A courier is a member of a certain company or an individual whose job and responsibility is to deliver messages, packages, or mails from one place or location to another. Courier service providers are notable to have an ordinary mail and package services by having the characteristics such as speed, safety, locating, signature, specialization and individualization of quick and express services, and swift delivery assortment, which are important for most mail services to have nowadays.

In having a premium access to courier services, couriers are usually more costly and expensive than ordinary mail services. Their purpose is to have a normal and is only limited to deliver packages where one or more of these characteristics are considered important enough to avail and purchase the cost. Courier services functions and operates on all wide scopes, from every specific townships or major cities, from regional to national, and to global or international services.

Courier service are described and characterized to have fast or swift, door-to-door pickup of goods or documents and deliver it to specific locations of individuals. Couriers can do it locally or internationally by their means. A company that are able to do such delivery services is called a courier company. Courier companies employ people to sustain their needs to perform deliveries and other services. This certain person that was hired by the delivery service company is known to be called as a courier.

There are different types of courier services, Time-sensitive shipping, Local shipping, and International shipping. The courier service is a corporation, typically a privately held company, which promotes the distribution of packages and essential documents. Courier companies that either specialize in a particular form of shipping inside those destinations, for example, local or national same-day delivery or to provide a variety of shipping services with destinations around the world.

Time-sensitive shipping is one kind of a courier service. There are postal systems intended to distribute goods around the globe during a fixed timeline, such as one to three business days and during a limited daytime period such as eight to ten in the morning. For instance, DHL Shipping and FedEx postal services are one of the delivery firms with similar aims and goals.

Local shipping is also one of the services that offers couriers. In several courier services, they depend on the timely delivery of packages the same day and important papers within the boundaries of the large urban area. Breakaway Courier in New York City is an illustration of this local shipping. Bike couriers who transport throughout the city center are the most ideal of all local delivery choices, although there is a lot more. This involve individual delivery and distribution firms for local and provincial deliveries and large carrier agencies and United States Postal Service for specific deliveries at regional level.

International shipping is the other type. You also can consider global network shipping companies that can support you send your goods to international destinations. They can also provide facilities such as daily monitoring or significant tax handling at extra cost to insure that the delivery has secure transport and can move through inspection with no problems.

Setting up a small company, or any company for that reason, has never ever been claimed to become an easy thing to do. This is why most business owners have a network of support that they count on to make their everyday activities a little easier to achieve. If you are just a small business exploring hiring a delivery service to meet the operational needs of your company, but you are just not sure, the listing below may offer you a few compelling reason for taking the leap.

Couriers allow you to optimize your business and company. As a small business owner, you often wear a million and one hats as well as any judgment fell on your hands, from stocking up to ensuring that your workers are not stressed and overstressed. The last thing you need is to think about the items and materials being shipped to your consumers on schedule.

Courier services take good care of the shipping needs of your client. This implies, though, that you no longer have to use the vehicle to handle the business's shipments. Your company will also allow savings on car expenses that involve petrol, servicing and maintenance bills. It also aims to reduce the expense of recruiting employees to run the distribution network.

Hiring workers is a bit more time - consuming and complicated than one would imagine. You have got to do your testing, thorough background, and numerous other precautions to make sure also that individual is the best one for the role, and that often ends badly for you. Outsourcing the delivery means that you do not have to recruit staff to do all that part of the job and offer you more flexibility to work on what is the most relevant, that the company.

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It conserves in terms of gasoline, maintenance, and the need for vehicles. Because you are trying to transport things, supplies, and documents yourself, you are obliged to pay more on a proper vehicle, load it with petrol, and do adjustments on a daily basis. As we all understand, this can be very costly. Choosing your shipments to a postal service means that you do not have to think about charging for these items unnecessarily, saving you a lot of money over the long term.

Courier services connects to many other resources. Well-established delivery firms provide facilities other than deliveries. Such services provide the delivery of functional strategies and storage facilities to their customers. It is more advantageous for the institution to provide connections from one company to a range of facilities. You stand to benefit from a few discounts provided by the courier company.

This form of enterprise assists people to deliver packages from one place to another. It is usually differentiated from ordinary mail services by features such as speed of delivery, surveillance, monitoring, and the opportunity to book and pay online. Courier companies work on all sizes from local delivery and smaller packages to those delivering domestic and foreign facilities with larger packages.

