Selecting the Logistics Service Provider to fulfill foreign shipments can be a challenging job when trying to set up your ecommerce website. With so many private courier companies having entered the eCommerce market beginning in Southeast Asia and nationwide delivery providers entering, electronic merchants are overwhelmed for selection. You will still get an advantage on your rivals by selecting the best Logistic Service Provider and reveling your consumers with fast distribution rates while maintaining shipment expenses lower. But what really is the difference between the postal and courier service providers?

We will bring down the key distinctions among courier and postal service providers in this report and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using such platforms in the border of eCommerce industry.

There had been a time before riders or people had to carry signals on ponies, or even pigeons. Picture a situation in the modern world, without postal and distribution services? Yet doesn't that sound absurd? This should not be misleading to say that, in one form or another, we are quite reliant on courier companies. The latest frontier of online shopping also has its roots in the postal services. So yeah, they form a kind of life preserver to travel through one stage to another for supplies, goods or basic mails. Have us learn about some of country's most successful courier companies.
A look on Courier Service

The international mail service providers are professional transportation service providers which either specialize in one or a few sections of the production process or offer end to end operations at a set price. Types of these systems involve end to end distribution of SF express. Since they are privatized, delivery companies have the benefit of being cheaper than post office carriers. Courier firms providing end to end approaches profit from the implementation of multinational logistics infrastructures to give more successful performance.

The right delivery service is targeted towards satisfying you, the consumer. People enjoy delivering a quality at the highest standard but are reliable each single day. The best postal service serves all consumers well and each shipment is as critical as that one. They understand it's their responsibility to get the package securely and on schedule to their location. The strongest delivery service is your company portrayed the way you would like it to be.

If you send the products of your enterprise to a courier service, you expect efficiency. The most effective of all is the finest postal service. We realize that you do have other important market concerns to care about and not all of them will be getting the goods shipped securely. The perfect postal service does not cause you worry about their goods being handled and secure; it will help ease the burden of mind to be possible to transmit them out again and feel all are in great company. In fact, the right postal company can regularly consult with you and the client if necessary, about the deliveries. If either they experience traffic delays, a misinterpreted address or inform you of the completion of your shipment; communication is central.

The following are the examples of the features of a courier services: Track and trace, having to give the order to customer on doorstep, email, SMS and calling consumers if at home, and recompence for the lost damaged package. Such capabilities will give your digital company an advantage on your rivals in e-commerce. Of example, the consumers may enjoy the higher rates of customer support as they have queries about their order.

Trying to engage via an end to end postal service company for international delivery will also offer you and the consumers comfort, since they have the potential to monitor and locate packages from your store in the countries of origin to the mailbox of your consumers in the country of target. Be willing to pay extra costs, though, whether the client lives in a distant location or needs a strict date when the order is due to arrive.

A look on Postal Service

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Postal service businesses compete through a national governing authority. Such delivery providers are run by a federal agency which are the most economical choice when it comes to having a package shipped to the client. Sending packages thru postal service providers by regular mail will not provide detailed monitoring of the packages. These do prefer to meet consumers at a quicker pace, thus, to appear at the consumer's location will be provided an approximate arrival date instead of a firm deadline for both the package.

You may also opt to submit it as a registered post, however. A licensed article is different from regular mail as the recipient displays evidence of receipt and has some monitoring capability. In the sense of foreign transportation, the post office monitors just the package within the state before it crosses the boundaries of the region. Many carriers do have an express service to meet your buyers quicker, and they do never mention a tight timeline to meet your consumer either.

When carrying out foreign shipments of postal systems, the national postal service in the countries of origin will give it off to the national postal service providers in the country of target. Much of the period, anticipate the country's corresponding postal services to carry out monitoring and tech support.

All of the other best reasons to use postal services is that it is safe, and it is easy to distribute items easily with both the aid of pace post service, recipient gets the packages at his doorway. He should not drive beyond that to locate his packages. When amount is limited and frequency is small, such a versatile method of travel may be used. Shipments can be quickly delivered because the post offices are often situated near business places. Package could be sent under Cash on Delivery, and the payment amount from either the buyer can be made thru the postal service by the sender.

Express Courier VS Postal Service

The key distinctions amongst postal and courier services could be divided into the following sections: value of money, interconnectivity of platforms, tracking of parcel, time of shipment, lost packages, and client service.

