[INDENT]August 23 is approaching, popularly known as Book Day, and taking advantage of the opportunity we decided to bring you a list of some of the most romantic books on your table that you may have. Were positive you'll love them!
  • Some say love can't be conveyed in words but through their stories and characters some writers have done so. Many of them have built a world in their novels in which you can see yourself clearly mirrored, and whose pages you can read until you sleep on the plane, on the train or in bed. In short, every place is perfect for you to take advantage of reading their stories and getting excited by their magic, so each of their stories can absolutely hook you up.

  • Authors like Elísabet Benavent, Megan Maxwell, Nora Roberts, Anne Jacobs are just some of the most notable novelists on the literary scene at home and abroad. We will touch the depths of your heart through memories, love stories and years of encounters through novels and romantic genres that will leave you waiting to read the next chapter of their story. Want to be in this universe?

  • The best way to let the imagination run wild is through literature, that is, through stories you want to encounter in the first person and decode, for instance, what are the secrets of a dream romance. It is recommended for this and other reasons that we cling closely to the practice of reading from a very young age, because reading often helps us to be more imaginative and to be able to construct pictures in our minds through memories as if we were inside the story itself.

  • Despite this reason the romantic novel is the literary genre with the most readers, a genre that competes directly with great novels of suspense and horror. The truth is that romanticism is a literature that allows you to experience various emotional states in the same world: impossible love, suspense, teenage love, spicy tales ... First, we'll tell you which ones you can buy in pocket format, send to the person youre most fond of or add to your online shopping cart. No reasons for not reading all of them!

  • Make yourself comfortable on the couch, prepare your favorite drink and the kleenex because you're going to sob out but healthy. We guarantee you suspense and happy endings in this list of the 10 bestselling romantic novels. What one do you like?

1. The fabric villas, by Anne Jacobs.

Anne Jacobs' novel is the start of a 20th-century trilogy set in the city of Augsburg (Germany). The story's narrator is Marie, who enters the city to work in a kitchen belonging to a very wealthy family. Julie struggles little by little to find her way inside the family and ... Are they going to succeed?

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The entanglements of love and family should make this novel an important book on your bookshelf, which has already captured millions around the world. And this is only the beginning of the series, as the story goes on in two more books that you need to add to your list if you want to learn this woman's fate (with the first chapter, you'll see how to get hold of them). Buy for 18.90 Euro on Amazon.

2. The whole truth of my lies, by Elísabet Benavent
  • Elísabet Benavent, also known as @betacoqueta on their official social networks, is the author who recently dominated the world of romantic novels. Although she started writing stories based on this genre in 2013, it was when the author became popular a few years ago.

  • His new book, All the Truth of My Lies, tells the story of a group of friends who keep many secrets. Actually it's a road trip-focused book, really funny and full of adventures that will hook you from beginning to end. Purchase for 9.45 on Amazon.

3. I'm still me, by Jojo Moyes

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  • Her romantic novel I am still me, another iteration of love and tales that are both recognizable and believable, comes from the author of Before You. Jojo Moyes is a world-renowned writer whose works have since been translated into several languages, and she has been awarded the Romance Writers of America (RWA) twice.

  • The story tells Lou Clark 's life, who is in a position to split from her boyfriend Sam as both characters have to endure a love story from the gap between New York and London. To Lou, this new way of love becomes quite a challenge when she encounters a manthat far away from Sam, who will turn your life upside down. Purchase 9.45 on Amazon.

4. The boy of my life, by Jana Aston

Jana Auston tells the story of Chloe, a very quiet 22-year-old girl who is a teacher and she gives him, when she gets nervous, for telling nonsensical jokes. In the book, we will witness the dramatic shift in his life as Chloe, thanks to Boyd, a very unusual and enigmatic boy who works for the FBI and wants a woman to impersonate your partner at a wedding, will be out of their comfort zone and routine. Would it succeed? Buy for 16.05 on Amazon.

5. The boy of my life, by Jana Aston

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  • Megan Maxwell has become a reference author in the world of literature, and in the romantic genre in particular. His romance novels mixed with a certain eroticism have permeated the world and made millions of people pay attention to every news item announcing a new delivery to go and purchase the copy.

  • Each title written by the author becomes a bestseller, so Ask Me What You Want is another novel that has hit readers the most and you can't stop adding to your shopping cart (either in e-book format or pocket book format) because you're not going to regret getting one of your stories on hand.

  • In this scenario, the novel focuses on a tragedy in which the wealthy German businessman Eric Zimmerman, who wants to fly to Spain to supervise the Müller company delegations after his father's death, is affected. It's in Madrid, the capital, where he comes across a special person, Judith. Between the two of them starts a very strong connection full of eroticism and passion. And this meeting is jeopardizing the secret of the businessman. Buy for 6.17 Euro on Amazon.

6. When I meet you again, by Mar Carrión

If you liked the diary of Noa, you can't miss the novel of Mar Carrión. Tell the story of two people who are forced to part when I meet you again. It is a tough story in fact but full of romance and wonder. Alice Mathews, is the narrator of this novel, who is forced to travel to New York to become a lawyer because of family pressures. There, she meets Jake Mancini in her new shared flat, a rather strange boy with a personality distinct from Alice. Buy for 14.15 Euro on Amazon.

7. Bad boys gamble, bad girls win, by Cristina Parda

Cristina Prada tells a story full of good vibes and fun. The author shows once again in this novel how well she mixes comedy and romance by telling Daniela 's story, her husband, and some of his ex-girlfriends. You can find in this novel a amusing, sensitive, beautiful and very complete tale through the various personalities and roles of his friends, since in addition to friendship, Prada also focuses on life, sex and many assured laughs. Buy for 14.15 Euro on Amazon.

8. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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  • A charming, affluent, single young man in a small town in the English countryside awakens the attention of local families who find him to be an ideal match for their daughters. The romantic novel had a huge influence on various generations who had this book in their hands and were also able to watch the movie starring Keira Knightley. Anyway, the hope is that after reading this gem of literature you see its film adaptation.

  • Bingley and her friend Fitzwilliam Darcy, also a wealthy gentleman, will have to battle the intrigues that will try to obstruct the affection they share for two of the poor and humble Bennet sisters before they achieve a happy ending. Is the plot going to end marriage? Can the future bind them once past misfortunes have been overcome? A tale that you will never tire of reading again and again, because of its ability to reach the various generations of readers. It's also published in hardcover, the detail says a great deal about a book! Buy for 11.34 from Amazon.

9. I am Eric Zimmerman of Megan Maxwell

Megan Maxwell is an specialist in romantic and, mostly, erotic stories, as we have seen in her previous title. The writer captured the personality of the then protagonist of the novel Eric Zimmerman and his relationship with Judith Flores in this book, a subsequent installment of Ask Me What You Want.

A very sad story, or so it's supposed to be at the beginning without love. Once he discovers that something more is starting to feel for this girl he steps away from her and attempts to lose interest. Do you dare to find out what's behind the relationship? Shop for 8.50 on Amazon.

10. Postscript: I love you, by Cecelia Ahern

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How to carry on living when your husband passes away. This is the tale of Posdata I love you, a badge of literary romanticism which remains one of the leading books of this genre despite the years. A story in a film starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler that was also brought to the big screen.

The writer has managed to balance the sorrow and agony of a loved one's death beautifully in the book that inspires her, with the love and passion that both feel. She aims to apply those feelings to her readers and, in any event, she succeeds. You can find it in various formats as in all previous cases, and you can download the book for your e-reader or purchase it in pocket format. Purchase it for 9.45 on Amazon.