There are five common forms of courier and shipping services accessible to consumers in the Philippines, based on their budget and requirements.
1. Standard This operations involve gathering, arranging and moving packages from, say, factories to the closest warehouse to the location of distribution. The packages are then loaded into the truck and transported to their particular locations. This service normally takes a couple of days, but is typically the most economical of all delivery services.
2. Overnight This category offers the same function as the others, but it is more costly due to the promise that the packages will be shipped the very next day.
3. Same-Day As the title suggests, this service aims to be provided on the same day and is, as being such, the much more costly of any and all delivery services.
4. International As you may have expected, this is for the sale of commodities abroad. The price here depends on the size of the shipment and the level of distribution required.
5. Pallet This facility is used for the distribution of items put in pallets or boxes. This company typically meets rigid shipping schedules depending on the location of the package and provides fairly competitive rates.
These days, these tools have become especially helpful for individuals and companies involved in online transactions, which involve several parcel delivery solutions. Greater e-commerce companies typically have agreements with a postal company where they can get discounted rates. In fact, such facilities are often accessible to ordinary citizens who need goods moved from one location to another.

Listed below are the best courier, shipping, and delivery services here in the Philippines. In the category of express deliver there are Grab Express, Lalamove, and Angkas. While on the other hand in terms of cross-border shipping and warehousing are LBC Express, JRS Express, and 2GO.

1. Grab Express

Grab Express is on-demand, quality courier service that seeks provide the customers in Metro Manila and Cebu City with the ease of securing quick-click shipments. Submit things such as papers, packages and presents to business associates or loved ones, and keep track of your distribution in real time.

Starting to emerge as the ideal middle-class logistics option, Grab Express would supply all approved packages up to P10, 000 as of July 2019, while still supplying their riders with intensive training will ensure that their deliveries are transported safely. Everything you need is to install the Grab app, book a rider, and watch your package in real time.

2. Lalamove

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Founded in the year 2013, Lalamove was known to make shipments and delivery on demand on the same day possible for anyone by just a touch of a button. Currently, Lalamove operates in 21 countries throughout Asia and Latin America, serving more than 7 million consumers with a network of more than 700,000 drivers.

Lalamove has been a trusted assistant with businesses of all types to address their last-mile delivery problems. From small online retail companies to large stores, supermarket outlets and e-commerce companies, Lalamove enables businesses from a wide variety of sectors to expand and consider outsourcing their products to their demands.

Another electronic express shipping platform is Lalamove, which can carry merchandise ranging from paperwork and personal products to heavy furniture and even industrial goods. However, unlike Grab Express, which is limited to bikes, Lalamove often provides van delivery in its range of providers. You do have full accounts of your orders, which can be conveniently exchanged with your clients.

3. Angkas

Angkas is a motorcycles representing network that aims to provide accessibility for Filipinos in one of the busiest places in the world. It is a joy ride to cycle because you save valuable energy and time instead of getting trapped on the lane for hours.

The leading motorcycle ride-hailing app still provides courier services but is restricted to grocery supply and to some establishments at only the time of posting. To order, please contact the restaurant a list of partners accessible on the Angkas website and include your contact information.

All bike riders are subject to strict background checks, safety instruction and testing of expertise. Motorcycles are quality-controlled to ensure the health of riders. They are the number one certified motorcycle taxi network in the world and we are constantly working to develop our shipping services.

4. LBC Express

LBC is the Philippine industry leader in transactions and financial transaction, papers and fax, packages and shipments, and freight and logistics. With a strong number of more than 6,400 sites, collaborators and employees in more than 30 nations, LBC is dedicated to changing lives, industries and societies and creating smiles across the globe.

One of the leading delivery and postal distribution systems helps you to carry products both locally and overseas. Their Cash on Delivery or Cash on Payment program solves the need for a more safe process between the two parties by serving as an escrow. With that as well, you can pay with cash as a convenient buyer when you're not happy paying through credit or debit card or digital wallet.

5. JRS Express

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JRS Express is a major express shipping service in the Philippines. In addition to the express distribution operation, we also offer value-added logistics services to our consumers across our national network of 400 branches. From over course of six decades, we have founded themselves as one of the country's biggest express delivery company.

The enterprise has already been operating since 1960 and has more than 430 outlets worldwide. They provide daily delivery of cargo (box, paper, package, etc.) along with Super Express (same day of delivery), Freight Forwarder, Lipat Bahay, and JRS Pera. Today, JRS Express remains one of the growing and most well-known courier and transportation firms in the Philippines.

6. 2GO

At over 700 outlets around the world, they focus on providing express delivery service, aircraft and sea travel ticket purchases and money transfer service. By focusing on our resources and experience, we stay focused on our task to execute on what counts, when it counts.

With years of practice with everyone, they are your reliable supplier of express courier solutions. Distribution of express paper, package and freight delivery services of regional scope and catering to over 220 foreign destinations. Partnered with the strongest courier firms in the world and respected by top companies in the Philippines.