One of the biggest issues that the world is tackling right now centers on the continuous spread of the Coronavirus. As the virus exploded from Wuhan, China spreading to multiple countries worldwide, many economies globally have been affected negatively while some are found to be experiencing a huge setback or a recession. Because of this, the rates of unemployment, world hunger, and poverty have increased. Yet despite the whole world trying to find a solution for this covid-19 issue worldwide, why is it that people have not been able to find a vaccine yet? Will our economies ever recover or do we have to live with this virus?

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Problems in Postmodern Solutions

Many people have been hoping and praying for the invention and release of a vaccine against the coronavirus to save their loved ones and their livelihood as there is an increased issue on people's state of survival. But even with modern science and the work of multiple organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Association of Southest Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the European Union (EU), it seems like there will not be a vaccine anytime soon. Instead, governments and politicians seem to be betting on another course of action - that is, to quarantine patients, heal them, and simply hope that the virus would go away for the next year or two.

I personally think that we would not recover from the coronavirus with such small band-aid solutions. Simply waiting for all the infected people to either die or be healed from the virus is not going to solve this issue. We are getting rid of the symptoms through band-aid solutions and not resolving the issue at its core. We should be finding the root cause of the virus (How was it made? How do we cure it). Instead of betting on the lives of people and waiting for people to die out.

A Proposed Solution

I believe that we should not be reliant on the government by simply waiting at home for the issues to be solved. We should have proactive actions that to help the people while medical professionals wait for the vaccine. To do this, we must start making policies and solutions to how the world must tackle the pandemics both for now and for the future by designating certain locations to quarantine people, providing a breakdown of a budget for pandemic aid per country depending on the level of caution or danger that they are in, and a bunch of pandemic protocols that must be followed by the world and not just a single country. The reason why majority of the world is in this mess right now was because people failed to ban their flights and the governments have failed to prioritize the warnings of professionals. If there is a virus that could potentially harm thousands of a country's citizens, then they should automatically cutoff their connection to whatever country has displayed symptoms of the virus. This is not discrimination, but instead this is a precaution for the survival of humanity. This is also not a restriction on human rights and freedom, but instead a barrier to protect life itself.

Steps to Implement the Solution

1) Setting Up Quarantine Locations (In Advance)
- Although some people may already claim that hospitals are enough for quarantine locations in fighting the virus, many people have failed to anticipate the need to laboratories to experiment and find a cure for the virus. Hospitals are places to treat people who have normal sicknesses that do not infect others or metastisize into society. They are not ready for pandemics. Because of this, each country should have a law or a facility ready for pandemics. They should have places ready for people who lose their jobs and housing rent in advance even before any pandemic hits a country.

2) Budget for Pandemic Aid Per Country
- The allocation of resources is something that everyone needs to learn from both a microeconomic perspective and a macroeconomic perspective. Everyone needs to know how to use the budget that they have approriately for the responsibility that they want to meet. Because of this, a pandemic aid budget must be set per country. We must not wait for another pandemic to hit before making policies and budget preparations for pandemic aids. The reason why there is a slow movement worldwide to get rid of the pandemic is because people and the national governmnets have failed to make adjustments and statements. Instead, they try to cram and find solutions on the spot once a problem arises. An analogy for this is when a person never creates an insurance or savings fund or when they will have emergencies or accidents. Thus, a budget and pandemic aid law and statement must be issued per country to know how much people will need.

3) World Protocols
- One of the most problematic mistakes that countries now where caused by their slow movement or stalling. As the countries stalled the banning of flights in the name of tourism and profit, they have received a larger hit and loss for both their people and nation. Because of this, the world should create protocols for pandemic protocols. When a country is suspected to have a pandemic, people should close their flights to that specific country as it is not a matter of discrimination or profit loss, but instead a matter of life and its threats.

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The recovery from the coronavirus will definitely not be as quick as we expect it to be. It may take a year or two at the very least and more if we fail to act sooner. For this reason, the recovery will not happen until people start moving and solving the issue instead of complaining. The capable must start acting as the incapacitated people cannot help themselves. In the end, a world economic recovery cannot be met if we do not find solutions for the future and learn from our previous mistake. A world recovery economically cannot exist without getting rid of laziness and human greed. Thus, if you have the capability to help, start by helping the poor and the hungry, and if you do have money or a place, please donate the space for medical professionals in need. The coronavirus is a call to action for people to start moving for the recovery that they want to see.

Estimated Economic Recovery

The Economy is versatile. No one knows when it wil recover, but we can estimate its recovery. Surely, after the coronavirus issue is solved, a recovery will slowly happen in about five to ten years. If you ask me why, it is because of the historical trends that the world has been facing. I hypothesize the idea of a five to ten year recovery period from my personal observation on war and how long people recover from drastic economic falls and pandemics. People usually thrive in creativity once there are possibilities for change and freedom to move. Once the coronavirus is over, countries that are drastically affected economically would counter their recession is about five to ten years. Thus, for investors, going for the "buy low now" plans can be applied once you withdraw your money in the long run after ten years to be more assured of returns.

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