Writing is a form of communication that allows a person to put their thoughts and feelings in black and white. It takes a writer to organize his/her ideas into convincing arguments and convey its meaning through a well-constructed text.

Getting into writing can be exciting. I had been writing inconsistently for years, mostly off depending on the season that I am in. But regardless of the inconsistency to write regularly, the interest and passion have always been here. In this article, allow me to share some tips which I hope would benefit new writers and potential new writers:

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Believe in yourself
As dreamy as it may sound, but this the first thing that you should do when you start writing. Even the best of writing tips can be ineffective without this. Writing can be a daunting process. There are many challenges along the way such as writer’s block. There are times when your self-doubt overwhelms you and starts holding you back. That's where self-belief comes into play. If you are going to go through, you must trust your gut and keep believing in yourself. With the right mindset, attitude and self-confidence, your writing skills will go a long way.

Understand that writing is a learnable skill
Writing may be a natural gift to some but writing skills can be learned. When we are learning in school, writing is one of the basic lessons taught to us. That is why, writing skills can be always improved. So, don’t be easily discouraged or disheartened when writing. It can be learnt and can be improved over time. If you have the passion and the enthusiasm, know that you can make yourself into a great writer.

Practice makes perfect
As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect (or at least something close to it) No one is at his/her best the first time they try something. The same goes for writing. Just like exercising, if you want to make your muscles stronger and bigger, you would go to the gym and try various routines, repeatedly. You writing muscles works the same way. You must do as many repetitions to make those muscles stronger. You can only do so when you keep practicing and keep using those muscles. Significant improvements cannot be seen overnight. It takes time with a lot of practice. The point is, every writer I has gone thru drafting, redrafting, and redrafting some more but it doesn’t mean that their work is bad. No one is a perfect writer. You need to be prepared to rewrite what comes out—add, remove and modify. Your ideas are worth telling, but make sure you tell them well. So, do more writing and flex those muscles.

Read as much as you write
Being a writer, words are your bread and butter; and what better way to master words than thru reading. If you want to write, you need to read. Read as much as you can. When you read, you will be able to examine writing styles and observe how authors convey and organize their thoughts and emotions. Every reading material has a lesson for you if you just to pay attention. Read different books and articles to gain fresh perspectives. Remember that a good writer starts by being a good reader.

Find your inspiration
Sometimes writing can be saturating especially when you ran out of ideas. That’s why trying to look for ideas around you – whether by looking around, listening to people’s conversations, googling in the worldwide web, using your imagination or just reflecting about topics that interests you. There are so many things where you can draw your inspirations. Sometimes in quiet spaces, in the middle of a crowd, in busy streets, in coffee shops, from strangers and friends, or better yet they are just in front of you.

Do your research
In writing, whether you are writing fiction or otherwise, what is important is you write the right things. That is why, doing a research is important. In as much as we want to share our thoughts and opinions, it is necessary that what we write are not just well-though of but well-researched too. Researching will help you expand your knowledge and write more. You can start with what we you know but strengthen them with ideas that are well-researched and factual. This will not only make you a good writer, but a credible one too.

Create the best writing environment for you
A good writing environment can help you organize and be creative with your thoughts. Different people write in different places. Find yourself a place somewhere that suits you and has everything that you need. When you sit down to write, make sure that you have the best environment that can put your thoughts and feelings together. Find a place where you are most comfortable. Find your writing haven be it at the cozy corner of a coffee shop, at home with your family, or in the comfort of your room. Set your writing mood to keep you going. Music can be a great tool for writing as well. Not only can it help you to get started to write but it can set the mood and keep ideas flowing, too. But if you prefer to be more quiet and serene, there is nothing wrong about it too. What is important is it keeps you in the mood to write.

Enjoy what you do
Nothing will make you feel pumped than by enjoying what you do. As for writing, it is like magic, you make something out of nothing. Something you write today can be found and read even after several years. Every article and story that you write is your legacy. The best way to give justice to writing is to love it. Once you start enjoying the process of writing, words will come naturally to you and you'll look forward to writing every day. What you need to remember is that if you have the passion for the topic, and enjoy what you do, then you can do well. You just keep the fire burning.

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