A good basketball player signifies having great tremendous skills in the sport. Being able to wear expensive sports attire such as shoes, safety types of equipment such as wrist bands, compression shorts and pants, and other sports-related paraphernalia wonít make a person be a good basketball player. Sports rely more on skills and not on how a person looks. So it doesnít necessarily mean that you wear the best shoes in the hardcourt will make you the best among other players. Basketball is a physical sport and requires intensive training. A person who is dedicated and passionate about what he/she is doing can make it to the big leagues. It doesnít matter to them if they undergo challenges that might make them give up but chooses to strive and achieve their goals. Here are significant factors that can help you become a good basketball player:

Know The Basic Fundamentals

1. Be In a Good Shape

Since basketball is more about contact and physical sport, being able to have a great structure in terms of body form would be a great head start. Height would be a major advantage since it would be easier to move and shoot the basketball. But being tall enough wouldnít do the trick since height will not matter if the body is not in good total condition. Sports trainer usually requires athletes to have a strong core and legs, not just the upper body itself. Having a good built of shoulders and ripped muscles will not make you the strongest person to play the sport. It should be more on combining having a strong foundation of your core, upper body, and legs. Having all of these would make you completely explosive and relentless on the court. Before practicing on the basic skills of playing basketball, be in good shape first would be the most effective thing to do before anything else.

2. Feel The Basketball

It may sound funny or incorrect but it is one way of being able to feel good in playing the sport. You can do this by holding the official game ball and try to get the feeling of being excited. Before undergoing the intense practice, try to get a hold of the ball and imagine yourself being one of the best players to play the sport someday. If youíre able to feel a little bit of confidence, it would be a small progress but better on the other side than no progress at all.

3. Dribbling

Pound the ball as hard as you could. Feel the ball in the palm of your hands while they bounce up and down the floor. If you can already dribble the ball with both your left and right hand, practice dribbling the ball creatively by being able to dribble it in between your legs, behind your back, and basic crossovers would be a good leap for your progress. A tip, while you dribble the ball if you can get a hold of it already, is to wrap it in recyclable plastic. Once you dribble the ball while itís inside the plastic, it would bounce uncontrollably. With that, it can help you get a grip on the ball more and will help you improve in controlling it. Do it as often as possible and see the progress within at least a week. Another reminder is to practice dribbling while keeping your head up and not looking down on the floor. That is to help you see the floor well and see if you have an open teammate. Stay as low as possible as well to prevent the opponent from deflecting the ball in your hand.

4. Proper Shooting Form, Better Chance Of Getting a Bucket

Whatís the point of playing basketball if you canít score. Even though the sport is played with the most scored bucket, there is much more than shooting the ball. It involves being a spark plug and energizer on the court by saving loose balls, rebounding, and defending your opponent well. It is a must though to have a good shooting form so that every time you will have an open shot, you can more likely get a basket. Practice shooting in all angles of the court. Make at least 50 baskets in all corners. It would be a good help because it can help you set your rhythm. Practice shots as if you are in a real game situation. Put chairs or anything that can serve as your opponent and practice playing the game as if itís a live game.

5. Footwork

More often than not, you will most likely trip if you have poor coordination in terms of footwork. There are some people that are born with having excellent footwork. For those who have terrible footwork, it can be improved so donít worry so much about it. A great way to improve it is to practice footwork drills such as jump-steps, lunge-step, pivoting, etc. If you have the budget, buy an agility ladder and cones to help you in improving your agility and footwork. The better footwork you have, the more chances you can dominate and leave your opponent behind.

A good last tip that would be helpful in your progress is to do push-ups, squats, and lift some weights. Practice doing at least 200 push-ups a day can help you improve your upper body. It can help you achieve having strong biceps and chest muscles. With a stronger upper body, you can endure bumps from your opponents. If you have a weak upper body, you will not have enough strength to shove or bump your way to the basket. Squats, on the other hand, will help you achieve a strong leg. If you happen to have tremendously well-built legs, you can be more explosive and helps you change your shot in the air if your opponent would try to block your shot. A good example of who has good legs in the NBA is Russel Westbrook. He is relentless and extremely fast because he worked out his legs so well. Try searching on the internet to get a close glimpse of how strong and firm his legs are. Lifting some weights would also be a factor to make you completely explosive. The more you lift weights, the lighter you feel which will help you become a good basketball player. Keep in mind all the time is to learn how to set your goals and have a positive mindset. Let your hard work and passion do the talking and we never know where it might lead us someday.