Millions of Filipino children and adults were melded by various films in the present. Some may be inspired by Spiderman, Superwoman, X-men and many other superheroes. Despite the global economic crisis, there are still many dollars spent for the purchase of toys and other fanatic things about idolized character either local or international figures. Then one can watch the fast-food chains like Mc Donald’s, Dunkin, and Starbucks filled the customers to the rafters. And despite the rate of foreign exchange, there are still Filipino youth who are mesmerized by the fun brought by the different international artists.
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These products will certainly attract the big chunk of consumer’s price index at least all the way up the year 2030! In the same case, you can be safe to say that millions of Filipinos and the household will continue to have great difficulties in meeting the basic needs of families such as food, housing, water, education and medicine. Luxurious items are very popular yet the mass are very much struggling to eke out a dignified living and is one of the common examples of the perplexing questions that economy hopes to answer just as times passes by.

Economic and Non-Economic Wants
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AS stated, all people were born with the needs and desires of the basic things. When a person is still a baby he or she had to be feed by milk. Moreover, he or she do have other desires yet than to be fed and to get full then go back sleeping, baby as well is sensitive to discomfort. However, even at the age of a baby, who is so pure and innocent he or she have the subconscious already to recognize of what was lovely to desire and what is not. A baby cries when a strange person tries to carry and fondle the, . Babies laughed and get happy when given the sound of a toy rattle.

As a baby grow older, his or her wants grow as well. Babies start to eat for nourishment, not just this but also the certain please given in the food provided. Then toddlers start to ask for toys and eye pleasing things. Moreover, the baby child starts to ask for companionship from parents, brothers and sisters the same as with playmates. The child desires to attain the joys provided by childhood.
However, at the present, the wants of a person have become complicated more and more. There are often few who are becoming conscious to the given appearance. There are times that a teenager is conscious with the clothes he or she may wear. Teenager often loves to get recognized in school or in the group where he or she belongs to. Those groups are often called as Barkada. A child has reached the age where he or she desires as well to be liked and loved by someone who is good-looking or a pretty girl next door.
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The wants of a person is to seek fulfillment and thus, must be in need to be satisfied. In fact, a person may often find his or her selves affectionate in an unusual context as they kiss their parents goodbye because they want to be given of new dress or shoes, During recess time in the school, a person may go to the canteen to get one or two sandwich as long as the person is still hungry or not. A person may as well rides, thus he or she decides to study and participate harder and more actively in a discussion in the class. When a classroom wants to meet new friends or have a good companion, then organizations eventually thinks of way to achieve the pulled trip. On a bigger scale, when a community wants t promote cleanliness and beautification in the society, the barangay of the local area will have to provide chapter mobilization of the men and women involved in the cleaning process. When the government wants to plan an infrastructure project, then the government should secure a foreign loan to make the job operational.
Whenever a thing is not satisfied nor granted, a person may find his or herself frustrated. There are even teenagers who run away from home just because parents failed to give them what they want. When talking in the national level, the frustrations of certain sectors about the society on alleged inadequate government action especially about eradicating poverty has made the society burned out.
In addition to the topic, the wants of a person depend on the personality of. There are people who want to be irrational of frivolous. People often dream of owning the flashiest car in the whole world and also living in palatial home. There were moments of dreaming as becoming the dashing and beautiful movie actors and actresses. Wishes such as being one of the basketball team idolized, the desires of a person may be funny and ridiculous as the expectant mother’s whims yet these things form a part of the inanimate feeling which economics call as “want”.

However not everything studied by the economic science. It is because wants can be classified as economic or not economic. When a mother tries t stretch her 100 peso bill just to attempt preparing a decent family meal or when the presidential decree has increased the minimum wage, then that is when economic wants is dealt with. Most of the given example of wants is appearing to be, or in the surface of non economic wants and economic wants, IF a person organizes party which is directed from inmate desires to meet few faces and to have a pleasant evening. However, economic considerations have to come in to the scene, without money, a party cannot be done. In short parties drag along with them expenses. This is also found correct in some non-economic wants. Even in marriage and love, the economics wants goes into existence as well. Marriages are delayed or worst postponed because a bridegroom cannot afford the lavish of a wedding; there are mostly families who are attached to the material goods. Without saying more, economic wants and non-economic wants are intertwined with each other.