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    Thread: How To Make Any Organization To Adopt Change

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      Default How To Make Any Organization To Adopt Change

      Suppose that you own a consumer electronics company. You have realized the hard way that's setting wrong goals which are not anchored into market realities not only hurts profits in the short run but demoralizes salesforce in the long run. A long-haul strategy to make use of data analytics as a critical lever to unearth the exact drivers of business outcome and map the consumer demand with accuracy and granularity is the need of time. However, the already disgruntled salesforce thinks of this as a high-tech fix which will not resolve any problems. Most of them have been working the market for some time and are set in their ways. Your consultant has guided you to bring about the change in the salesforce and help them understand and accept the new rules of the game. Given the scenario, how possibly can you help make the salesforce realize the importance of change? Well, there are numerous ways to bring in the change. This article talks in detail about how to bring in the change.

      There cannot be any second thought that the world is changing, and it is changing drastically. We are currently shifting towards the 4th industrial revolution. Unlike the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolution (I.R), which adapted to the change of animal power to mechanical power, the discovery of electricity, and the invention of computers, the 4th industrial revolution talks about digitalization, a digital world. The 4th I.R encourages the world to focus more on big data analytics because the data would be considered as the new oil for the 21st century. This "big data" is going to play a vital role for the sales-oriented organizations to gain larger profits. To play with the data and earn profits in bigger numbers, the organizations have to accept the ongoing shift that the world is observing

      In the world of selling, companies constantly have to endure change. In this scenario, it is evident that the salesforce remains reluctant to accept the change. However, being a consultant following the model shall be used to help realize the importance of change to the salesforce and eventually accommodate it.

      Common Barriers To Vary Adoption

      There are several types and natures of obstacles which will substitute the way of a change process:

      Perception Of Negative Changes Within The Status Quo
      : that's people that are comfortable with the present situation and believe that the changes will create difficulties in their work, including losing their job. To be sure, there are situations where workers acknowledge less pay in "stable" organizations (i.e., which infrequently experience changes).

      Ignorance About The Present State Of The Corporate: The perception of stability about the current situation is usually thanks to ignorance about the particular case of the company, which may reach even higher, managerial positions. As a result, many corporate improvement projects plan and execute. The planning and execution are without an in-depth examination of its processes and culture.

      Integration Of The World Which Changed To The Remainder Of The Corporate: Change is usually restricted to at least one a part of the company, and lots of processes and other people communicating with the different areas change. Frequently, collaborators on each side will attempt to circumvent the new procedures and still act "as usual."

      Political Motivations: Change, with uncommon exceptional cases, brings about the creation, exchange, disposal, and additionally redefinition of positions inside the corporate. Individuals with a compelling position can oppose the possible loss of intensity, but just saw, or the age of political adversaries.

      Generally speaking, these barriers manifest at an individual level, something that often neglects in planning projects with an organizational scope. Change management, in a large number of them, is confined to inward preparation and correspondence. While these components are fundamental to progress, they're far away from guaranteeing smooth appropriation, which will convey the standard rate of profitability.

      Mckinsey's 7s model:

      The 7s model consists of:
      • Strategy
      • Skills
      • Style
      • Structure
      • Staff
      • System
      • Shared value

      To achieve the organizational goal in the fittest manner: a long term, well defined and easy to understand goal will be devised. Why does the organization have to follow this change should be made clear by the strategy that would be devised. The strategy will also question, "how to bring the change?"


      Some studies have displayed that most of the time, the salesforce remains reluctant to accept the change is because of the reason that the oncoming change typically requires a skill or set of skills that the employees do not possess and aren't even welcoming to get hands-on that skill. The front-line sales team will be constantly engaged in working on their empathetic skills and listening skills. An active listener leads to being a good salesman. Manager's management and leadership skills will be polished so that the employees may not feel disrespected by the management. Moreover, the management will be indulged in training to understand the dynamics of the changing world, how data could be useful to its organization.


      This a social media world. One bad review can ruin the reputation of an organization and eventually negatively impacting sales. People are very well aware of "Customer is the King"; they want to be treated like a "King." Salesforce needs to digest the fact that "no client is superior to a disillusioned client."So, to achieve it, as mentioned before, the sales team will be taught to deal with the customers more empathy.


      The organization's structure would also require amendments. The necessary change might be in a particular department or the whole organization. It could also be in the level of hierarchies or standard operating procedures. E.g., New designation, change in working hours/days, etc.


      Staff's capabilities shall be assessed through an assignment, interviews, and personality tests. Based on those results, the right people will be put in for the right job to transform successfully. If there would be a need for a change manager, he/she shall be brought accordingly.


      Since the salesforce is the ones generating the revenue for the company and had to work in every type of condition, the suggestion would be to modify the bonuses and incentives for them. They need to stay motivated all the time. For, E.g., the provision of mobile top-up by the organization would reduce a salesman expense.

      Shared Values:

      While implying the factors stated above. It should be on the table: even if the change is happening in the sales department, all other employees of an organization had to work together to achieve a mutual goal.

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