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Thread: Seeking Professional Mental Help

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    Exclamation Seeking Professional Mental Help

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    Have you ever felt like you are in an emotionally deep hole and it seems like you cant get out of it no matter what you do or no matter how much you distract yourself? And then youve come to a hasty realization that if you sought help from a mental health professional, people might look at you like youre a crazy person or that there might be something seriously wrong with you? At this age of ignorant youths and emotionally-scarring mockery, it is often quite difficult to admit we are in need of mental help because of the backlash we think we might get. Some of us are scared that we might be excluded out because of certain stereotypes regarding therapists and mental health.

    However, as a mental health advocate, it is a moral duty to inform people that seeking professional help when you are in an emotionally dark place is just as normal as seeking medical help for physical ailments. Now, what do we mean when asking for professional help and when do we decide to ask for this kind of help? Well, here are the reasons and indications that you should keep in mind that seeing a therapist is normal and not a reason why you should be frowned upon.

    The quarantine and the lockdown being enforced today due to the global crisis might be a factor as to why ones mental health might be deteriorating slowly. First and foremost, in the process of seeking mental help, it is always best to admit to ones self first that you are not okay and that you might be feeling a little weary. Yes, sad and anxious thoughts are normal seeing as we are humans who are bound to feel such things. However, always remember that when things happen too often and feelings are felt too deeply, normality might be disrupted. With this being said, admitting to yourself that you are not okay is the best first thing to do before you hastily decide on things. Make sure to weigh out whats normal and whats not and never, ever self-diagnose. Admitting to ones self is enough as a first step and this is never a sign of weakness.

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    Second, instead of thinking that people might say youre crazy for seeing a professional, always remember that psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists, in general, are also doctors. When you go see a doctor for stomach pain, you dont automatically conclude a diagnosis by yourself. That is why we go out to see doctors. Its just the same as seeing a therapist. Mental health is just as important as ones physical health. After all, if ones mental health is not stable, he/she might be affected physically as well. Just because you seek mental help, does not automatically mean you are crazy. As a matter of fact, in the field of psychology, students are highly discouraged in using the word crazy seeing as it sounds degrading, even to a normal person. So, no, dont think that choosing to help yourself emotionally by seeing a professional is going to make you insane.

    Third, when you do decide to seek mental help, that is an indication that you are helping yourself and valuing your peace at the same time. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are unable to cope with their mental instability and worse comes to worst, some even give their life up altogether. And that is why seeing a professional and actually going through the procedure of self-healing is one of the strongest and bravest decisions one can make in a lifetime. We are in a generation that seems to invalidate so many things, including a persons mental stability and everything that comes with it. And because of that, it is often quite difficult for us to come to terms with reality and accept the fact that not everything is about rainbows and sunshine.

    Name: 032d493d1a39a17ce6b64093ff3a3020.jpg Views: 209 Size: 58.2 KB

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    Fourth, always remember that seeking professional help is an act of self-care and that nobody elses opinions should matter when it comes to your choices with regards to your mental health. It is never selfish to take care of yourself first. Whats selfish would be depriving yourself of the help you know that you need.

    We live in a world where those who choose to seek mental health are being discriminated against and being called names. However, as a mental health advocate, I say that discrimination should not stop you from doing what you know is best for you.

    Always keep in mind that mental stability is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. How you take care of yourself will reflect on how you value your peace and state of mind. When you know deep inside that you are feeling things that you dont usually feel, as I have mentioned earlier, the first step is not to deny yourself the chance to get better, and sometimes, getting better might mean going the second mile for yourself. Getting better might mean taking risks for yourself, and in this case, the risk of being called names in this world that looks down on mental health.

    You might want to seek professional help if youre:

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    [LIST][*]more anxious than usual[*]worrying about things that have not happened yet or things that have already happened[*]finding it difficult to cheer up or look alive[*]not having an appetite for daily meals[*]not being able to do the usual things due to heavy thoughts[*]feel the urge and need to someone who knows well about what you're feeling

    Take good care of yourself, especially during this quarantine. After all, if we don't take care of our own mental stability, who will? If we don't give importance to our own mental health, who will? It is high time we normalize going to a mental health professional. Again, I will say that our mental health is just as important as physical health and we should always remember that mental health and physical health are both connected. When one is disturbed, the other might be affected as well. Take good care of your peace, your body, your soul, and most especiallySeeking Professional your mind.

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