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    Thread: How to use Ring Lights

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      Default How to use Ring Lights

      Flash of the camera has a new companion in the form of ring lights.
      What is Ring lights

      Ring light is a simple helping tool in photography. Originally, it was made for medical purposes. Over the years the use of ring light has been discovered with other fields like in photography.
      Ring lights can be used for different kinds of shots. Ring lights can be used by photographers and videographers. It can be just a circular fluorescent bulb or made up of bulbs formed as a circle. It is popularly used at present because it is used for taking shots that are close-up which is very convenient when taking selfies.

      Ring lights help in making the setting of the shoot have more light, drama and for its subject to pop. Imagine shooting the whole day and you need to manipulate the indoor setting of the shoot to look like you are in an outdoor shoot and make it seem to have the very magical sunlight effects by just using ring lights with different colors. It is the key to achieve the perfect lighting, lighting is everything.

      Ring lights in the market come in different sizes which people can choose what they need and prefer for their use. In choosing the size of the ring light to use, you should be particular if it is for selfies or for a more professional use which usually requires the bigger sized ring lights. There are also ring lights which the lights can be adjustable according to their dimness. The most preferred color of ring light to use is the fluorescent ones with the warm white light than those with warm yellow or bright white.

      It is very important to know that ring lights are compatible with any device especially for our mobile devices. There are ring lights that can work using a cord and some have their own plug. Ring lights are very handy to use for some of its type sold in the market is chargeable which is favored by a lot of young buyers because it will not absorb their phone’s battery life. We are all for long battery life.

      It is now easy to find ring lights for both personal and professional needs. It can be bought from the stationary section in the mall and in hard wares. A variety of ring lights is also found in online shopping stores.

      Ring Light for photography
      Ring lights are very effective and primarily used for making portraits, close-up photography, and other activity of picture taking that involves one subject. The effect of ring lights in taking macro photography is more focus in making the lighting front-focused which makes the light hide the shadows around the subject and so the details of the subject are more seen. Picture taking with one subject is usually for fashion and food photography which makes the ring light perfect with achieving good flatlays. Food photography should make the featured food show to be very real and to sell it as mouth watering so the ring light can help for the smallest details of the food like the small sized pepper and salt to still be seen in one photo. Ring lights are a very affordable and economical choice to have especially for the starting bloggers, photographers and vloggers than investing immediately with a lightbox.
      There are different types of ring light used in the studio. For non close-up pictures to take you should consider having a bigger and have a dimmer lighted ring light. The dimmer ring light can help you adjust the power of the light the subject will receive which depends on the distance of the ring light to the subject. Ring lights that have constant light make it easier for the photographer to do any necessary changes which will help him achieve the desired effect instead of using the ring lights with flashes.

      Ring Light for selfies

      As the selfie generation we all want to have beautiful selfies. It is hard to always find sunlight and good lighting at home. Sometimes our selfies with bad lighting makes us look older for it can show wrinkles and other blemishes so to minimize its appearance with our selfies use a ring light. Taking a selfie with a ring light can also help your makeup be more seen in detail for it serves an even light. Your highlighter make-up can be very much in effect in your selfies with the use of a ring light.

      Ring light for videos
      Vlogging or a blog which is shown through a video is very much in. There are a lot of YouTubers whose content is focused on make-ups so they preferably use ring light because it helps in emphasizing their facial features during and after applying the make-up. Ring light is a big help for them to make the viewers see the effects of the product they are using.

      A video-sharing application named Tiktok gives the users a platform to have fun dancing, singing and doing other content. It is not necessary to have a ring light when using Tiktok. Tiktok contents these days especially during the pandemic includes online sellers using the application to promote their businesses. It is a great tool to immediately create ad-like videos with its pop sounds and filters so ring lights can also help make the videos look professionally done.
      Ring lights are also used during online meetings, video conferences and webinars for it helps in focusing the camera of our phones, tablets and laptops to us during the talk and if we are the assigned speaker.

      Where to buy ring lights

      Ring lights are easy to find in the market and purchased ready for an immediate use. There are a variety of do-it-your own videos online about making their own ring lights. It is nice to try the activity of making your own ring light but at the same time it is challenging. The materials for making a ring light are also easy to find but you have to get the right materials and do the right procedure to achieve a good performing, safe and long lasting ring light.

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      Photography professionals and hobbyists alike use ring lights in their work.

      For macro photography: In macro photography—close-up photography of very small subjects—ring lights help achieve lighting that is evenly balanced in every shot. A ring light mounted on the front of a camera allows a macro photographer to achieve consistent lighting in each new shot.
      For highly detailed close-ups: Ring lights are the best lighting option for close-up photography and videography projects like makeup tutorials. This makes them particularly useful for makeup artists.
      For video production: Cinematographers and videographers often use ring lights in their lighting setup, typically in conjunction with other tools like a softbox, a fill light, or a sidelight. A ring light affixed to the front of a camera is helpful when you’re filming a subject whose head moves around a lot. Provided the subject doesn't stray too far away, they'll always remain in the light.
      For smartphone selfies: If you want to bring out your best facial features, try using a beauty ring light when you take selfies. The ring light effect helps you achieve consistent lighting with a relatively simple lighting setup

      A ring light produces soft, direct light on a subject, minimizing shadows. When you take a photo using a ring light, place the camera lens in the center of the ring; this ensures that your subject is lit evenly from the direction of the camera. Other light sources may produce brilliant lighting on some parts of a subject while leaving others in harsh shadow. By contrast, a ring light that's properly set up on its light stand provides uniformity to the way surfaces are lit.

      Fluorescent ring lights produce a relatively bright white light. (This is intrinsic to fluorescent bulbs, not ring lights specifically.) Most of today's ring lights use LED lights, which typically have a softer effect. Many LED ring lights are dimmable, either via an onboard dimmer or a smartphone app. Dimmable ring lights offer more versatility and greater control of color temperature, and they’re typically the best option for professional photography and videography

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