Best Marketing Tips for A Start-Up

When marketing is done right, then it reflects good net incomes for the business. However, when done wrong it will be like throwing money in a bonfire. Most startups don't have enough money right away to hire marketing experts or consultants. Therefore, it is up to you to determine the best way and methods to use for your brand to be known. Again, when you are working with a very little budget, the road to success can be very tough. Let us look at some of the tips you can apply to your startup.

1. Know your user
It will be of no use when you apply different strategies and you dont know exactly who are the consumers of your product. It might seem to be the simplest thing to do, but most startups keep on changing their target audience by validating different business models. Examine deeper by looking at who they are, their interests, their daily routine, their gains and pains, and much more. A common mistake is to believe that everyone is a target and when you try to connect with them you fail to gather substantive information about the real potential customers.

2. Involve your team in the marketing plan
Working in a team is the most wonderful thing that can be done in a startup because it helps to make the product meaningful, align expectations, save money and time, and eliminates misunderstandings. The magic here is when everyone sits on one table and shares each thoughtful idea that will help the business. You then blend those ideas and decide which ones you will start working with and which idea will come later. Rather than sticking to one basic idea, this method provides diverse and interesting solutions.

3. Use social media

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Currently, you cannot afford to ignore social media. Some businesses have been solely been built on social media platforms. At the start, it seems hard to gather following, but as time goes by you gain momentum and things turn out easy. Hiring a social media manager should be part of your big picture, but start by doing it yourself. Be consistent, authentic, and speak directly to your audience and solve the problem they might be facing. Make sure you use the right keywords to improve search engine rankings so that you can be found easily by those looking for your product.

4. Attend events

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Networking is essential in your business industry, even if we live in the digital era. Identify events in your startup industry to get people who are interested in your product. Introduce yourself and your product, it is the best thing when you speak to your audience face to face since you will be growing your network strong. When you are in a good position financially, it will be very important if you take the initiative to sponsor the event rather than just attending. This is a good way of getting to be known easily and promoting your products.

5. Market yourself
As the founder of your business, you are the public face of your firm. Always appear professional and present yourself well. Be transparent, open, honest, and speak the right things. Avoid certain topics that are not business-related, especially on social media to avoid conflict. When you turn yourself into a professionally-looked and trusted figure, it will have a positive gesture for your business.

6. As you sell also engage
As much as you may want to sell a thousand products, you should also make sure that customers feel the brand and be part of it. It is an important thing when your customers come back to buy your product and they also recommend it to others. Ask for feedback, offer test versions, opinions, and build trust by implementing their views. People should be attached to your product in that the next time they see it they feel the good experienced they received.

7. Differentiate your company from competitors
Package yourself in a way that no one will find an excuse for not buying from you. Know what competitors in the market have done and improved on it. Some of the areas to differentiate your business from others are products, services, distribution, relationships, reputation, and price. Your product should have an extra feature that makes it appealing, your distribution channels to be prompt in delivery of the promises and customers should enjoy value for their money.

8. Follow up
Put measures in place that will enable customers to give feedback. Make an effort of receiving positive feedback. This can only be done by ensuring your structures are excellent in serving clients, since the feedback will be drawn from that. If you receive negative feedback, it should be an opportunity for you to learn some lessons and improve.

9. Give away stickers
This is another good way to promote your business. Design stickers with a nice pitch, then print them in mass to get a good discount from dedicated printing companies. Stick them in public places where they can be seen easily and even give them freely to strangers.

10. Give away free branded T-shirts

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This is an easy way to market and increase brand awareness. You can print them in bulk and give them to your customers or users. This is a nice marketing strategy since when someone puts it on then people will be reading about your business and what you offer. Some can decide to call for inquiries.

11. Measure the results and use them to grow
You should always be able to look at your strategies and revise them when things are not going on well as they should. You can always use key performance indicators (KPIs) tools to measure the results. Some of the basic KPIs are bounce rate, conversion rates, duration one takes on the website, and actions taken on the website. Google analyst or search console are tools to help you analyze your KPIs.

In a nutshell, starting and running a startup is not a simple task. You must master the strategies and put everything in place to move smoothly. Many startups have a minimum budget to run their business and in such a case you need to look for strategies that need little or no money like creating a Facebook page and sharing it with your friends. Having enough budget is better, but it requires you to consider strategies that will not just consume your money but bring in more customers and income.