From the iconic Hannah Montana to alias Miley Stewart to The Last Song’s Veronica Miller to LOL’s Lola Williams and to Black Mirror’s Ashley O, Miley Cyrus has always been known as a metamorphic, versatile artist who created a remarkable name in Hollywood and never fails to make an astounding and bold statement in whatever she ventures. Miley starred in various films and TV shows while dropping hits in the music industry, leaving her confidently daring personality and telling memorable stories through her songs. She can do it all and she can bare it all, no holding back.

Now, in 2020, she is back to bring a new era to the pop music train. Get ready to meet Miley Cyrus… again.

On August 14, 2020, 27 year-old Miley Cyrus has dropped fresh music with dreamy fusions of electro and discotheque-pop symphonies incorporated with retro-synth bops entitled “Midnight Sky”. It arrived with Miley’s glittery and candy-technicolored music video that she colorfully directed herself, after breaking her musical silence as she teased about it a few days before its release. Of course, inherent by the title, the song was released at midnight [when else would she release it?] on various streaming and social media platforms worldwide.

Featuring her brand-new, illustrious pixie mullet that is accented in her contemporary music aesthetic, Miley published her glimmering track as a foretaste of her full length EP titled She Is Miley Cyrus subsequent to her 2019 EP titled She Is Coming, which highlighted the striking lead single Mother's Daughter and some songs named D.R.E.A.M., Cattitude, and Party Up the Street that are created as collaborations with Ghostface Killah, Rupaul, Mike Will Made It, and Swae Lee.

Midnight sky, meanwhile, exudes Miley’s stylish ferocity as passionate liberty and empowerment reverberates through its enthralling, disco-tinged melodies. With a few glimpse of its music video, you can easily tell that Midnight Sky is an imaginative masterpiece that not only encompasses compelling bops and tunes but also conveys a narrative from a woman who was born to run without belonging to anyone and without needing love as validation.

Teaser and Pre-release
With the vivid hints of sparkly letters, glistening jewels, and luxury brands surrounded in illuminated neon with a dreamy audio that broods over the background and ends with the rise of opening beats, Miley teased the citizens of the internet, especially her Smilers, with snippets of Midnight Sky over Twitter and Instagram.

A series of tweets and Instagram posts were published by the popstar, initially with a clip from her 2007 Start All Over music video followed by a 15-second teaser that appears to be taken from a recording studio and is captioned with "TEASE." A photograph of her, Dua Lipa, and record producer Andrew Watt was also posted along with numerous cryptically amusing text messages that Miley texted to her fans. From there, tweets and media promotions, often containing bulks of sassy, bejeweled accessories and designer clothing plus enticingly intense visuals, were successively published, giving an interesting sneak peek of what music’s waiting for Miley’s fans and spectators.

Lyrics and Music

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Like the continuous, artistic metamorphosis of Miley’s music, Midnight Sky is an assembled with melodies of contemporary pop that is fused with rhythms of discotheque and retro-electronica tunes enthused from the genres of previous decades. It was festooned with funky pop beats arranged to compel you to dance to the beat while following the lyrics to go along with her singing.

Her bright, raw arena rock vocals throughout the song never failed to vaunt her incredible mezzo soprano range with singing styles and inspirations from female music icons including Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry. Belching in high notes and in sensational low registers were accomplished pleasantly as Miley crooned over her lyrics.

Conferring from the first few stanzas of the song lyrics, meanwhile, it is of no difficulty to imply that Midnight Sky is Miley’s conclusion from a love story that restrained her from obtaining the liberty and becoming the amazing woman that she always was, since day one. She undoubtedly expresses thoughts about her ex-husband, Liam, whom she had an on and off relationship with for a decade, and with references about her ex Kaitlynn Carter, whom she stirred headlines with.

But, Midnight Sky is not all about love. It is a declaration of freedom and assertion of the truth, given that Miley had been associated various controversies in her relationships, with the showcase of attitude amidst pleasing sonic.

Although the song was said to have started off and conceptualized as something different from how it turned out, Midnight Sky was co-written with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, record producer Andrew Watt, and Louis Bell, as according to a press release. It also marked a momentous note in her career she directed the music video herself, for the first time throughout her extensive career.

Music Video
Glamorously colorful and artistic while vibrantly reflecting Miley in her wild and splendid personality, firmly telling everyone she is the boss – this is Midnight Sky.
  • Pop-discotheque fever. Upon the first scenes in the music video, streams of colorful flashes, bright neon signs, glittering disco balls, studded accessories, and the sweetness of vibrant candy will greet your eyes. The lustrously vibrant production of Miley’s continuous reinvention with her music brought an eighties-themed audiovisual along with striking sights of her body and facial features, all screaming attitude and personality.

    Miley took the stage while juxtaposing in designer clothing that is embellished with bulks of bejeweled accessories, nonchalantly holding a microphone while she cheekily twists its cord. From there, she appears in different backgrounds accompanied with extravagant outfits, both modern and retro-inspired, as the video progresses.
  • Fabulously luxurious. From a sleek black, Chanel nylon bodysuit to a diamond-studded David Koma long leather gloves to a mustard Yves Saint Laurent halter blouse and glossy knee-boots to a purple Gucci sequin gown to a a crystal-encrusted Richard Quinn houndstooth blazer and flared trousers to a Chanel chain belt, you can’t hide the luxury in her outfits and accessories.

    With her edgy and modern pixie mullet hairstyle to a purple eyeshadow glam and bold red lipstick, Miley channeled her inner Hannah Montana done with a funky, stylish twist.

  • Illustrious backdrops. There’s no mistaking for what Miley is going for in her Midnight Sky vibe, and she executed and directed it creatively. There was a scene where she sang in a room full of mirrors, on a strobe-lighted stage decorated with neon signs, and of course, it wouldn’t be Miley if she wasn’t brazenly laid on a colorful pool of gum balls, Can’t Be Tamed style.

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    Also, who would forget about the setting where Miley stood in the middle of a vibrant, club-esque room festooned with neon drapes and with iridescent confetti falling from where glistening disco balls hung, all while being surrounding with technicolor statues of inflatable, jungle animals. It’s a party so nice and a treat for the eyes.

  • Dared to be bare. Like the beautiful and confident woman that she is, Miley laid seductively on a pool of colorful, gumball candies and rainbow sprinkles. Wearing nothing but a stylish belt paired with glittery, silver heels, she shifted from pose to pose, baring her luminous skin and flashing her alluring body that anyone can swoon over. There were also similar scenes where she also dared to be bare while being covered only with a Swarovski crystal-encrusted 80s style dogtooth jacket.

Throughout her career, even from the Hannah Montana era, Miley Cyrus released seven studio albums with 2 extended plays(EP) namely Meet Miley Cyrus (2007), Breakout (2008), The Time of Our Lives (2009), Can’t Be Tamed (2010), