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      In the world of show business and film making, marvel comics have been the most source of inspiration for creating movies that rock the whole world. X-men is one of the marvelís unique group of heroes that have been in film adaptation since the year 2000. One of the very interesting x-men movies is X-men: First class.


      X-men: First class features the origin of the foundation of x-men movies, both the protagonist and antagonist. Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique who were enemies in first released x-men movies turn out to be the best of friends on their backstories. Charles Xavier (Professor X), Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), and Raven Darkholme (Mystique) become the first group of mutants to be widely known by humans for being involved in massive events. Thus, they are X-men: First class.

      Erik Lehnsherr

      The film started in their younger years in a setting where mutants were unknown to many. Erik was a boy who was in a concentration camp of Nazis. Erik got separated from his parents at an early age. Erikís mutation capabilities were discovered then when he bent the metal gate as his parents were forcibly separated from him.

      Sebastian Shaw was a scientist working for the Nazis when Erik bent the gate. Shaw is a mutant who can absorb and transform energy. As he heard of what the young Eric did, he tested and forced him to show his powers, pressuring him to move the coin in exchange for his motherís life. In failing to do so, Shaw killed his mother in Ericís own eyes. Because of that, Eric was enraged and mad that made his emotions burst and result in bending the metals and other magnetic energies.

      Erikís life was then focused on avenging his motherís death by hunting down Shaw. After a couple of years, he had the chance to avenge his mom as he encountered Shaw but he was not in a favorable position and failed to do so. That moment was also the time his soon-to-be best friend, Charles Xavier met him and saved him from possibly dying by drowning.

      Charles Xavier

      In the early part of the film, a boy who lived in a big mansion was introduced. His name is Charles Xavier, a telepath who is the son of a nuclear researcher named Brian Xavier who died at an accident. He then was left with his mom in a big mansion called Xavier's Westchester mansion.

      Charles lived a comfortable life allowing him to take a bunch of education to have credentials and not for knowledge since he did not need to go to school for his telepathic abilities. He is driven to promote peace between mutants and humans and to give all those mutants hiding out there equal rights, same with humans.

      Charles then later met Erik who was in pursuit of catching Shaw. From that moment theyíve become that closest of friends along with Raven.

      Raven Darkholme

      Raven was a young girl when she used her transformation ability and pretended to be Xavierís mom as she was stealing food in the Westchester mansionís kitchen. Since Charles can read minds, he immediately figured out that whatís inside of the womanís head was not his momís, instead, it belonged to someone else. A bit frightened, the young raven revealed herself - a natural blue form with red hair. That night Raven found a family and lived with Charles as his sister.

      Because of her natural blue form, she seemed odd and might fit the description freak. For that reason, her parents were ashamed of her, abused her, and for one time tried to kill her. Raven ran away then later met Charles. As they grow up, Raven is still easily offended and sensitive in her looks so she appeared in a beautiful human form that looks normal.

      Storyís Plot

      So, the story goes around the 3 of them, Erik, Charles, and Raven, who become very close and consider themselves brothers and sisters to one another. As part of the pursuit of Shaw, Charles and Eric gathered young mutants to train in a government facility. However, they were attacked by Shaw and his companions which caused the death of one valued member named Darwin. His death provokes the remaining young mutants to train hard and enhance their skills to avenge his death, led by Eric and guided by Charles.

      In the Westchester mansion, Charles helped all other mutants to know themselves and reach their full potential. The movie shows how he helped them individually, Eric, Sean, and Alex. On the other hand, Raven was just self-training for she was already with Charles for years and Hank McCoy was just focusing on building their ship, designing their uniforms, and experimenting Ravenís genes for he is extremely smart.

      Then the history of X-men begins, together with Moira MacTaggert, a CIA non-mutant agent, the X-men flew to Shawís location and there they started fighting. Eric pulls the submarine out of the ocean where Shaw was, then Riptide sends tornadoes to distract them, and they all crash to the beach. At that moment was the first fight of x-men against Shaw and his allies or also know as hellfire club.

      It was an intense fight and a major turnover for Eric and made his first move as Magneto. Eric managed to kill Shaw with the help of Charles who used his immobilizing powers against him. It was a fight of mutant against mutant, but when Shaw died, Eric changed the scene by pointing out who their real enemies were. Referring to humans, Eric convinces the mutants calling them brothers and sisters to unite and fight the real enemy.

      The mutant fight becomes an army of human soldiers against all the mutants. The ships per instructions pointed their missiles and weapons towards the beach and would try to hit and kill all those in it. Since Eric can feel those metals, he warned them and challenged Charles, who is on the neutral side, to check if it were true. And of course, it is. But confidently, Eric stops the missiles from hitting them by using his powers. But he did not only stop it, he used it back against them. Charles, full of compassion to all forms of life, tried to stop Eric, which he successfully did in exchange for his leg that was hit by a bullet fired by agent Moira and accidentally redirected by Eric to his legs.

