Isn’t it fascinating how love works? A typical bad boy, who never expected himself to fall for this good Christian girl, suddenly changes his old ways and his whole badass attitude just because of this one girl whom he never ever thought of having a deeper emotional relationship with. A Walk to Remember is one of best classic romance and drama novels that has been turned into a film. It was originally written in the year 1999 by Nicholas Sparks, a well-known American writer, novelist, producer, and screenwriter. The said novel was adapted to become a movie in the year 2002.

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The casts of this well-known movie are Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan, Shane West as Landon Carter, Peter Coyote as Reverend Sullivan (Jamie’s father), Daryl Hannah as Cynthia Carter (Landon’s mother), Lauren German as Belinda, Clayne Crawford as Dean, Al Thompson as Eric, Jonathan Parks Jordan as Walker, Matt Lutz as Clay Gephardt, and David Andrews as Mr. Kelly.

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It all really started when Landon and his friends tricked Clay into diving down to the lake, not knowing that the water particularly was not so deep, causing Clay to literally be paralyzed, which kind of is fairly significant. Landon essentially was the only person caught by the authorities for “trespassing” in the cement factory, but luckily, they literally got away with the hazing incident that literally happened because Clay does not really want to mostly talk about it, which specifically is quite significant. When they really were back to their school, Landon essentially was called in Mr. Kelly’s office so that he would essentially be punished for drinking actually alcoholic beverages inside the school premises, fairly further showing how it all actually started when Landon and his friends tricked Clay into diving down to the lake, not knowing that the water essentially was not so deep, causing Clay to for the most part be paralyzed, or so they really thought. He for the most part ended up with the consequences in terms of community service like for all intents and purposes janitorial services, tutoring disadvantaged students, and participating in the school’s spring play, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant.

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As their practice for the spring sort of musical begins, Landon basically was forced to kind of ask for Jamie’s actually help to kind of run his lines since he kind of was the lead role of the play, or so they really thought. Jamie particularly agreed to literally help him with memorizing the script, but with only one condition, and that definitely is he should not fall in love with her in a generally big way. When it for all intents and purposes was already another time for their practice of lines together, Jamie basically tried to kind of come up and essentially talk to Landon but he just embarrassed her in front of his friends, which generally is quite significant. And that for all intents and purposes is when she generally realized that he does not really want anyone to generally know that they mostly see each particularly other after school, so Landon literally helped himself particularly memorize his lines until the day of the spring essentially play arrives, or so they generally thought. After that incident, they still really have not kind of talked to each sort of other even though it literally is obvious that Landon kind of essentially misses Jamie, fairly further showing how after that incident, they still literally have not really talked to each generally other even though it specifically is obvious that Landon kind of for all intents and purposes misses Jamie in a kind of major way. Then one day, Landon finally particularly decided to visit and apologize to Clay Gephardt for what they really have done in a kind of big way. The day of the school’s spring particularly musical particularly has come, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. Everything generally was going smooth, not until Landon almost for the most part forgot some of his lines when he generally was mesmerized when Jamie’s kind of physical appearance transformed right before his eyes, or so they specifically thought. He even for all intents and purposes kissed her before the curtains closed, pretty contrary to popular belief. That’s why right after the play, he immediately for the most part looked for Jamie, but he only generally saw his father, who kind of was not in sort of good terms with him, showing how he even actually kissed her before the curtains closed, definitely contrary to popular belief. After some time, he finds himself more curious about Jamie. He started sitting with her at the lunch table, asking about books that are interesting to her, and he even told her that he finds himself wanting to spend more time with her, but Jamie thinks that he should prove what he was saying. He later then confronted Jamie that maybe she was just scared that someone actually wants to be with her. Or that maybe what really makes her scared is that she wants to be with Landon, too.

Eric tells Landon that he has been changing because of Jamie and he does not even notice it. And that was when he started growing apart from his friends. Belinda, one of Landon’s friends and also his ex-lover, gets more jealous of Jamie that’s why she came up with the idea of editing Jamie’s picture and putting it in somebody else’s sexy body. They started giving out her printed photos to the entire school, which made Landon mad and furious, and that is when he ended his friendship with them because what they did was way over the line. Landon comforts Jamie because of what happened, and as he gives her a ride home when he told her that he wants to ask her out, but Jamie said that she was not allowed to date. Surprisingly, Landon had the courage to ask Jamie father, Reverend Sullivan, that he actually wants to take his daughter out on a serious date. At first, Reverend did not allow him with what he was asking of him, but Landon ended up talking about how he should have faith in him.

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As they spend time together, Landon become more curious about Jamie’s “to-do list”, and little did she know, later that night, he was planning about how to cross out some of the things in her list: being in two places at once and getting a tattoo. As time passes, Jamie tells his father that she loves Landon, but his father wants her to be fair with Landon before things get worse. Landon has really shown his effort towards Jamie, up to the point that he got to name a star after her. And with that, he still wants to know what’s number one on her list.

She later then confronts Landon that she is diagnosed with leukemia. After finding out about Jamie’s condition, Landon seeks help from his own father, who is a doctor, but he ends up being disappointed that he can’t help him. After the confrontation, she has not been seeing Landon, but he never gave up on her. As things are starting to get better again between the two of them, Jamie suddenly passed out and was immediately brought to the hospital. While Jamie was taking her time at the hospital, things between Landon and his friends started to go back to normal again. Later then, Landon learns that his father was the one who will pay for Jamie’s private home care so she would be admitted from the hospital.

As they were watching the shooting star using the giant telescope that Landon built for Jamie, he also asked her to marry him. They finally got married that summer. And four years later, Landon was catching up with the reverend about him getting into medical school. They were talking about how proud Jamie would be if only she was there. He was sorry that Jamie never got her miracle before she left, but little did he know that he was her miracle, as what the reverend told him.