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    Thread: Most Luxurious Tesla Cars

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      Default Most Luxurious Tesla Cars

      Tesla Motors was founded in July 2003 by founders named Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, Elon Musk, J.B. Straubel, and Ian Wright. The car is available worldwide, and the headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, America. Tesla is a luxury cat with mind-blowing features, an electric, battery-powered vehicle charged by electricity developed by solar panels/energy. The aim behind the car was to save fuel, stop relying on fossil fuel, and lead the world to zero-emission. In 2019 it got the rank as the bestselling electric car. There are many brands providing expensive electric cars with unique features. There are four models to Tesla at the moment and one waiting for release.

      Model S:

      The five-seater Model S came out in June 2012 with costs of 74,990 dollars and five different colors. Tesla Model S has an all-electric power train; it has a low center of gravity, leading to best drive performance and efficiency. Model S can accelerate 0-60mph within 2.3 seconds and has a 348-mile range. For best performance in all weather conditions, it features dual-motor all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension. It has all protection features, front and back impact protection, strengthened architecture, and floor mounted batteries, also has a slight rollover risk, leading to its high impact protection. Tesla can be taken for long-distance travel as well, a charge of 15 mins for a drive of 163 miles. Charge fully overnight for a whole week worth of trip. Superchargers are Tesla chargers for on the quick go charges, but only present in the United States.

      Tesla is fully internet connected at all times. Autopilot mode for stress-free driving is present; the car can steer, accelerate, brake automatically, Parallel and perpendicular parking also on its own. 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors are present in Tesla to detect lanes and objects around giving 360-degree visibility. Summon the Tesla to retrieve the car. 17-inch touchscreen present in the front and one screen present behind the steering wheel. The Screen features are: plays all types of media, has navigation, personalized driver setting, climate and cabin control, energy consumption, and range estimation. Tesla has a glass roof and is Pollution-free inside and out with all-weather comfort.

      Model S has 28 cubic feet of cargo space with the front trunk and extra cargo space. The wheels are of either 19 or 21 inches of choice. The weight of the car is 4941 lbs, With an added aerodynamic spoiler for speed. The Tesla key is unique; it is car shaped and functions with buttons and the number of times each of each press. But more importantly, an application is present to do features such as horn, lights on and off, locking and unlocking the car—the doors when unlocked handles slide out of the door and slide back in when locked.

      Model 3:

      Tesla Model 3 came out in 2017 with a price of 35,000 dollars. Tesla Model 3 Has an acceleration of 0-60 mph within 3.2 seconds, with a range of 322 miles. This Model can hit a top speed of 162 mph with enhanced aerodynamics. It has a torque response of 10 milliseconds. Has the same safety features as Model S, but added Michelin pilot sport 4s tires of wheel size 20 inch and two independent motors. Tesla Model 3 has more powerful brakes and lowered suspension for enhanced handling. The cargo space is 15 cubic feet.

      Model 3 has a 15-inch screen with the same features as Model S; an added feature is handling done by smartphone. A glass roof from back to front is present, adding to the spacious effect. Autopilot mode with the same features as previous models. An added feature is a 15-minute charge can last up to 172 miles running, with the same charging features as before.

      Model X:

      The Tesla Model X came out in 2016 with a price of 84,990 dollars. This Model is the first-ever SUV to reach all 5-star safety, including frontal passenger, driver, rear seats, side passengers, and rollover safety. Model X has a seating of 7 adults and can carry up to 5000 pounds. The second and third row of seats can be folded down when not in use and add extra space. The car has 88 cubic feet of storage. The design is spectacular as the Model has falcon-wing doors that open automatically when the door is approached. The front screen is 17 inches and has over the air software updates and all other features as model 3. A panoramic windshield is present.

      It has all-wheel drive, with the lowest drag coefficient of 5,531 lbs. The acceleration is 0-60 mph within 2.6 seconds, with a range of 351 miles. And a torque of 750 plus lb. Per feet, wheel size is 20 and 22 inches on choice. The charging method is the same, but the added feature is that a 15-minute charge will run 142 miles. Once again, the function of autopilot is also present, along with all other features of model 3 and Model S.

      Model Y:

      The Tesla Model Y came out in 2019 with a price of 52,990 dollars. It is 2.2 inches longer and 7.1 inches taller than the previous model X. This Model is a seven-seater car with a 68 cubic feet cargo space. The acceleration is 0-60 mph within 3.5 seconds, with a range of 316 miles and a top speed of 155 mph. It consists of 2 independent motors, with all-wheel control. Model Y of Tesla does not have installments to tow. Model Y has a 15-inch screen in the front with all the same features as previous models. All elements of safety, shape, color, autopilot are the same as previous models such as model 3. It weighs 344 lbs with wheels of 21 inches. The new feature is, a 15-minute charge can lead to driving up to 158 miles, and the rest of the charge features are the same.

      Most Luxurious Model Of Tesla Car: Model Roadster:

      The tesla roadster is a featured sports car. It is the first-ever four-seater supercar to come out in the year 2020 with a price of 200,000 dollars. It has an acceleration of 0-60 mph within 1.9 seconds, with a range of 620 miles and a top speed of more than 250 mph. Tesla roadsters have a wheel torque of 10,000 Nm. It has advanced aerodynamics and a lightweight removable glass roof. The maker has hinted that the roadster might not even require a key.

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