Are you one of those people who cant barely continue or start a day without drinking coffee? It's just hard to resist right? Our body seems to long for its taste and aroma. How many cups do you usually take in a day? Have you noticed some changes in your body? A coffee may have substances that may not be only beneficial but also dangerous to our body. As the statistics show, there are more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year. With that number, isnt it needed for us to know the important facts about coffee? Right now, how far is our knowledge about coffee? Or do we just drink it as what normal people do, without knowing anything about it except for its price? Well, there are a lot of things we should know.

Starting from morning, some people want to start their day with a good hot coffee. When we wake up, our energy isnt that high and basically, waking up from a deep and good sleep because of an appointment or that we need to go to work or school is really frustrating and can trigger our laziness. What do we need by then? We need something that may boost our energy and something that may push us to be motivated! A coffee is pretty popular all over the world. In many stressful events that is happening its always comforting and motivating to drink coffee. It might be because we just need a delicious food combination for breakfast or because we need to stay energetic to keep ourselves working. Usual events of when we drink coffee are when we need to be attentive, to focus in performing something and to have more energy and finish what we have to do. According to National Coffee Association in New York, in United States the average percentage Coffee Consumption of people ages from 18 to 24 years old rose from 34 to 48 percent and ages from 25 to 39 rose from 51 to 60 percent. Millennials nowadays take a high percentage of consumption of coffee. It can be of many reason. It might be because of the need of staying awake and mindful for finishing a work to be submitted with near due. Paper works really needs your full attention and good mental state. A coffee on the other hand, have the ability of helping us boost our energy and serves as a drug that can keep our brain to function continuously. If we are that easily to get tired or when we easily lose our focus to something, it is advisable to drink coffee.

Some Informations we need to know!

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A little History

Knowledge of the first use of coffee was known dated back on 15th century when someone discovered that a berry in a certain tree made the goats awake all night. The information was somehow have been told to a monastery who used that berry in a drink that made them awake and alert especially in their long hours of praying. The discovery of the energizing berries began to spread to many places, and until now which is a popular beverage in the world.

Composition of coffee and its effect

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A Coffee that we know right now basically came from many processes before we buy it in the market, it is a result of brewing ground coffee beans which are from the pits of coffee tree fruit. It's unique flavor that we are addicted of and its possible effects came from its compositions which are the Caffeine, Antioxidants and Diterpenes. Caffeine is a psycho active drug and is a mild central nervous system stimulant that is responsible for improving our alertness, performing any activities, attention and prevents us from tiredness. The increase in blood antioxidant level mainly the hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols that we can get in coffee helps the body to prevent oxidative stress that protects us from aging and getting diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Lastly, diterpenes which are derived from the oil in a coffee bean functions the raising of LDL cholesterol.

Why is coffee addicting?

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There are many types of coffee that is present right now. And the amount of caffeine depends on the types of coffee that is served. Some types of coffee are Brewed Coffee, Espresso, Instant Coffee, Decaf Coffee. An 8 ounce of brewed coffee contains 70140 mg of caffeine, expresso (11.75 ounce) contains 30 to 50 ml of caffeine and a small Espresso-Based Drinks contains an average of 63 mg of caffeine, one cup of instant coffee has 3090 mg and decaf coffee has 07 mg per cup. Caffeine as one of the chemical we may find in a coffee is the main addictive content that promotes many effects. As our body adapts to the changes that caffeine is introducing, our body slowly recognizes it and continuous or regular drinking of coffee may change the way our brain reacts to stimuli and the urge of drinking again becomes higher. With this we became dependent of coffee because our body longed for what it produces. In this point, like any other drugs, quitting would be hard for the person. We might want to stop but the cravings and other health symptoms might show that will make it harder for us to resist and noticing that we resumed drinking again. The World Health Organization recognizes it as clinical disorder in 2012. Although it is not the same with drugs like cocaine and amphetamines which unbalanced the reward system of our brain, it still releases dopamine that is responsible for feeling pleasure.

