and will put your safety at risk. They can be labeled as "vintage".

      The Off-road motorcycles, it is exactly what they sound like: for going where it is far and that is usually never been through. They have taller seat heights to adapt deeper brush and high suspension that can deal with a few bumps along the way. An example of this type of motorcycle is Honda XR650L and YAMAHA SUPER TENERE

      The  Touring type, a motorcycle that is generally larger than most other motorcycles, and it’s meant to have the conveniences for cross-country touring to see the different views of a city and its nature. They give a large amount of storage with easy ergonomics that allow you to ride for hours at a time. An example of this kind of motorcycle is BMW R1200 GS Adventure and KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.

      The motorcycle is the easiest way to roam around because it is very convenient and is the fastest way to go where you want to go. Yes, it is prone to an accident where there is always casualties that happen every day and motorcycle is most of the time is the subject of such case, so you must have to be careful and always alert in your surroundings because everything might happen and it is a type of vehicle that can easily bump or have a collision. Don't use a motorcycle when you drank especially when you have a back ride or you're with your children and don't forget to check its tires and controls so you won't risk for your safety. Driving is a privilege but you must not forget life is just once and you cannot turn it back again.

      (Photos courtesy of Motosop.eu, Bennetts Insurance, Motorcycle spec, Yamaha motor sport. And Zigwheels)
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