Previously we wrote about the why is Bugatti so expensive and today we have got one hell of a feast to serve up to you. That is because we are going to discuss fine dining. First, let us be clear about the fine dining, it doesn't mean nice stylish bistros with a laid back atmosphere and where the prices are a little above the average for your neighbourhood, that is a casual dining restaurant maybe even a classy one but not fine dining. Fine dining is the seriously upmarket eateries for real connoisseurs with wallets to match their sophisticated taste buds. There is no exact price that qualifies it as fine dining but just to give you an idea, in the USA the cost of the fine dining meal will generally be above fifty dollars a person and probably closer to one-hundred dollars just for the food.

Once you factor in the wine or some cocktail, it will likely be double that if not more. Needless to say, you won't pay that kind of sum just for your daily intake of protein and vitamins, and while the food will taste great, there is more to fine dining than that it. It is about the whole dining experience in a way that's on another level from any casual dining restaurant, and we are going to discuss what that experience means as well as answering the big question. So here is the descriptive list of the reasons why fine dining is expensive.

The Kitchen Staff

We are talking about the highly skilled chefs who are capable of serving up food that is worth Michelin Stars, and they are going to work for peanuts definitely not after getting a degree from a prestigious culinary school and then doing years of training under well-known chefs. All to get to where they are today, and it is not just a higher salary for each chef; it is also the fact the restaurant will be paying more people to do the cooking. Fine dining is more complicated than casual dining ones which means you will need more staff to prepare the food. A head chef then a sous chef that is second in command, then a whole team of chefs working under them. And all of that means that for each plate of food served, the combine salaries of the people who have cooked it are going to be high.

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Preparation Time

Fine dining means that each item on the menu is more sophisticated, and more time went into preparing it. That could mean more ingredients and almost certainly a bigger number of food preparation processes from fine chopping to poaching, braising, sauteing, glazing, and expertly seasoning it at the end. Each of these is done by highly skilled hands with minute attention to detail and let us not forget the presentation. You might have seen those photos on Instagram of fancy food that amazes you with the intricate knife skills that went into it. Well, that level of presentation is expected in fine dining, and it adds up to the preparation time and the price too.

The Waiting Staff

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It is not just the kitchen staff who needs to be at the top of their game; the people who greet and serve the customers are going to have to be consummate pros too. The servers need impeccable people skills, etiquette and the knowledge of the food being served. That means being able to advise diners about everything on the menu without using notes. In other words, the highest-paid servers in the business. You will also need a maitre d that's the host who greets the diners, shows them to their seats and guides them through everything. And the fine dining experience is also about pairing food with wines or other drinks that match perfectly, and that is why you need a specialist in this field of knowledge, the sommelier or if it's the bigger restaurant a whole team of sommeliers.

The Cutlery, Tableware And Glassware

You are not going to serve the most exceptional food out of any old plates. The dishes and utensils, it comes with have to reflect the same quality often fine dining restaurants have tableware custom made to fit their look. All of this adds to the cost that owners have to invest, and of course, it all ends up on your bill. Compared to a casual dining restaurant, we are also talking about a larger number of utensils. When it comes to fancy eating, you will have separate knives and forks for salad, fish and meat. If it is your first-time fine dining, this can be a bit confusing, which means it is probably a good idea to brush up on your fine dining etiquette beforehand. Also, there will be separate glasses for water, red wine and white wine, and champagne flutes. True connoisseurs will also tell you that wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy should be served in separate types of glasses as well. For the restaurant to invest in all of these fancy items, it costs money, and it eventually works its way onto the check.

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The Interior Decor

Everything we have discussed has been about minute attention to detail, all aimed at making a unique and unforgettable experience and there is no reason this is going to be any different with the first thing you notice, the way the place looks which is why fine dining restaurants need some high-end decor. Typically the restaurant will have a signature look whether it is a minimalist with a focus on natural elements like wood and stone, the natural world with a focus on plants or the sea or recreating the opulence of years gone by with full linen service and a few chandeliers thrown in for good measures. All of this will be planned out by an experienced designer or architect, and a few original artworks will be expected too. So with all of this combined, we are talking some pretty steep upfront costs for the restaurant tour even before they have opened.