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Thread: CELETEQUE: Skin Care Essentials

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    Default CELETEQUE: Skin Care Essentials

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    Celeteque is a well-known dermo-science and dermo-cosmetics brand that is clinically tested and safe for sensitive and all types of skin. The brand is under Unilab but the products are co-created by Filipino dermatologists with reference to the Filipino skin. The products under the skin care line do not only help the skin with its current needs but it gives a long-time skin protection. Presently, Celeteque offers around 30 products that are mainly facial wash, toner, moisturizer, sun care products and more.

    Celeteque was established in 2006 with a single product, an anti-aging moisturizer, which is only available through Filipino dermatologists. Because of its effectiveness, the brand released the product to the public and it continues to develop helpful skin care products as of today.

    CELETEQUE Product Categories

    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Wash (available in 60 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml)

    • Mild cleansing agent
    • Special combination of moisturizers
    • Cleans without drying the skin

    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Wash (available in 60 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml)

    • Mild cleansing agent
    • Special combination of moisturizers
    • Cleans without drying the skin

    Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Facial Wash (available in 50 ml)

    • Restores youthful skin
    • Protects skin against harmful effects of the sun
    • Protects skin from premature skin aging

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Facial Moisturizer (available in 50 ml)

    • Reduces sebum secretion in acne-prone skin
    • Moisturizes the skin by stimulating the production of skin lipids
    • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
    • Oil-free and fragrance free

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Spot Gel (available in 5ml)

    • Aids in drying and healing blemishes and exfoliated dead skin cells

    Celeteque Dermoscience ScienceAcne Cleansing Gel (available in 100 ml, 50ml)

    • Exfoliates the skin
    • Reduces blemishes and acne breakouts
    • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Serum (available in 20 ml)

    • Protects skin from harmful free radicals
    • Benefits in pre-tightening and oil control
    • Significant smoothening
    • Oil and pore size reduction

    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash (available in 100 ml, 60 ml

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Removes dead skin cells
    • Dual vitamin Nourishing Beads (Vitamin C and E), antioxidants

    Celeteque DermoScience Back Acne Spray (available in 50 ml)

    • Targets unsightly back acne
    • Removes dead skin cells
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque Sun Matte Moisturizer (available in 50 ml)

    • Double sunscreen protection
    • Non-greasy formulation
    • Hypoallergenic

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    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer (available in 100 ml)

    • Triple Moisturizing System
    • Gives relief from skin dryness

    Celeteque DermoScience Advance Anti-Aging Pore Tightening Serum (available in 30ml)

    • Non-greasy shine free formula
    • Improves smoothness and firmness
    • Gives toned and supple skin
    • Reduces appearance of pores fine lines and wrinkles

    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer (available in 50 ml)

    • Triple Moisturizing System
    • Provides lasting relief from skin dryness
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Significant improvement after 14 days of use

    Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Power Cream (available in 50 ml)

    • Anti-aging lightening sun protecting facial cream
    • Reduces wrinkles
    • Stimulates collagen synthesis
    • Protects skin with SPF15
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (available in 45 ml)

    • Protects skin against harmful effects of the sun
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Suncare Face and Body Cream SPF50 (available in 120 ml)

    • Double sunscreen protection
    • Improves skin moisture
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Moisturizing Mist (available in 50 ml)

    • With Hydrolysed Liquids and NMF
    • Restores moisture
    • Improves its elasticity and softness

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Clearing Concealer (available in 250 mg)

    • Exfoliates dead skin cells
    • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
    • Keeps skin healthy and blemish-free

    Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Dark Spot Collector (available in 15 ml)

    • Minimizes skin discoloration
    • Prevents darkening of the skin
    • Fights free radicals
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-Aging Collagen Gel (available in 40 ml)

    • Helps improve skin elasticity
    • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    • Moisturizes and makes skin supple
    • Hypoallergenic

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solution and Oil Control Toner (available in 65 ml and 125 ml)

