Education has the power to change the world, such vital tool can only be so powerful that it can change someone’s life only for a better. Education is not only to make you someone smarter but it make the better version out of you. We can boldly say that it can change the way of life and lead you to a better path in life. Some even say that educations are for rich and smart people, but this is very a true statement. Education are been offered free in many countries and it should be followed by others, become education will offer its service back to you. Now you may ask me, what is it so important about this, well here are some of the reason why I say education is important in life. Shall we turn the pages one by one?

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Sustain in life

It will be never wrong to say that education will stabilize your life to a better state. It is not just a piece of paper that will go in vain but it define your life. The thing about education is that it allows you to explore deeper in your thoughts, create logical and wise decision making thinking and hence a better ways of life. I am not saying that just by education you will be smart, I am saying that if changes the way you think and the way you move throughout your life. Also the very obvious answer would be, it lands you with a decent jobs and a very decent pay and that my friends, put you in a better and a successful life.

Provide bread on the table

Another obvious not so shocking to others when it comes to why education Is important in life is that it provide you with a job and job pays you money and hence you can able to survive and earn money for a decent lifestyle. But that it not all education can provide you, as we all know that of course work requires you to commit, learn, get experience and be better day by day. And what way can you do that if you don’t have the fundamental understanding, way to explore, think, and be creative, logical thinking that a 4 years of higher tertiary education can give you. Like I said, education is like an access card to have a better life and how you may get this life you may ask? Better job plus better income of money.


Education puts you in a higher status of life and surround your table with people as equally or better status in life. A strongly believe in this quote,” You need to surround yourself with people in equal mind-set with you”, and this statement is so true. Well education puts you in that place and there is no doubt about it. Also there is been a debate about equal status in work force among men and women, if you deserve the status and if you have the proper education plus experiences, you can be in a place you dreamed of one day. You just have to believe, be persistent and work hard and smart in life.

Gives your independent in life

Education gives you the freedom in life and for you to lead your life the way you wanted. We all know once we start working we be more responsible and independent in our life. We take actions and consequences in our hands. Help out our parents and family. Take off their burdens in their hands for all the things they did for you when you were nearly making anything. Independency come to someone who can lead they own life to the fullness and education can indeed bring you to that place.

For society sake (but really it is the best for you)

I am not sure about you but I am not the fan for impressing the society nor to be showing off. But let us think about it. In order to be in a society or even among your family, extended family (let us not forget them) and friends, we need to cross check come milestones in life and one of its most definitely getting that proper education. So can society only accepts you once if you are educated properly and earning good in life with getting married soon. Let us be real, we can run away from this society nor even out family that accepts something from us. So rather than running away from reality, might as well we face it and conquer it with good. I know there is a battle in this statement and let me tell you even I too, but that does not mean you skip this milestone just to prove your point. Get educated and so them who you can be.

The better version of you

The whole purpose of this article is to bring you to this point and I am glad you can all the way to this. We talked about how education can get you a decent living and lifestyle, making you independent in life and all this point bring you nothing but to a better human being you can ever be. Education allows you to judge and evaluate your life, ways and principals in life and make you a better person in your journey of life. Education allows you to be better in treating others, better in judging the way of life and make you a better person in the society, to help, lend a hand and a better citizen to your country.

Last but most indeed not the least, education allows the best and nothing by the best to do. It uplift you in life and brings you to a place and status in life where you can never imagine. Let your kids stay in school and bring up them to be a better and successful person in their life. Education, is the way and they only way to a better self of you.