In the midst of this global emergency crisis that we are experiencing, people are now urged to have anything to survive and do anything just to bring back the normal ways of living. To bring back the natural ways of habits of everyone. We surely miss our casual selves, eating at our favourite restaurants, having our everyday stroll at the park, watching sport events live. But today is very far from that image of freedom and liberty.

In todays new mode or way of living, we are not fond to stay inside of our houses for a long period of time. This tend to cause a lot of boredom and the feeling of isolation, this can give the feeling of a cabin fever. We tend to go outside all the time, finding a way to bond with our friends, going out of town trips with our families, and doing a lot of things just to travel abroad to have new experiences. But with just a snap of a finger and a blink of an eye, everything changes. The life that we used to know and live in have changed so fast.

Since there is a rising pandemic happening around the world, we need to do a lot of precautionary and disciplinary things that will help us to fight and beat these disease. One way to deal with this pandemic is by restricting any kind of transportation such as airspace, sea ports, and all the means of land transportation. This is to ensure that the spread of this virus will not spread to the whole world entirely. Every nation around the world produced and implemented a lot of protocols, such as social distancing, and do nationwide quarantines.

Quarantine is a part of the process. It is done by preventing the people and the public to gather around and do some socialization when there is a threat about health that is surrounding everybody. With the implementation of this said protocol, this will hinder not just the ability of the people and public to go out in the public but this will also minimize the chances of the spreading of this virus that might infect a lot more people. Alongside with this protocol, another method is by promoted by different nations which is called social distancing.

Doing and emphasizing the Social Distancing is very essential and necessary thing to do today especially when the people are expected to be grouping and gathering in a common place or public vicinity. By applying the protocol, doing and having physical distancing is easy to remember, just span both of your arms for about six feet wide away from each other, this will enable to decrease the chances of people to get infected or get to infect more other people. Doing physical distancing is not just the only protocol being done in all nations. Promoting the use of face masks is the priority and also the key to prevent the spread of this virus.

Using face masks have two main purposes. One of these purposes is for you to not get infected. Face masks decrease the chances of getting you infected with the virus by absorbing the liquid particles that it come contacted with its cloth and fibres. Any incoming liquid particles approaching to your mask will hinder it to making contact with your face, especially from your nose and mouth. These is one of the many phases and reasons of where you can get the infection and be infected. The other purpose of using face masks is for when you are already infected with the disease, it is going to hinder you to get other people infected. Study shows that with the use of face masks and other physical protective gears and equipment regularly, it will most likely to limit the chances of you and others to get the virus.

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As the months goes by while battling with these disease-causing virus, numerous nations attempts to find a cure or a vaccine that will help to eradicate and cure this illness. But as we undergo the process of quarantine, multiple businesses and employments were forced to shut down. The reason why is this happening it is because there is a need to limit the movements of the people moving and going from places to places. With these reason, the people and public are only relying to these vaccine developers to help and end this global health emergency. Ending this pandemic will surely be beneficial to everybody and our lives will be back to normal.

But as we are encountering how to cure and beat this disease, economic crisis eventually started to show and rise up. The occurrence of unemployment rate begins to rise and a lot of people are not okay with these. By the implementation of the strict community quarantines throughout the nation, the people are forced to stop working which leads them to stop the source of their income. Therefore by having this, it means that there are no cash inflows happening in the households while these quarantines are in effect. How will the people survive this pandemic without money, cash that can avail them for their supplemental needs and necessities? That is where the support from the government shows up.

The government deployed and implemented a lot of rules, regulations, and guidelines that concerns with businesses and other employment of when to start and resume operations within this pandemic. Unlike in the usual settings, businesses must limit their access to the public. One of the many rules and regulations is that the employers and employees are forced to wear face masks and face shields when they undergo and resumes their operations. They must conduct frequent sanitations to their work place. Lastly, they must implement the physical distancing for their customers or clients. By following and restricting ourselves in gathering in a large and crowded place, it will surely help us to prevent us in getting this disease. But how about the other industries that might object these guidelines in this new normal? Can they still undergo operations while there is a pandemic happening?

