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Thread: Best Protectors that You Can Pick for Your Car Seat!

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    Default Best Protectors that You Can Pick for Your Car Seat!

    No matter where you are going, be it office, school, or a trip to someplace; your car seat is always vulnerable to scratches, stains, and spills, etc. Especially, if youíre going with your peers, pets, or little kids, you can never guarantee that your leather seat is going to be fine at the end. You must be thinking about what you should do then? Well, no need to worry! Still, you can arrange something for your car seat that wonít ruin your mood next time!

    Yes, you got it right. We are talking about a seat protector that will cover your carís interior and protect it from any sort of mud, scratches, spills, crumbs, etc. But before buying any car seat protector, you must keep some questions in your mind. For example, why are you buying the car seat protector? Is it just to prevent your car seat from scratches, dirt, or damages or you also want them for your kidís seat? What should it comprise? Vinyl, nylon, or any other? Because that depends on how easy they are to clean. Similarly, is it seat and belt compatible? Is it heat-resistant and much more?

    In this blog, you can find our top picks for car covers based on rigorous testing and market survey to help you find the best protectors for your car seat as per your requirement.

    Brica Seat Guardian

    Brica Seat Guardian is out top pick for your car protector because with this, you no longer need to worry about the scratches, stains, spills, or damages caused by your babies or pets. The seat protector doesnít slip due to the heavy grips on both sides, provides a slip-proof construction that is super useful in making sure your baby is safe. Besides having an outstanding quality material and design, the extra high back panel provides high seat coverage and offers protection with its dimensions as wide and long as 45 x 20 inches.

    The protector offers easy clean of any accidental spills without leaving any residue or staining. Also, the color-safe construction of its material makes the color bleeding onto the upholstery virtually impossible, thus giving you an extra benefit of protecting your car seat. It also tops the list of best car covers for itís quite economical and perfectly meets your financial status. However, the drawback of this seat cover is that itís not suitable for all the weather types which are a matter of concern.

    Lusso Gear Seat Protector

    This car protector gives an extra comfortability with double padding, besides protecting your car seat from all kinds of dirt and damages. Besides being entirely waterproof, dirt-resistant, and anti-spills, the material is too easy to be cleaned without leaving any stain mark behind. One other amazing feature of this car protector is that its design is suitable for both bench seats as well as bucket seats with headrests.

    Coming in multiple colors and shades, the design seems quite attractive and trendy with black accents. The material is eco-friendly and free of all kinds of odor, resists under seat heat, and causing slipperiness. It leaves no discolor or color bleeding on the exterior leather or upholstery. Amazingly, the car protector comes with three built-in pockets that provide plenty of space to store childrenís toys, snacks, phones, sunglasses, etc. You may also use that space to store tissue boxes, first aid kits, and other travel essentials. Additionally, you can enjoy a one-year money-back guarantee if you buy this cover.

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    Although this cover has got its unique features; however, as per usersí feedback, itís not suitable for all kinds of baby seats. It might be too narrow in design for some. Some users also complained about the fitting issues such that it doesnít fit into the babiesí seats.

    Munchkin Auto Protector

    The backless Munchkin Auto Protector, entirely comprised of water-resistant and heavy-duty quality material, offers a very simple and effective design with a base piece and a small raised back flap that keeps the seat protector in place. The front flap hanging down the edge of the car seat prevents the dirt marks and stains from shoes and spills. The pockets in the cover provide sufficient space to place all your knick-knacks in it. The protector is available in black color only with access to LATCH systems as well. The material is easy to clean, easily used with seat belts as well. However, the cover doesnít offer a non-slip surface which is its drawback.

    Other Ways to Protect Your Car Seat

    If you canít afford to buy expensive seat protectors for your car seat, here are some other tips that might help you! Clean, Condition, and Rest. So, the best way to keep your car seat protected from dust and other damages is to clean your seat after some time. You can take out the seat, clean the surroundings, and the leather seat using a conditioner. That would help in keeping your seat clean all the time.

    DIY Mats

    The other way is to install the DIY mats underneath your car. These mats usually come in a roll which can be cut as per the size of the bottom of the car seat. The weight from the car seat, proper securing of the belts and anchors, as well as the grip from the mat would help in keeping the seat firmly in its place and avoid sliding.

    Keep Small Trash Bin

    This is the most obvious and sensible idea to keep your seats cleaned all the time. You should always keep some shoppers, extra bags, or small trash bins for your kids to throw away all the litter in them. Get them a plastic cereal storage container. The pop-up lid of the container works great for little hands to drop messy things in, then close it uptight. You may keep a separate container for each kid so that they have a sense of ownership over them and next time, no mess is created.

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