Have you ever watched an anime that only has one season? You wonder why it is so recommended by other people when it does not have another season; and yet you decided to watch it since it is anime. Afterwards you found out that it has an awesome plot and interesting characters that even you are begging for it to have another season? Well here is a list of anime shows that are deeply loved by people and yet, unfortunately, they do not have another season.

‘Horo Musuko’, also known as Wandering Son is an adapted anime from a Japanese manga that gained a lot of attention. The manga Japanese comic) was written and illustrated by Takako Shimura. Wandering Son had 15 volumes in its manga and 12 episodes for its anime. Because of its plot, with the themes: drama and slice of life, one would get interested in the turn of events. Wandering Son features two young students clumsily searching for who they really are. Shuichi Nitori, is depicted as a young boy who wants to dress up as a girl, and his friend, Yoshino Takatsuki, the tall boyish girl of the class. The story gets more interesting as the two young protagonists face their crisis in gender identity, puberty, school, and social standings. This anime will be a huge eye opener for other people to see through a trans person’s worries. Also, it is a fit anime for those teenagers who feel left out because of their gender identity crisis, this anime shows that they are not alone, and other people experience the same thing, the same worries about growing up and deciding what you want to be in the near future.


Usagi Drop is pronounced as Usagi Doroppu in Japanese, and its English translation is Bunny Drop. This anime is also a one seasoned anime that was adapted from a Josei (women’s comics, focusing on older teenage girls or young women) manga comics Usagi Drop. The manga was written and illustrated by Yumi Unita, having 1 full volume, and 11 episodes in the anime. This anime gathered some fans because of its themes: Drama and slice of life. It features the protagonists, Daikichi Kawachi, a 30 year old man who works hard but has no love life; and Rin Kaga, a six year old orphaned girl. These two met in Daikichi’s grandfather’s funeral, discovering that Rin Kaga is his grandfather’s illegitimate child with an unknown background. Treated as an outcast Rin Kaga, suffered to find her place in the family; seeing this, Daikichi decides to take care of the little girl and be her guardian. The anime progresses as the two characters experience the warmth of a family. Daikichi’s realization of how hard being a single parent is, and Rin’s adjustment to finally having someone she can trust in life. The anime has become so relatable because it shows how two people can become family and how they do their best for each other as they progress in life.


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Nichijou, or also known as, ‘Everyday’, is one anime that you should watch. The anime was adapted from the Japanese manga, Nichijou, which is illustrated and written by Keiichi Arawi. You might have heard or seen this from other lists featuring Comedy Animes but do note that Nichijou is unlike any other Comedy Animes since it features surreal humor. Nichijou revolves around a wide variety of characters, going on with their everyday life. Some of their activities may look surreal or unbelievable and that is what makes Nichijou unique and humorous! Fans have been begging for this anime to have a second season, but, unfortunately, it is only left with one season. The anime has gathered a lot of attention because it themes school life, slice of life, and of course, the comedy that sometimes makes people a bit confused. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy this anime because of its unwavering humor in each character’s story!


Hataraku Maou-sama! Is a great anime whose genre is comedy and fantasy. Its story revolves mainly around the demon king, Satan, and the hero, Emilia. After their furious fight, Satan and one of his followers, Alciel, tried to escape from the hero. As they both escape to regroup, Emilia tries to follow them into a portal, which leads to a different world from theirs. As Satan and Alciel realize that they have ported through a modern place with no magic at all, they decide first to survive.To survive in a modern world, they need to work, of course. One day, Satan, now called Sadao Maou, meets a girl named Emi Yusa. The said girl was the hero Emilia they tried to escape from. The story now continues as they work in the new world to survive.

Even though Hataraku Maou-sama is one of the most famous comedy, fantasy anime during its time, it only aired 13 episodes, which started on April 4, 2013 until June 27, 2013. Sadly, the 2nd season of this anime, up until now, still doesn’t exist. Probably, the last episode aired is just around the 26th chapter of its manga. The latest update in its light novel was just last August 7, 2020. It’s just a bit sad that the anime ended a bit early and that it did not continue to the next chapters of it’s manga version. Even though this anime doesn’t have any 2nd season, it is recommended for you to watch it if you want to watch something that is funny, at the same time something that contains action, fantasy, and magical powers.


Hyouka, which literally means frozen dessert, is one of the most popular anime that aired during 2012. Even though the title of the anime literally means frozen dessert, it does not involve things such as ice cream and such, rather, it is more on solving mysteries in their lives. Hyouka is a mystery anime whose story revolves around the “conserving energy” loving student, Hotaro Oreki, and his club members in Classic Literature Club, which are Satoshi Fukube, Eru Chitanda, and Mayaka Ibara. As the story continues, they solve different mysteries within their club which involves the older members of the club and their collection of works, Hyouka.

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Hyouka aired 22 episodes and an OVA during April 22, 2012 until September 16, 2012. Many fans really wanted to have a second season for this great anime. You might be thinking, what made this anime great? If you are a mystery enthusiast, this anime is suggested for you. As you watch each episode, you will become more observant if you have the urge to want to discover the mysteries on your own. The anime also has a great story overall. Even though its manga is still ongoing, this great anime was not blessed to have a 2nd season.


Nana has gotten a lot of fans for its unique, interesting plot. Nana might look boring at first impression but once you try to understand this anime, you will somehow get hooked on the story. Nana also came from a manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. Its manga has 21 volumes and 40 plus episodes for its manga. Nana features two female protagonists with the same name, Nana Komatsu, the town girl who went to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend plus she has a habit of falling in love at first sight, and Nana Oosaki, a punk styled ‘Nana’ who leads a band called BLAST (Black Stones). As the story progresses, it shows the bond formed by the two Nana’s and how they show their love and care for each other. Despite being very different, fate has decided for these two women to know and be a part of each other. This anime is so interesting because it shows how two people, despite having different perspectives, show that two people can still find harmony in each other.

As you watch these lists of anime shows, it is up to you to decide if you will stress out another season or you just accept reality that maybe, these anime’s are not really meant to have another season. AS you watch do remember to be in a well-lit room and sit far from the screen to prevent your eyes from being damaged.


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