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TCS (Tranzum Courier Service) Courier Service was started by Khalid Awan in 1983 along with his elder brother Sadiq Awam. The company is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. It is an international company which is not within Pakistan but a lot. In addition to providing its courier service in all foreign countries, the company has now launched a logistics service in Pakistan and is providing them all over Pakistan. The company has more than five thousand employees.


Domestic Delivery:

With the help of Domestic Express service you can safely deliver your valuable documents and papers and the papers that come in small packets to your destinations. It delivers your style to their destination in a timely manner and after delivery you receive a confirmation message or call and you are notified that your parcel has arrived at its destination.

Heavy Weight Delivery

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With the help of this service you can move your heavy luggage from one place to another. Within this service you have to weigh your luggage first and the fee will be charged according to the weight of your luggage. And the biggest advantage of this company is that the goods you have are delivered to your destination on time and the company delivers the goods safely, so now you have to carry your heavy goods. No need to carry along, you can use the service of this company and you can easily carry your loaded goods from one place to another with this service of the company.

Warehousing and Distribution:

With the help of company service you can easily deliver the goods to your warehouses. The companies easily deliver all the industrial goods to your warehouse and your goods are delivered safely. This company is within every city of Pakistan. The branch is open and you can easily deliver your goods to your factory. The most important feature of this service is that it reaches your goods on time and carries the goods safely with full packing. And many business people who have large factories or factories use this service a lot to deliver their goods to the warehouses.

Tracking Tools:

With the help of company service, you can get the latest information about the details of your goods. You can go to the company's website and enter the tracking number there, then you will get complete information about your delivery. You can get all the information about when and where your delivery has arrived and how much time and time it takes to reach your destination with the help of your tracking number and this tracking number will be given to you by the company. You have to go to the website and then you will get all the information

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TCS Cargo:

This service of the company uses very heavy goods to move from one city to another city. With the help of this service you can easily move your heavy goods from one city to another city. This service is very popular and nowadays a lot of people use this company because this company can safely place your goods in places. Delivers and if there is any damage to your goods, the company compensates and the company is fully responsible for their goods.

International Delivery:

The service of this company is available not only in Pakistan but also in many countries of the world. If you want to send any of your goods outside Pakistan or order your goods from any foreign country inside Pakistan, you can use your service. With this service you can safely deliver your goods to different countries of the world as this company is an international company so you can trust this company completely and easily order your valuables from abroad and abroad. Countries can send their valuables


--> The fastest shipping
--> Safe & secure shipping

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--> Can be used anywhere in the world


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