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Thread: Online Job: Fit to everyone

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    Lightbulb Online Job: Fit to everyone

    Photo Courtesy by chiroeco Website

    Are you searching for an online job while quarantined? Are you looking for a part-time or full-time job that could satisfy the daily necessities or add up extra allowance on your monthly income? Well, this article is for people like you. People worldwide have been quarantined for months due to the rapid widespread of Covid-19 Coronavirus all over the world. People who are not positioned as front liners are stocked at home and do their job in their house instead. For instance, several institutions and universities have suspended school classes since the occurrence of the Coronavirus for the past three months until the present.

    Photo Coutesy by jobberman Website

    According to Kenneth Rapoza, a writer on a website named Forbes, exceeding numbers of people who lose their jobs are drastically increasing. In the month of May, there are already 42 percent or 36 million jobs layoff owing the fact of the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic and might have a ramification of a permanent job loss. During this crisis, the most affected job is the job that deals with face-to-face transactions and services. These are service workers, sales workers, construction workers, transportation workers, manufacturing or production workers, workers who repair things, street vendors, etc. This year, 2020, is deemed a traumatic experience we have ever had so far, considering the stressful, downside, and overwhelming consequences of the pandemic like losing jobs, extended time of graduation, and overflowing pricy expenses. From time to time, people would think of great ways to provide on their family or even themselves to survive in this crisis. Some people are obsessively searching for a job or means to abide and push through on this catastrophe. For example, trying a job uninclined on their profession, and using their other skills to keep body and soul together. Aside from that, according to GMA News, broadcast television in the Philippines, several stranded Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia, also known as OFW, loses their jobs after the restaurant they are working has closed. In order to survive in this crisis, they come up in a way to sell their blood to provide on their loved ones in the Philippines, and to buy food for themselves.

    Photo Courtesy by Blackburn News

    Worldwide suffering has a massive impact on us. There might negative notion forming in our mind and dragging our self-esteem down. But don't lose hope. There are many ways to hold on in this crisis, and one of the methods is applying to an Online Job. Online Job or Work-from-home is suitable for this pandemic, considering the avoidance of mass and prioritizing everyone's safety. Certainly, bunches of people are looking for a way to finance their daily needs and to outlive. Finding ways to help your family, and even yourself during this chaotic pandemic is a perfect idea.

    Photo Courtesy by iimdirect blogspot

    In this generation, known as Generation Z, is inclined with technology and has a powerful connection to our businesses and lives. According to J.Clement, a research expert covering internet and e-commerce, almost 59 percent of the global population who is active on the internet. Thus, applying to an online job has a massive benefit for us whether the applicant is a teenager, fresh graduate, inexperienced, searching for a part-time or full-time job, etc. An online job is the online version of traditional transactions and services of a company or any business. It is a virtual or remote job where an employee or worker can work from home and vary on their availability, whether full-time or part-time. Due to the pandemic, this could be a perfect way to support your parents and family to endure the challenging experience we have face these days.

    These are some examples of sites or marketplace that offer getting paid by doing small tasks and may fit your other skills. It might be through creativity, content writing, video editing, etc. Aside from that, these examples are convenient and flexible for everyone considering the applicant's age, such as teenagers, adults, toddlers, etc.

    Here is a list of examples:

    1. Fiverr

    Are you looking for a freelancing job? Fiverr is known as a leading marketplace worldwide. This is a two-sided platform where both sellers and buyers could enter, and founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. A freelance job defines as working on themselves instead of having a permanent or regular job and also may vary on their availability. The applicant would sell his or her digital services; it could be a freelance writer, designer, editor, etc. Since this is a marketplace with lots of competitors, the applicant or seller should not live beyond the competitiveness of other sellers and equip themselves with experts' skills and knowledge.

    According to Mimi Luarca, a vlogger, these are the list to consider:
    • To have a pleasant and pleasing cover photo on your profile. For instance, if
      the buyer browsed the seller's profile, the cover photo has to catch their attention quickly. It has to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes like
      grasping their trust and giving a message that you provide excellent services
    • Aside from that, the seller service's description has to be clear, concise,
      concrete, and with clarity. If you're going to make a logo, sketch, or anything
      that your service is, you need to provide a sample of your profile. It could be
      through a link compose of your works and bio.
    • See also: Invest in the most successful traders. More details.

    • Your price of service has to be competitive. Buyers would take a risk to buy
      the expensive one due to fast services.

    Requirements needed for applying are:
    • A laptop or desktop
    • One valid Id (not necessarily a government ID)
    • Paypal Account for the method of payment.

    Fivver accepts an applicant who has the age of thirteen (13) and above. Thus, a teenager or student can apply to this platform. The lowest rate for a beginner would be $5, but it may vary on the number of clients who trust your service. According to Mimi Luarca, Fivver has a rating system, and it might be the downside of a newbie due to having a zero rate at first. But, still, don't lose hope and grab the opportunity.

