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      Donít we all need a clear skin without scars or patches? Yes, we all do. And for this, we are ready to spend billions. But are those expensive skincare treatments worth it? No, instead use natural ingredients. They are 100 times worthier than those chemical-packed creams. Thereís no use of those gold karat serums or cleansing gels if youíre not giving your stomach what it needs. When your body is not getting the right amount of balanced diet, those scrubs and exfoliators wonít fix your breakouts.

      Hyperpigmentation is a problem getting popular among ladies with the passing days. Those brown patches donít look cute as the freckles do. It is the result of the increased production of Melanin. It may be due to an imbalanced diet, hormonal changes, or acne. People say that your skin shows what you take in. If youíre eating those oily foods daily, your skin will surely not get fixed. But with the right food, youíll get a crystal clear skin not temporarily but permanently. Here are the 6 best foods that can help you get rid of dark spots.


      Who is not familiar with AHA or BHA? Anyone using a skincare product to fix skin problems must know AHA mentioned on that magic bottle of acne clearing gel. It is a powerful exfoliant that is usually used in many exfoliators, acne clearing gels, and scrubs. What if I tell you a natural food from which you can get this exfoliant? Yes, papaya is rich in AHA that helps you with those dark spots. Not only this, but papaya also contains bunches of Vitamin C and K. Vitamin K functions to improve the elasticity of the skin. That is why papaya can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a tight clear skin. How to use papaya? You can either add it to your fruit salad or apply a mask of it on your face. Raw mash papaya and massage it gently in circular motions.


      No one is unknown to the health benefits of turmeric. It has been used for ages to treat inflammation and wound healing. It also proved to be helpful for even skin tone. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it enhances the skin tone by improving the digestive system. Some studies verified that turmeric has the properties to inhibit the production of melanin.

      How To Use It?

      Make a mask of it and apply it on your face. There are two ways of making a mask of turmeric. Mix one part of honey and one part of turmeric. Apply it for 30 minutes. Another way to use it is to mix a tablespoon of yogurt with half a tablespoon of turmeric. Apply this face mask until it dries out.

      Almond Oil

      Do you take those Vitamin E capsules orally? What if I tell you a natural Vitamin E capsule? Almond oil is a natural blend of Vitamin E and Niacin. And both do their miracles in inhibiting melanin formation. Vitamin E is itself a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from pollutants. And it is the pollutants that cause your skin to breakout.

      How To Use It?

      Almond oil is not the same in cooking and applying topically. It is more beneficial when massaged gently on your face rather than taking it in. There's a trick to add this valuable food to your routine. Use it as a makeup remover. It will wipe off the makeup while giving you a soothing skin.

      Aloe Vera

      Aloe Vera is the best alternative to chemically hydrating moisturizers. It naturally locks your skin in moisture and gives you a soothing skin. So if you don't have an aloe vera plant in your garden, buy one. Believe it. Your life will get too easy with that small little pot of aloe leaves.

      How To Use It?

      Just break one leaf and pour out the natural cleansing gel for you. You may use it as a moisturizer. Especially apply it on the scars, it will help to reduce them also,you can make a refreshing Aloe drink for you. But be careful, these are bitter. To avoid bitterness, you can add a bit of honey.


      Yogurt is made by lactic acid fermentation. It has exfoliating properties just like Papaya. As lactic acid is a natural AHA that is a chemical exfoliant, you can use it as an exfoliator. It works as a natural color corrector for your skin. Besides, it is packed with multivitamins and that's all your skin needs.

      How To Use It?

      You can add yogurt to your daily diet. Make a flavorful dessert with fruits and yogurt to give yourself a treat. For applying topically, mix it with turmeric and apply this mask until it dries out. It will remove the dead skin cells and make your skin smooth and brighten. You may also make a mask of honey and yogurt. This combination serves best for acne-prone skin as honey is a natural antibacterial. It will remove all your acne scars with few applications.


      Want a natural sunblock? Eat raw red tomatoes. It has a natural antioxidant, Lycopene, that protects the skin from UV rays. If you have a sunburn skin, leave it on those red magical balls now. It treats the brown patches caused by sunburn. Red-colored fruits are rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin C. Both have an equal role in giving you those pink cheeks without blusher.

      How To Use It?

      Tomatoes are something that serves best when taken orally. Instead of applying it topically, it does wonders for your skin by improving the digestive system. Make a paste of tomato with olive oil and ingest one tablespoon every day. For a flavorful treat, make tomato puree at home.

      Final words

      We hope you have got to know the valuable foods that are the best alternatives to those luxurious skincare gels. Either ingest them or apply a mask of them on your face, you will get benefit from both.

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