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Thread: 10 Holy Grail Mobile Apps for Students During Online Classes

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    Lightbulb 10 Holy Grail Mobile Apps for Students During Online Classes

    It wasn't long ago that phones and tablets were identified as a distracting tool for the students. Teachers and parents tried what they could to not let smartphones impact student education. All their efforts ended in vain.

    But as the expression goes, there is a silver lining to every cloud. This time the rise of mobile apps has been the silver lining. Mobile apps have turned smartphones and tablets into virtual classrooms, where people can easily and focus on curriculum activities. The educational environment is evolving with mobile apps together with new and advanced learning management software.

    Whether learning subject areas or organizing activities in the classroom, learning apps have made everything simpler and more interesting. This article will show you some of the greatest free educational apps to help students make the most of their use of their smartphones. So hang on tight and get ready! We are immersing ourselves right into this.

    Top 10 Free Mobile Learning Apps for Students

    1. Google Classroom

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    Students were mostly required to complete and present homework and assignments at an educational institution. And teachers must review and grade them at the earliest possible time. But is it as easy as the process sounds?

    All those methods are extremely stressful to say the least for all. Wouldnt it be wonderful if there is a way to better understand these methods?

    The best solution to that issue is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is basically a type of virtual classroom. That means we can use it to send announcements easily, to build classes, to start conversations, to apply and rate assignments, to request feedback and responses, to share resources, etc.

    Setting up a Google Classroom is also fast and easy. Professors and instructors can share class code. And students can participate by simply typing in the codes. To create a virtual classroom, that is all it takes.

    Highlights for Google Classroom
    - Improved Teacher-Student Communications
    - Enhanced organization of lessons and requirements
    - Efficient grading process
    2. edX

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    Studying courses at top universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia etc. is a dream of many students. But, they are also aware that getting into these universities isn't easy at all.

    Well, if you have edX on your mobile device, nothing else can prevent you from making those dreams come true. EdX brings your fingertips to those universities. So no matter what you need to learn, edX is going to be there every step of the way for you.

    From edX you can learn anything from under the sun and above. There are over 2000 courses at top universities in edX, such as informatics, business studies, linguistics, engineering, and many more.

    In creating a professional career, the professional certificates and university credit you get from these courses will always be of importance to you.

    Highlights for edX

    - Recorded Video Discussions
    - Handouts for study materials
    - Interactive Quizzes and Exams
    3. Khan Academy

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    Almost always Khan Academy guarantees a leading position on the list of the best free learning apps for students. The mission of the app is to provide all curious minds around the globe with free and world class education. And we must admit they accomplish it fairly outstandingly.

    Khan Academy has a remarkable way to drive your brain knowledge. Every lessons are in video tutorial form. Videos show a clip of drawings on a virtual blackboard (like a lecturer). And through those sketches the narrator explains each lesson. Pretty easy, huh?

    The Khan Academy also conducts online courses to prepare for standardized tests such as SAT, MCAT, LSAT etc.

    Highlights of Khan Academy

    - Offers Multi Language Learning

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    - Efficiently Track your Progress
    - Filled with Practice Exercises
    4. Duolingo

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    Learning new languages takes tremendous patience, and practice. Its not everyones cup of tea. If the learning techniques are not efficient, then we will lose attention and interest quickly.

    But Duolingo has made it a walk in the park to learn a new language. It enables us to learn numerous languages in a fun and exciting way, such as English , French, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin and so on. It begins with games for basic image labelling. As you accomplish more levels, there will be several different types of interactive games to further improve your skills in vocabulary and grammar.

    You can set your everyday targets as well. The application also keeps track of your progress to provide feedback. If you're doing well, you 're going to receive XPs.

    Highlights of Duolingo

    - 30+ Languages Available
    - Interesting and Engaging Stories
    - Forum Discussion
    - Leaderboards Competition
    - Language Enrichment Events
    5. Remind

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    Team learning is an essential method for students to fill in learning gaps. But, having various students to meet under a single learning space and study together isn't always practical.

    The best solution to this question is the Remember application. Reminding makes it easier for us to remain connected to our school environment. This community includes teachers and parents, in addition to the students

    Using a special school or class code, you'll receive constant updates on your class discussions once you enter this community. We can also utilize Remind to notify an entire class through a message, send pictures and handouts, submit homework and requirements and express concerns with your peers, both individually and in collaboration.

    Highlights of Remind

    - Send Messages Instantly
    - 70+ Chat translation languages
    - Sharing photos, handouts and flyers made easy
    6. Photomath

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    For most students mathematics has always been a frustrating subject. Maths can be a difficult obstacle for many learners to overcome no matter how old you are.

    But those moments are now over. Now with an app named Photomath, anyone can learn how to solve any complex mathematical problems very fast. Many reports have classified Photomath as one of the best applications for students to know.

    In Photomath the learning process is fairly easy. You take a handwritten or typed image of the questions or problems. The program itself will then teach you how to answer these problems through step-by - step detailed explanations and directions.