    2. Content Writing.

    If you have excellent skills for writing a Blogspot, review, or any content, this list of companies offers an Online job for content writing that is perfect for people like you.

    These are some examples:
    • Forum.mt5.com
    • contentGather.com
    • MeritCrowd.com

    Actually, the mode of payment depends on the company; here are some options:
    • Gcash
    • Paypal
    • Bank Account

    3. Be a Vlogger or an Influencer.

    Many people used social media platforms as their job, such as celebrities, Pewdiepie, Chloe Ting, Alex Gonzaga, etc. Everyone could be an influencer, whether in the Instagram platform, Youtube platform, Facebook platform, or any social media channel that accommodate numbers of viewers. There is no required format and content on creating a video or any way to be an influencer. The content could be about your life, giving wisdom to the viewers, your trained dogs, giving a review about specific products, and so on, it depends on your mood or ideas on catching the viewers' attention.

    The influencer will earn through the numbers of views, subscribers, and advertisements. It works if the influencer has tremendous amounts of active viewers and subscribers. It may sound not very comforting to some beginners considering the numbers of watchers and followers, but it's not the way to back off, instead grab the opportunity and take it as a challenge. Self-esteem, Self-confidence, and perseverance are the key to catch everyone's attention.

    4. Teaching the English Language through Online.

    English is deemed as our universal language and used when we communicate with foreign people. It serves as a method of a channel to deliver a message to someone who's not the same mother tongue with us. Thus, people should be excellent at speaking English for everyone to be understood. Aside from that, the English subject is still in education's curriculum. If you have a native or American accent, you may apply as an online English teacher, whether full-time or part-time.

    Here are some examples of a company who offers an online English teacher:
    • Acadsoc
    • 51 Talk
    • See also: Explore the infinite possibilities of online trading with a reliable broker. Join now!

    • Same Speak

    Before applying on one of these company, these are the things to consider:

    • Your mother tongue should be English.
    • The age limit is sixteen years of age and above (16+)
    • It would be best if you had a precise intonation, an American accent, and a
      clear voice.

    Nowadays, there's an influx of people applied as an online English teacher. Thus, new applicants or beginners will wait for weeks or months for them to notice. Also, it depends on the streaming of incoming students.

    5.Earn money by making PowerPoint Template

    For sure, you have experience creating a PowerPoint template during your school days. If you haven't experienced yet, don't worry, there are tons of resources on the internet teaching how to create a PowerPoint template. I have watched Mimi Luarca's Videos on youtube, and this is one of the online jobs that caught my attention. People would only create a PowerPoint template and earn from $8 up to $10 per hour. In a month, they will receive $3500 to $2250 a month, depends on the level he or she will choose.

    You can apply to KnowMorePlatform.com.

    6. Online Selling

    I have bunches of friends who are currently have built an online business during this pandemic such as reseller, loading business, dessert business, etc. You could also be one of them. Online Selling doesn't have an age limit, whether you are just a teenager. People would sell their preloved clothes, their baked products, artworks, delicious foods, etc. Imagine you are the CEO of your business, isn't it amazing?

    7. Having a Voice talent or skill ( Voices.com or Voices 123.com )

    If you can portray a feeling or an emotion through your voice, this job is suitable for people like you, a voice actor. According to Mimi Luarca, you will earn $100 to $2000 depending on how long the project you will get. Aside from that, it doesn't have an age limit. The downside of this site has a membership fee that cost $50 to $499.

    Here are things to consider:

    • The applicant should have an excellent intonation, and superb at putting
      feelings or emotions.
    • Provide a clear mp3 record of your voice. It should be presentable and
      pleasing to the ears.
    • Pleasing and outstanding portfolio

    These are some examples of online jobs you may apply. First and foremost, you should search for other reviews or the company's background resources on the internet, such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc.

    See also: Earn with no risks involved and no deposit required right now!

    Tips before you apply:

    1. Be familiarized with the workflow and the method of payment. Answering the 'WH' questions such as what, where, when, why, and how will gives the applicant thorough knowledge and information regarding the company. Considering keen research will evade the applicant from the scammers.

    2. Work ethics is still what matters the most, including your manners, level of professionalism, etc. For instance, being obnoxious will lower the seller's service rate and give a poor overview of the seller's product or services.

    3. If you are creating a portfolio or selling a product, put yourself on the shoes of buyers or customers. Think of bunches of questions if how the buyer would choose your service or product.

    Here are the sample questions toward your portfolio or sample work.
    • Is this pleasing and attractive for the buyers?
    • Does it satisfy the client or customers?
    • Does it look extraordinary?
    • Does your work look professional and engaging?
    • Does your work description is utterly explained and concise?
    • Are you confident enough to post this?

    4. Also, don't forget to serve Almighty God and pray. Prayer is the best weapon for each of us may use in every situation. God will provide no matter what, he has mercy to those who whole-heartedly worship him and those who obey his words. The Lord God will give each of us the strength and perseverance to overcome unpleasant events that enter our lives, especially this pandemic.

    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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