    • With Aloe Vera and chamomile extracts
    • Soothes the skin

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    • Reconditions the skin for moisturizing

    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Toner Alcohol Free (available in 125 ml and 65 ml)

    • Protects skin from drying
    • Reconditions the skin for moisturizing creams

    Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Multi-BB Cream (available in 30 ml)

    • Works as moisturizer and make-up base
    • Brightens your complexion
    • Tighten pores
    • Moisturizes and provides light coverage

    Celeteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-Aging Night Cream (available in 50g)

    • Provides advanced action against the sign of aging
    • Improves skin firmness and smoothness and hydrated skin
    Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Pack
    • Provides three step skin care system
    • Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer

    Celeteque DermoScience Sun care Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (available in 50 ml)

    • Protects against UVA UVB rays
    • Hydrates the skin

    Celeteque Sun Spray SPF50 (available 100 ml)

    • Double sunscreen protection (UVA aging and UVB burning rays)

    Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck (available in 15 ml)

    • Lightens dark circles
    • Counters the formation of loose skin
    • Nourishes and hydrates for a youthful look

    Celeteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Spot Corrector (available in 15 ml)

    • Treatment that aids in drying and healing blemishes
    • Exfoliates dead skin cells

    Celeteque Advanced Anti-aging Reducing Eye Cream (available in 15 ml)

    Celeteque Advanced Anti-aging Alcohol-Free Toner (available in 125 ml)

    • Reduces fine line and wrinkles
    • Deeply cleans the skin

    Celeteque Hydration Ultra Moisturizing Essence (available in 50 ml)

    • With Hyaluronic Acid
    • Moisturizes for 48 hours
    • Hydrates, softens, and smoothens skin

    Celeteque Acne Exfoliating Cleansing Stick (available in 30g)

    • Made for acne-prone skin
    • Triple Acne Care
    • Cleanses oily skin
    • Helps reduce pimples
    • Lightens pimple marks

    Websites used for reference:

    CELETEQUE: Top Three Products

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    Celeteque, being one of the best skin care brands in the Philippines offers not just protection and assurance but also comfort and plausible effects. Loyal customers rated their three most favourite and most used products listed in the official website of Celeteque, it ranked as follows:

    Celeteque DermoScience
    Hydration Facial Wash 100 ml
    55 reviews

    Apply on wet skin. Massage in a gentle circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Use often.
    For external use only. If the product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of irritation or suspected allergic reaction discontinue use and consult a doctor.

    Celeteque DermoScience
    Hydration Facial Moisturizer 100 ml
    51 reviews

    Apply liberal amount on the face. Massage in a gentle circular motion. Apply often as needed.
    This is for external use only. If product gets into eyes rinse thoroughly with water. In case of irritation or suspected allergic reaction discontinue use and consult a doctor.

    Celeteque DermoScience
    Acne Solution and Oil Control Toner 125 ml
    44 reviews

    Pour a moderate amount on cotton pad and soak it in a cotton pad. Then Press around 30 seconds and glide gently.

    Prices of the said products vary and are available online. Choices on deliveries are available. Celeteque is personally made for Filipino skin; reviews and rates on products are highly helpful for improvement and creation of new products.


    It is true that celeteque caters all types of skin however, some of the products are not and may not be effective on one’s skin. The features of each product are true to its name and reputation but, some skin and some issues towards the skin are not and may not be compatible to it concluding that it may not be of help. Some issues like acne, oil, and dirt on the face are lethal for some users who look for remedies so it is essential to make sure that the product is what the skin needs.

    Perhaps, one way to be successful at it is to seek for a professional’s advice and determine the right ingredients and formula that is needed according to the situation. It is also important to be aware of own allergies on the ingredients in a product as it could worsen the situation. Celeteque’s products, as observed, are for light use and for skin that is sensitive or not. Celeteque could definitely be a saviour for skin problems, only if it is the product that your skin needs and you believe in as a user.
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