Switzerland is intimidating for the budget traveler. Even travel bloggers agree that it is an expensive country to visit. It’s been rated as “the most expensive country” to visit. Swiss cities Geneva and Zurich are also listed among the most costly cities to live in. Yet, the tourism here is booming, tourist arrival statistics show.

Image: PlanetWare

What are there in Switzerland that tourists want? A travel blogger who has been to the country twice - one during the summer and another in the winter - says on The Invisible Tourist that it is beautiful all year round. Landscapes that entice an outdoor adventurer; a modern urban spot that mingles with its history; the beauty of its alpines, a scenery that you first saw from postcards; and an avant-garde culture that gives it the edge. These are only among the country’s features.

It has a total of 26 federal states or cantons, each with its distinct characteristics and presentation for tourists to see. However, all are connected to each other in terms of its history, culture, the people’s way of life, and its vision, among many others.

Bern, the fountain city

In today’s post, we focus on Bern, the Swiss capital. Bern is filled with many surprises. We start from the fountains that have existed since several centuries ago.

From over a hundred fountains in the area, 11 of these come from the original statues many years back, and three of them are preserved from the first time they were seen in the 16th century. Since these fountains are part of their heritage, there is so much value to tour and see these structures up close.

Bern is also the most populated Swiss city and has been maintaining its status as one of the best places in the world to reside. Scientists also recognize Bern as the place where physicist Albert Einstein worked on the Theory of Relativity. A house is within its grounds, called the Das Einstein Haus, also a widely visited attraction.

The capital is mirroring Switzerland as the gateway to many other cities in the region. Bern is where an extensive rail system that trains move through, taking visitors to internal cities and in those in neighboring European countries.

Swiss neutrality is evident in Bern, as it is where we can find the headquarters of a United Nations special agency, the Universal Postal Union. Bears have also been associated with the country, and Bear Park, the residence of four bears in the urban jungle, has been attracting visitors from around the world. The city is also named after it.

Old Town in Bern is never to miss. Traces of medieval culture, architecture, and way of life are still in this place until today. It maintains its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the 1980s. In here, there are two square miles of towers, cathedrals, historical structures, and medieval arcades. Old Town is looking glass to the Swiss past.

These and more, including the Parliament Building, Bern Clock Tower, Bern Botanical Garden, Bern Historical Museum, food and seeing its transport system. Time to have fun and fall in love in Bern.