    Highlights of Photomath

    - Easily solve problems by scanning a printed or handwritten problem
    - Numerous solving methods
    - Animated instructions
    - Immersive graphs
    - Scientific calculator
    - Can be used offline
    7. SoloLearn

    The world of coding spectrum is broader than ever before. If it weren't for coding, there wouldn't be many tech prodigies in our world such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc.

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    To programming and coding enthusiasts, SoloLearn is literally a paradise.

    If you're a newbie or a pro, soloLearn will get the coding adrenaline flowing through languages like java, python , c++, swift, PHP , JavaScript, HTML , CSS, and so on with its great variety of free coding tutorials.

    One such field is the creation of apps where coders are continuously in demand. Such languages form the basis of various frameworks for the creation of mobile apps. So if you are able to pull them off and became familiar with them, a wave of job opportunities will be coming your way from all directions.

    Highlights of SoloLearn

    - An immersive community of coders
    - Mobile code editor
    - Tutorials about the newest coding trends
    8. Quizlet

    Flashcards enhances memory strength when learning, the process involves actively improving the memory. It is one of the most effective strategies for learning out there.

    Quizlet's software includes millions of ready - made flashcards. You can also develop and share the flashcards with other learners. Quizlet also includes a lot of training events to sharpen up what you have learnt. The software offers continuous study reminders of progress milestones along the way.

    Highlights of Quizlet

    - Learning sets for standardized exams
    - Customs images and recordings to improve learning experience
    - Practice quizzes and tests
    9. Kahoot

    Interactive questionnaires will staggeringly speed up the learning process. Students are experiencing an unexplained joy when they get the correct answers. In that sense, Kahoot is one of the best apps for learners who like to learn through quizzes.

    Kahoot does have ready-made quizzes on almost any topic. So you're just choosing one topic, and joining live quizzes with others. The program also allows you to build your quizzes easily, and invite your friends to play with you.

    Kahoot can also be used for offline quiz tournaments. The process is actually very simple. The quizmaster or instructor develops a quiz tournament on Kahoot and displays it on an engaging projector or whiteboard. And the players use a PIN to enter the quiz and answer questions on the game itself.

    Highlights of Kahoot

    - Simple game creation
    - Start live quizzes on big screens
    - Play with thousands live contestants
    10. Udemy

    Udemy is definitely one of the best apps for students out there to study. It has over 130,000 educational videos for a wide range of courses, from technology and business to lessons on personal development such as drawing, writing, yoga and so on.

    Another fun thing is that we get to master these subjects at our own speed as well. If you feel lost at any classes, the students and teachers will ask questions and help you clear your uncertainties. For example, if you have some insights for mobile apps, the experienced teachers at Udemy take you by hand to help you achieve your dream of creating the application for that.

    Highlights of Udemy

    - Highly experienced instructors
    - Collaborative discussions
    - Survey Developer
    - Interactive studying
    These are just some of the greatest free learning mobile apps for all students which deliver stimulating and customized learning experiences. I suppose, who'd think it that studying could be this fun and easy?

    The influence of educational apps also inspired many people to recruit developers of mobile apps to combine their platforms with efficient educational apps.

    What Do Educational Apps Bring To The Table?

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    Over quite a while now, educational apps have dominated the developments in the emergence of mobile apps. But have you ever thought about how in such a short period of time educational apps became such a powerful thing?

    The answer to that is quite simple. Educational apps carry with them something that is not included in many educational textbooks. There are various learning techniques and every student have different learning capabilities. It is essential that they learn and comprehend things at their own techniques and speed.

    The seven learning styles are: Visual. Logical, Verbal, Aural, Physical, Social, and Solitary. The best applications for learning combine all the best elements of these styles of learning into an unified platform. The learning apps thereby improve the learning experiences in four individual ways. And the students can learn things in such a way that suit them best.

    The four elements of educational appsare: Active Participation, Social Interaction, Meaningful Connections and Sustained Engagement. Some would think that educational apps are only perfect for students. But several educational apps also improve student, teacher, and parent communication.

    What are the Advantages of Educational Apps?

    - Improved Performance in Class
    - Stimulating and Interactive Learning Experience
    - Solo and Group Learning
    - Latest Learning Techniques
    - All Access to Learning Materials and Content
    - Efficient Student, Teacher, and Parent Collaboration

    The educational industry has recognized the true value of applications for education. Most academic institutions and instructors have already decided to introduce smartphone apps into their systems. But developing a mobile educational app isn't a simple process. A learning app only operates best when the users understand lessons or easily organize their tasks in the classroom

    Is Online Learning Really Effective?

    There is proof that learning online can be more useful in a variety of ways for those who already have access to the necessary technology. Many research indicates that on average, when studying online , students retain 25-60% more content compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.

    It is also due to the learners being able to understand online faster; e-learning takes 40-60 percent less time to study than in a typical classroom environment as students can study at their own speed, go back and re-read, skipping or progressing through lessons as they want. Nonetheless, online learning 's efficiency varies between age groups. The common agreement about children, particularly younger ones, is that there is a need for a stable environment, because children are more easily swayed and their attention span is limited

    In order to maximize the impact of online learning, a concentrated effort is required to provide this framework and go beyond reproducing a physical class / discussion through video-graphic capabilities, by using a variety of communication resources and interaction methods that encourage inclusion and personalization

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