1. Value of Money

Whenever it relates to cost, the postal service providers have a significant edge over parcel service providers. Public utility services offer each other strongly subsidized prices on international mail, thanks to the Uniform Postal Union Arrangement, but they include all ASEAN countries states. This makes postal service the cheapest choice for international deliveries. Even as the old saying you get what you pay for, however, you can encounter problems with missing shipments and a sluggish delivery schedule, which can scare away consumers and long-term impact your business.

By comparison, postal companies offer a higher sticker price on end to end functionality of overseas shipping. They could have baggage fees in extraordinary circumstances that require you to be prepared to pay the risk. The distribution to remote areas, for example, would cost extra because of its unavailability.

2. Interconnectivity of Platforms

Network penetration will also greatly affect the standard of operation for logistics service providers. For some cases, where independent couriers do not have an established delivery network, postal carriers can operate efficiently for hard to access remote areas. Nevertheless, delivery companies provide an advantage over postal services in coping with trans - boundary delivery. Private couriers may have their own aircraft, or advantageous connections with air cargo companies, to handle foreign transportation from one state to another, making them cheaper than postal agencies that rely on national carriers to carry packages to target.

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3. Tracking of Parcel

The downside of using a postal service is compounded when transporting abroad, as monitoring is handled by different postal systems within their own countries, making correspondence between logistics service providers impossible if the package is damaged in transport or caught in immigration, and not under one another's jurisdiction. In comparison, delivery companies will follow from end to end, delivering reports on the status of the package at any stage of the process. Courier companies that offer live monitoring alerts enable your customers to monitor their delivery progress digitally and will give them comfort, saving you time in dealing with your consumer as well as the logistics service providers.

4. Time of Shipment

Orders delivered by postal facilities are provided only an approximate time period of when the client should assume the parcel to deliver. This ensures the time sensitive packages may not be able to deliver on schedule for their specific day at the gate of your client, placing a damper on the morale of the consumer and thus impacting your brand recognition. From the other side, delivery companies will offer consumers the option to decide the period they would like to obtain the order. You should instead, as a seller, consult with the service provider and make sure everyone has already approved and accepted the order.

5. Damaged Packages

Normal mail systems typically may not offer coverage for items which have been misplaced or destroyed. For paying add ons, though, missing or destroyed packages have a declarable sum that is limited. Therefore, if you send a costly piece of technology like a mobile, the add ons might not be good enough to justify it. At each phase of the route, end to end shipping services are kept responsible for the distribution, they typically have a compensation team to manage situations that range from missing or broken goods to delivery delays. Such firms allow retailers to provide a few records to ease the litigation process, including a proof of payment, visual images from the clients, and delivery documentation including the bill of entry.

6. Client Service

Its unsurprising that the quality of service from private couriers will be good than postal services, particularly through end to end companies. The in-house customer support staff will be more knowledgeable of what's going on the field, while consumer postal service staff might be outsourced and will not provide on the ground details to respond to individual customer inquiries.

Introduction to 4th Party Logistics Provider

Another approach to save on shipment is to try out different forms of postal providers to suit the specific distribution requirements. The economic benefits you see in carefully selecting your delivery partners, though, could expense you in the time required to study and maintain your logistics service providers. 4th party logistics providers vary from other logistics service providers in that they may not actually use their own ships or freight carriers, but affiliate with various shippers operating with one or even more fields, offering comprehensive, having end to end supply chain management solutions.

A main benefit of a Fourth - party service will be the wide spectrum of usable power, as a singular company would provide connectivity to whole areas across its large network. Around the same time, a fourth party logistics would have an unlimited ability to satisfy shipment request and would operate with multiple suppliers, instead of being constrained by the physical capacity of a specific supplier operating with. But apart from calculating the price and services offered by parcel and parcel service, when selecting your global shipping supplier, you really should take a glance for other considerations such as coverage area, digital partner and a dependable tracker system.

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Even before you begin in your global ecommerce platform initially, there's many advantages and disadvantages for every form of LSP. In terms of value of money, interconnectivity of platforms, tracking of parcel, time of shipment, lost packages, and client service and the ability to process assertions, delivery companies and mail system differ. Conversely, recruiting a 4PL can save you financial gains for your foreign logistics activities by minimizing the expense of the chance to study and handle delivery companies.


Now that you have been aware of the discrepancies among postal and express couriers, you were ready to find the correct courier for your package. Consider of your shipment targets and what you want from them such as volume, expense, quality of service, and tracking of parcel and you're great to go.

In the process, knowing the operations requirements and the ideal distribution experience you want to provide to the client also pays off. Through taking a moment to study the kind of shipping partner that fits your needs, will offer excellent support that just doesn't come cheap either.