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Careem Service company was formed in 2012 and its founder is Mudassar Sheikh. It is a transport network company that is used to transport people from one place to another and this company is not only operating in Pakistan but also in major countries of the world. Can be ordered anywhere and you can easily go from one place to another using the service of this company and you too can and has created your own you can create your account on this application. And here you can find your nearest service representative and it also shows you how much you have rented to your destination so you can easily move from one place to another with the appropriate fare. You can use your car, you can use your motorbike and you can also use your rickshaw. It depends on your choice which ride you would like to take. These companies are also creating a lot of jobs nowadays because the way this company is expanding is the same all over the country and a lot of new jobs are being created within it.
And nowadays many unemployed people are joining this company and making it a source of income for themselves especially those who have driving license can easily join this company and they can earn a decent income. The company started its service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2019 and there it started motorcycle service and car service. In addition, it is also providing its services in Saudi Arabia. In addition, there are other countries in the world where it is performing the service.

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The company also does a lot of welfare work and has raised funds for many poor countries and also funds many poor countries to promote the education of their children.


--> Convenient and Cashless

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--> Professional Service
--> Competitive Pricing
--> Safer and More Flexible for Drivers


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--> Surge Pricing
--> Negative Impact of Price Competition