Public transportation is one of these industries that is surely hit by these economic crisis. Due to the implemented limitation of having people crossing from different borders, transportation services were surely directly affected. Most of these transportation operators and drivers are having an income lower than the minimum average wage that a regular worker or labourer should have. With these circumstances and these additional burden to these people, how will you think these people will survive in the midst of this pandemic? This is why the government are taking risks by enabling them to undergo and resume their suspended operations. But inline these ways and like any other businesses, these industry must also follow rules, regulations, and guidelines.

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By having air conditioned public transportation, people and the public become concerned about how will it be safe. Knowing that this virus can be transmitted in a closed space without proper ventilation. A guideline has been enforced to tract every passenger boarding that said transportation vehicle. Not only that, the operators are obliged to get every individuals temperature check and have their sanitation, starting from the foot rugs up to those hand sanitations. It must be done at their own transportation terminals. No public transportation vehicles must board while they are in the middle course of their route because it will be difficult for them to tract every people boarding at that said vehicle. While on board, there is only a limited seats that can be occupied, from one hundred percent of occupants it is reduced to thirty to fifty percent occupancy. In this way, people will mind their distances away from each and one another. This methods and applied guidelines are suitable for large public transportation vehicles such as trains, buses, and vans but how about the small scale public transportation vehicles such a taxis and other transport network vehicle service?

Taxis and other transport network vehicle services are car or ride lending services that have a limited to the capacity rate of occupants ranging from four passengers to the maximum of seven. These occupancy rates were assigned and suggested by the government long before this pandemic happened, and in order for the operators and drivers to follow these following guidelines and regulations, its occupancy rate must decrease and must follow a lot of rules.

Guidelines for taxis and transport network vehicle services are mostly likely to be similar since their occupancy of units (car seating) are very much alike. In terms of the drivers safety and responsibilities, first they must always wear masks. As said earlier, these masks are considered to be the first lines of defence against this virus. The drivers and operators should provide disinfectants for sanitation and appropriate flooring or matting that ensure the sanitary necessities. In this way the passenger will think that the ride will go smooth. Every surfaces of interior of the car must be frequently sanitized especially those most exposed parts like the car seats and door handles. Everyone is obliged to do it. Every two hours, each vehicle must be sprayed with disinfecting agent that will neutralized any active microbes. Lastly, the drivers seat must be enclosed or sealed off from the passengers. But how about the payment? While the driver is enclosed in an enclosed barrier of transparent material, they must register and install to their vehicle any available electronic payment providers that will help to minimize of having contact.

On the passengers side of responsibilities, from the implemented protocol of that everyone must always wear face masks and face shields, every passenger boarding the vehicle must be wearing a face mask. Align with this, it is the responsibility of these passengers to follow protocol. They must also think about the safety of the driver. It is by following the applied number of passenger cited in the guidelines, one passenger beside the drivers seat and two at the back seat seating apart. You cannot bribe the driver to squeeze and fit one additional passenger, having and doing this kind of activity will surely result to the confiscation of the license of the driver. Passengers must always be cautious to their actions, especially when it comes to coughing and sneezing etiquettes.

Coughing and sneezing etiquettes is very simple and easy to understand. It is done by simply covering your mouth and nose when you are feeling to have an urge to sneeze or when you have the tendency to cough. This matter is not just for being respectful to other people that surrounds you but also to minimize the rate of spread of the said disease. Knowing that the virus is being carried by the liquid particles from its host, having sneezing and coughing is one of its modes of transmission.

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Discussing the responsibilities of both sides, it is much better if every people will think the consequences of their actions. People must be aware that going out in public and by not staying indoors and at home, it will increase the tendency and the probability that you will and might get infected by that deadly disease. Even though its fatality rate is low, having to catch one is not your ideal effect of getting out. There may be a reason why you are going outside, besides your house is that you are working, you must always think of it and be cautious about the circumstances happening around. By this everyone must be careful and be more aware about what is happening.

Remember that we have accomplished months of isolation from our houses in order to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Sparing a little time alone without socialisation is good enough comparing by having a disease that might cause your death. Just by simply following the rules and observing physical distancing, we are able to defeat and end this pandemic as one.

As a conclusion, we are all affected by this pandemic. Even the developed countries are having to find this battle against this virus is difficult enough. We should always be aware about our surroundings and must be always updated to news. Caring and treating yourself well is very appreciated if you also consider others as well. As a reminder, we should always observe physical distancing, always wear face mask and face shield, and always do proper sneezing and coughing etiquettes.