Overhead headphones are hands down one of the best styles of headphones when it comes to comfort, ease, and audio quality. There are air pods and whatnot in the market now, but the overhead headphones cover your entire ears and give a better sound quality. Overhead headphones are better than earphones as there is a safe distance between your device and eardrum so that there are no consequences in the long run if you listen to music on loud volume. If you are looking for something safe for your ears and want the best sound quality at the same time, this is the best and safest option out there.

When it comes to providing sound quality, there is no chance that any earphones can beat overhead headphones as they have the most significant drivers and have the option of both open backs and lose back variations. It gives a literal concert feel with maximum voice reduction. Multiple brands are offering different kinds of headphones in numerous price ranges and styles. You can choose the wireless ones as well, which are the latest and best ones at the moment.

As there are multiple devices in this advanced era at our disposal, so it becomes difficult to see which one is the best pick. A great pair of headphones to chill out with your tunes or to make workouts more exciting is something you need to perform dynamically. Comfort is also essential while making such a purchase to see if you are okay with wearing it for hours. It is vital to prioritize what is more critical for you, the sound quality, comfort, or wired/wireless, which feature you are looking for in your purchase to make your life simpler. Sifting through various amounts of options listed below are the best headphones for your ease and comfort:

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones:

These are the best wireless headphones offering maximum noise cancellation. They are over-ear and have a battery life of up to 22 hours with constant use. They can be used for traveling as there is no need to recharge again and again. Beats is undoubtedly one of the most popular and high-end brands. They have left a mark in the market with their exceptional releases every year. Beats studio 3 are one of the best overhead headphones out there in the market. They have big puffy ear cups that cover your entire ear and block out almost all of the outside sound. Other than that, they also have a noise-canceling feature enabled to reduce infiltration and interruption. They Have wireless connectivity making it easier to connect with all kinds of devices.


This is another fantastic set in the market, which is quite affordable and has a lot to offer in that price range. It is pretty comfortable to wear and has superb audio quality. They are closed-back and have equipped swivel cups with a memory protein to cover the foam padding, making sure that they are comfortable to wear for a longer time. It is equipped with 45 mm drivers for delivering better bass performance with a greater surface area. They provide perfect audio with any kind of distortions. They offer noise cancellation as well. It has a battery life of up to 30 hours and has an integrated microphone for attending calls or meetings. Their cushion is comfy a breathable, so you can comfortably wear them for hours, and it offers excellent specifications for a low priced pair.


The newly released model of avantree provides impressive sound on the go and has active noise cancellation. They have the option of both wired and wireless and provides a decibel reduction of 20-22 dB with the wire and without it. They are perfectly manufactured and have some customizations making it flexible to use. They are closed-back and reduce the background noise as well. The ear cups have a comfortable cushion and have a specific design molded, providing a relaxed listening experience. They work for up to 28 hours of wireless use, and the battery life is even more when used with a wire. They have installed a built-in microphone, making it user friendly. This is a significantly updated pair and defiantly reaches the demand of the best headphones.

Marshall Major 3:

Marshall has undoubtedly maintained its name in the technological market, not leaving an ounce of doubt that it is undoubtedly the best. These headphones have battery life for up to 30 hours, which means they can be continuously used for more than a day; they are extraordinarily travel-friendly, but certainly, they do not offer voice cancellation. It is an exceptional brand that delivers brilliant audio quality in a nostalgic design. The overhead headphones reduce some of the noise reduction but not wholly. It has a knob design making it easier to access the control of audio, and you can customize your listening experience. The best feature of this pair is its price, as it is affordable and accessible on the pocket. Thought It does not provide that ambient noise reduction that you can find elsewhere as there are undoubtedly many other options.

Sennheiser PXC 550-2 Wireless Headphones:

This is another remarkable over-ear headphone pair available in the market, which is wireless for the customer's convenience. This brand does not have that much awareness like Sony or Marshall, but this has to be one of the best audio companies globally, and its new addition is an illustration to perfection. These headphones have leather ear cups that look quite fancy and aims to provide a better experience with prolonged use. By tapping a single button, you can assist a call on through google assistant or Alexa aid you in your smart homes to play music or place calls with some other features. With the assistance of touchpad, which is present on the ear cup, you can have access to your entire listening experience, including pausing and playing of audio or playing some other song. It has a battery life of up to thirty hours and is certainly towards the high-end side when it comes to the retail price of this masterpiece.