Good effects of Coffee

Coffee didnt become pretty popular without real benefits that it can give to people. Why do you think that the usage of coffee becomes so high? What can it really offer to us? In what aspects can drinking coffee helps us? We might not know but there are many benefits that a coffee can give.

It helps ease muscle pain by 48 percent with 2 cups of coffee. Higher percentage of coffee consumption for the ages 25 to 39 might mean that adults perform tasks that is energy consuming and that they are prone to drinking coffee to help them perform much better and relieve the pain.

There are people who can easily get diseases. Low immune system makes us prone to sickness. Drinking coffee lower our risks of having type 2 diabetes. Daily cup of coffee decreased our risk of having diabetes for about 9 percent. Compounds that can be found in roasted coffee lowers the risk of having Alzheimers disease. Another is it lowers the risk of having Parkinsons disease according to one research in Sweden. People consuming 3 to 5 cups of coffee are less likely to have the signs of heart disease. 4 cups of coffee can also lower the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis. It also reduces colorectal cancer risk by 26 percent with moderate drinking of coffee. A study concludes that the risk of having depression can be done also by drinking coffee.

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According to studies people who drinks coffee have a stronger DNA.

As we enjoy our food it is unavoidable somehow that we might get cavities but fortunately coffee can also help lower this risk. Brazil researchers found out that black coffee can kill the bacteria in our teeth and prevents cavities.

According to one research in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism drinking coffee helps in having greater bone density.

Did you know?

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What can we get in drinking too much coffee?
As we are so used in drinking coffee, we might get the habit of drinking too much or we might not notice it after all it's easy to buy anywhere. However, too much coffee is dangerous in our health. As it contains many chemicals, too much might result to bad health and mental conditions. The addictive substance that is present from coffee might give you headaches if you tried to stop after long addiction. Your body adapts to the chemicals you take and sudden stopping will make it hard for your body to function like before. Abusing drinking coffee can also result in problems in sleeping, feeling of vomiting, headaches, and tense in muscles. When we use too much energy when drinking coffee, we tend to long for the feeling it gives and stopping would make it hard to adapt to our normal behavior. Sleeping problems might result to more risk of having health problems. And deprivation doesnt only have an effect physically but mentally. Coffee are associated with some drugs that can emanate effects such as extreme alertness, agitation and being so anxious. Coffee can make our ulcer problem and heart burns worse. The dehydration that a coffee can discharge to our body can also cause skin problems. Our bodys absorption of calories can also be hindered by too much caffeine. It may lead eventually to having osteoporosis, especially to those who have much risk of the said disease.

How many cups of coffee can we consume or can our body take in a day?

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According to USDAs 2015 dietary guidelines, it is recommended that we consume 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day and is good for our overall health and decreases the risk of having diseases however, adding sugars and many flavoring isnt recommended. Having issues in our health shouldnt be ignored too

What are the wrong habits most people do in drinking coffee?
The effect of drinking too much coffee doesnt show immediately however it doesnt mean that it doesnt have bad effect. One wrong habit that we usually do is drinking coffee in the afternoon. Even if it is needed for work purposes, drinking in afternoon may cause insomnia when we sleep. It is also wrong to consume more than 5 cups of coffee a day. If we continuously drink coffee without precautions it might result to more serious health problem.

According to the book published by West Side Publishing called "The Book of Incredible Information", the industries of coffee globally earns for about 60 billion per year as it was the worlds second most valuable commodity exported by rich countries. We wouldnt be surprise as there are many coffee drinkers who exist all over the world. Buying coffee isnt also that hard as it is available anywhere. It might be on the market or to be more convenient, we can just go to coffee shops. In todays era, we can find many coffee shops with coffee in different flavors. It may be on Starbucks, which is really popular coffee shop in many places. Or we could order to any restaurants. As it is one of our favorite beverages it's almost available anywhere. However, we shouldnt forget to control our intake of coffee. Being responsible enough to how much we consume is a must. Drinking coffee might be part of our daily routine but always remember that we should drink responsibly! Lets take a sip in our coffee and enjoy the day!