Everyday we travel, everyday we can encounter the road, everyday traffic can happen and everyday we should know how to travel safely.
Safety first before everything. We do not hold what can happen in our everyday travel but we can do something to prevent accidents and violations. Driving is a responsibility, passing through the road should carry knowledge about the important do’s and don'ts on the way.

Road traffic signs are the signs we see all over the roads. Road traffic signs does not mean that it is only for the time that there is traffic, it is road signs that are for all time use during you pass by the roads. All types of drivers should be aware of these signs and their meanings to make sure of safe travel along other drivers. Pedestrians or the people walking along the road should know these signs too, after all we cannot rely on other people for our own safety.

The road signs are placed in the road for it aims to have the drivers and the pedestrians attention. The road signs are usually painted with light and bright colors so it will still be visible at night and everyone can still see it for them to be reminded of what they should do. Road signs are made to relay clear and simple meaning, they are illustrated with common figures that we are all familiar with like arrows. It desires to ask respect from the drivers and pedestrians to others of the same kind to be able to avoid accidents and any kind of arguments. Giving respect to the other co-road user can make a change in your use of the road.

Road signs play a big role in making the road safe and control the traffic possible. It is the warning signs we see about a wide variety of important things. Behind the busy road with people rushing to their destinations whether it be for work or school, every driver and pedestrian using the road should be wary of everything. As pedestrians you should look out for the road signs before you confidently walk across the pedestrian lanes. Drivers are warned about limiting their speed or to get ready for any road change coming their way.

After a whole busy day, you must be so hungry while you are on the way home. Road signs can be a lifesaver if you have been so hungry while you are about to be in a traffic area for there are road signs that indicate the upcoming fast food restaurants for you to grab something first instead of continuing your travel and be stuck in traffic for hours with an empty stomach. There are times that we unconsciously forget to be mindful about the car’s fuel level which is very important to prevent any hassle on the road and the road signs about the nearest gas station are to the rescue for you.

Road traffic signs you should know and be reminded of everyday.

This road sign has a big and capitalized word stop which is usually in color red. It is placed in an octagonal shaped placard. Once you see it then you should immediately do it and stop. Stop signs help warn about the intersections and areas with traffic in both opposite and crossing directions.

Yield signs are also in color red and white but in a triangular shape. Yield signs are also known to be the give way sign. When you see the yield sign as a driver you should slow down for a bit but not completely stop. It means that the driver should be beware and wary of any possible traffic or any vehicles and pedestrians near you.

Speed limit signs are very essential to take note to not just save you from accidents but also to save you from any traffic violation which can take your time with you needing to talk to the officers and pay for your penalty. Remember about the appropriate speed you should go with your car. The appropriateness of your speed means being not too slow and not too fast. These signs are usually shown in black and white with a rectangular shape.

All road signs aim to make everyone using the road safe. For everyone’s safety you should be aware of each other and prevent yourself from hurting anyone. Pedestrian signs are seen near pedestrian lanes most especially when it is near a school zone. This sign usually comes in a bright yellow-green fluorescent reflective sheeting to be very much seen for the greater benefit of many road users no matter what time of the day.

Bicycles are manually used which makes it vulnerable to other vehicles using the same roads. Bicyclists are acknowledged in the road so these no bicycles signs are made to make sure of their safety. There are roads in areas where bicycles are not allowed. The no bicycle sign is literally having a bicycle illustrated under a diagonal line in a circular shape.

U-turn in the roads are the turns considered to be crucial and usually add to the load of traffic. U-turns are allowed but not every time and everywhere. Sometimes we are really bad at following directions and understanding road signs which leads us to reaching wrong destinations. U-turns help us to go back and have a chance to follow the directions to where we need to go properly but when you see a no u-turn sign it means even if there is a space for a u-turn you should not take it. The sign has an arrow shaped like the letter u.

The roads need repair too and the construction workers are the ones who make these repairs possible. We owe it a lot to the construction workers why we have a smooth road to travel with so these men at work signs should be given attention to protect them. It could also protect you from being hit by anything and your vehicle to be unscratched. These signs are usually in either diamond or triangle shape with an illustration of a person holding a shovel.

Horns of the car are made to make a noise for other drivers to be aware of your vehicle whether you are about to ask for them to give way and if you notice that they are not aware of the go sign of the traffic light. Horns should be used in a reasonable way and these no horn signs are also reasonable. Along the roads there are establishments such as churches and schools that need a quiet environment and that is the reason why when you pass by those areas no horn signs are placed. The no horn sign has a horn under a diagonal line with color red and white.

To be safe is so much better than being sorry so always ensure your safety at any time and anywhere. Always consider to give importance to your life more than running after time and meeting an accident on the way for being in so much rush. Give attention to every road traffic sign and if possible oftenly review the meanings of the signs. Drive safely everyday to save lives.