The fair possibility that the indefinite expanse of land are marked by the direction of comfortable state on the confinement of restrained movement. The coronavirus pandemic has an intensive hit of global economy hard.

Millions of people are out of work, financial markets that had been looked and supply chains that have face major disruption as factories around the world have closed the world and had accepted the reduced of economic activity even after the body of persons that constitutes the governing authority of a political writ on central banks that have filled an excitement or enthusiasm on the trillion dollars into their economies that slashed interest rates.

And how bad will it be and how soon will we recover? This are the two question well be hearing a lot in coming weeks or months.

The answer to both of you on these inquiries will usually involve in the usability on the formation of the four economic letters such as: V, U, W and L that is why economists interpretations is relevant with regards to the offered label receding and the labels that are common to the formation of diagram and charts that is typically seen during there periods that the economic activity such as employment as well as the gross domestic product or economic growth as well industrial output. In here we dig deeper on the economic symbols to be better understood as formation.

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V- formation

This is the extended and deliberative thought to be excelling others on the set of circumstances and conditions on the occurrence of the sorting of downturns that had began with the sharp edge fall, except for the fact that it has bottoms out economic approach towards recovery as it quickly follows. It would mean the receding act would last only a few quarters before a swift return to growth bringing the economy back to where it was before the coronavirus pandemic.


This is likely compared to V- Formation receding out lasts longer in this occurrence of gross domestic product that shrinks for several quarters in a row and only slowly returns to the level of growth seen before the downturn.

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This is when recession starts by showing like it will be as if it was a U- Shaped downturn, except for the fact that when it falls down after what turns out to be a false sign of recovery.


This is the most accrued prevalent cases by another but goes the same with a depression for the economy and our first hand expression on the deep acts of receding that could not even recover from its previous rate of growth for several years.

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The future of economics is at best in an exact predictions and conditions that can be taken with the pinch of salt.

In the world of state economists that function as astrological learning of the respect for the field.