      The fight ended with the human army in a deep sigh, grateful for being alive. And Eric together with Mystique, Riptide, Angel, and Azazel group together to start a new organization that exclusively protects all humans in a way different from Charles.

      While Charles, together with Beast, Havok, Banshee, and Moira returned home and faced the issues and concern by the government about mutants.

      Characters in real life

      Charles Xavier - James McAvoy

      Eric Lehnsherr - Michael Fassbender

      Raven Darkholme - Jennifer Lawrence

      Hank McCoy - Nicholas Hoult

      Moira MacTaggert - Rose Byrne

      Sebastian Shaw - Kevin Bacon

      Emma Frost - January Jones

      Alex Summers - Lucas Till

      Angel Salvadore - Zoe Kravitz

      Armando Munoz - Edi Gathegi

      Sean Cassidy - Caleb Jones

      Janos Quested - Alex Gonzales

      Azazel - Jason Flemying

      Directed by Matthew Vaughn

      Produced by Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, and Gregory Goodman


      Even if the superhero fiction movieís main goal is to bring excitement to the viewers, teach their minds to be imaginative, and let their life be colorful. There are still so many values you can get from these types of movies.

      1.) Peace can be achieved even with no violence

      At the end of the film, there were two kinds of war shown. First is the war between nations and second is the war between humans and mutants. The movie showed how ready they were all for the war, how ready they were to fire their missiles, how ready they were to use their powers, and how ready they were to kill and die. They are willing to do that for the thing that they love the most and the things that they give much importance to, they are willing to fight until their breath.

      Both parties want the same thing, peace. But they believe that the peace their longing for should come with a price, which is life. But in the last part of the film where they have hurt and threatened one another, peace was not achieved. Why? Violence is not the answer to peace. Just as how Professor X believed it to be.
      Peace can come if there is communication that leads to understanding, that is something killing one another canít give. Peace can be achieved with no violence.

      2.) Friendship despite different opinions

      Charles and Eric have found a brother from each other. However, that does not mean they have the same beliefs and opinions. It was clearly manifested on how Eric views the difference between mutants and ordinary humans, that humans would never change and there must be a thick line in between them.

      As for Charles, he believed that mutants can coexist with ordinary humans. It just requires time and communication. He understands how Eric feels and why he thinks that way, but Charles didnít have a change of stand nor he hated Eric for what he believes. Instead, they remained friends.

      Charles and Eric parted ways by the end of the film, for they must pursue different paths according to what they envisioned themselves to be. But that did not hinder them from remaining friends. Likewise, if you have someone with a different opinion and so forth, you may keep distance or part ways, but you can still remain friends. As long as you do not hurt each other, it still would work.

      3.) Donít let anger consume you

      Eric was almost consumed by anger, by his resentment, that made him willing to die just to take revenge. But is it worth it? Charles showed him that itís not. Although Eric managed to avenge his motherís death that did not give him the peace of mind he deserves, instead leads him to a different direction which is more dangerous.

      If someone ever did harm you or our loved ones or did some awful things towards you, forgiving is very difficult. But that doesn't mean that you canít do it. That does not mean that you have to plot revenge against that person.

      Just like how Eric turned out to be, so would you if you continue the course of vengeance and anger. Not being consumed by anger does not necessarily mean it's okay for you to be hurt, instead, it can also mean that itís not okay for you to be hurt and you are tired of keeping the pain and keeping the hurt. Letting go is not for the other party but it is for you!

      4.) Proud of yourself

      Mystique and Beast both have in common, their mutation causes them to hide in the closet, to lose confidence, and to be bullied and judged.

      But Raven proudly reminded Hank that line before she left him to be with Magneto. Eric helped Raven to see her own beauty and that if she wants to be accepted by the society she must accept herself first. Which is entirely accurate at all.

      The world today judges you easily as if theyíve never done the same thing nor have ever made some errors. That mentality makes the likes of Hank and Raven hide in the closet forever, but that has to be stopped. How? Just like Raven, start with yourself. Accept who you are. Be proud of what you have become!


      X-men: First class deserves first-class awards. The film successfully shows the backstories of the infamous characters of Mystique and Magneto and how they were extremely close to Professor X. Their incredible friendship made them stronger, and that is very inspiring to watch. If you havenít seen it yet, youíve just missed an outstanding masterpiece!

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      I enjoyed X-men first class more than most other X-men series simply because of James McAvoy. And also maybe because we see a lot of action scenes of Professor Charles in this movie since he is really powerful but is forced to sit back in other movie series.

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