Watching movies are a form of entertainment to people; it interests our mind and keeps us occupied. With the so many kinds of movies that came out through the years, not every single movie is something that everyone will enjoy, some could consider certain movies boring. However, if you’re in a cinema or watching with other people, you’ll look so disrespectful if you don’t at least try to enjoy it which is hard because your brain is just telling you to leave or sleep because you’re not having a good time. Now, it could be hard to act that you like it so here are steps that you can try if you find a movie boring but don’t want to seem insensitive.

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If you know ahead of time that you’ll be watching a boring movie but you can’t say no, you have to prepare yourself ahead of time, too. Make sure you had enough sleep the day before so that you won’t feel too sleepy during the movie which is disrespectful. Also, keep an open mind, the more you think that it’s a boring movie, you’ll actually think it’s a boring movie and you won’t give it a chance anymore, so open your mind as much as you can and think about the possibility that you might actually enjoy it. Just make sure you’re well rested and prepare your mind for this journey. Also, remember that you’re watching this for and/or with the person that you love or care for and maybe because of that reason you can try more since watching that movie could help you get to know them even more.


Even if what you’re about to watch is not a boring movie for you, snacks are always a must when watching a movie. But if you know that what you’re about to watch a boring movie, pile up on snacks and make sure you have enough to last ‘till the end of the movie so that you can just eat while everyone watches. Make sure, though, that you don’t make too much sound while eating because then you will also distract the other people that are watching. Buy snacks that you enjoy or snacks you’ve never tried before so that it’ll be like an entire experience and you can distract yourself with thinking about what you thought about that food. Don’t drink too much water or anything, though, because you will have to go to the bathroom often and that would also distract people. Just quietly eat and enjoy your food and who knows? It might give your mind the energy to try and take in the movie and you might actually enjoy it.


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If you’re losing your focus already, try to observe people around you that are watching and see how they react about it. The people that you went with and you’re enduring that movie for will surely enjoy that movie and by watching how their affected by that movie, you can get to know them even more. But if you don’t want to do that, you can just observe other people and maybe you can find something funny or interesting about it. Watching other people and how they react on things is actually interesting and you could even realize a lot of things. It could you think about how they just enjoy that movie and how you could enjoy it, too, if you tried.

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Whilst watching a movie and you’re losing interest, another thing that could get your focus back to the movie is connecting or relating to the characters or the situations that they’re facing. Think about if you’re somehow currently in that same situation, as well, or anyone around you. It’ll make you think about a lot of things and maybe the way the character reacted could help you in deciding about that certain dilemma that you’re facing, too. When people could relate to what they’re watching or reading, it makes them focus on whatever that is because they feel as though they’re just like the characters and wants to know how they react to it. Also, if the characters in the movie looks or acts like someone you know, it’ll make you want to watch more to see how same they were and you wouldn’t even notice but you’ve been watching attentively the entire time.


What I mean about this is when watching a movie and you see how the story unfolds or how the plot was like, you could think about what you would make happen if you were the one in-charge with the movie. You could make up scenarios in your head that you would change or add to make the movie more interesting or more into what you like. Doing this makes you focus on the movie because you’re trying to figure out how much you actually like it and what are the parts you didn’t. Also, it could be your topic with the person you watched with after the movie and trust me, they’d like that because they’d feel that you actually watched the movie and you were even thinking about it.


If you really can’t make yourself focus on the movie, the next best thing is to distract yourself. Think about the things you’ve been experiencing or things you needed to decide on because the mind can go on to so many places and with all that thinking, you won’t even realize it but you were actually able to finish that movie. There are many ways to distract yourself but just make sure that it won’t affect the other people who were watching and you weren’t distracting other people, as well. Although, try to make sure that you know about some of the scenes or that you looked like you were still watching because if you obviously looked like you weren’t paying attention, the person you went with would feel bad about bringing you and it might even lead to an argument or anything like that.

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No, don’t play games in the cinema or play games in your phone, what I mean is, play a game discreetly which means don’t be too obvious about it. You can try to count the number of times a character would do or say something or how many times this word would come up. It could be the littlest thing but if it’ll help you focus on that movie, and then do it. Just be quiet or try to hold your excitement the whole time because what if it was a very serious situation but you seemed so excitement, the people even the person you’re with would find it suspicious and would know that you were actually thinking about something else and not actually watching.

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Another way that you could do to force yourself to watch that boring movie is to think about the worst thing you could be doing right at that time. Make a list of the things the person you went with could be asking you to do with them that you wouldn’t like even more and how the only thing you’re doing at that moment is watch a movie, very comfortably, might I add. Also, think about the plans you were able to dodge because you went to watch that movie and that afterwards, you’ll even get to eat good food or do whatever you want to do that you would consider fun. You think you’re already in the worst situation ever but think about the other people who are enduring more than you, that’ll make you thankful and even guilty (which you shouldn’t) but still that could make you want to focus more.


Now, as no person is perfect, there is no movie that’s perfect, as well. There are errors and even the tiny ones which you could try looking for as a way of distracting yourself and focusing at the same time. You would be surprised how many tiny errors there actually were and it could be kind of fun, too, just don’t have too much fun because those are still errors that I’m sure the film makers are not exactly proud of. Another part of this is looking for anomalies or impossible things that happened in there that won’t exactly happen in real life. It could also make you look for the tiny details and you wouldn’t even notice and the movie is done.


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If you really can’t do anything about making yourself focus and watch the movie, don’t. Just focus on breathing and trying not to fall asleep. Focus on why you’re doing this is because you love that person, you want to be supportive and have a good time. If you can’t distract yourself, then don’t distract others, as well. Just stay in your seat, keep calm and remember that it’ll be over soon and when you look back on it, you’ll kind of be proud that you were able to finish it. Also, try to remember that you may not enjoy this movie but a whole lot of people do and that you’ll have to respect because the movies you enjoy might not be movies other people enjoy and you have to respect that, as well. Lastly, try not to exhale every now and then or make any noise out of boredom because nobody likes that, okay?

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If you can’t focus and you can’t do your best to keep quiet either, the last thing you could do is leave the cinema. You could go to the bathroom and wash up to wake you up or actually leave and just wait for the person you went with to finish the movie. Although, make sure you explain to the person you’re with properly so that there will be no hard feelings and that you really just can’t take it and don’t want to distract other people. Or you could make up an excuse like you need to call someone or anything like that so you have to leave for some time, though technically that’s lying and that’s not exactly nice. Just only do this as a last resort and as much as you can, don’t because it’s incredibly disrespectful and the person you went with were for sure expecting that you’ll enjoy it as much as he/she does or would at least try.

Movies are fun, over all but in the unfortunate event that you encounter a movie that you consider boring, you don’t exactly have to scream that to the world and maybe opening up your mind about it might help. I do hope, though, that you won’t be in a situation that you’ll need these but if you would, then I hope this would be helpful for you.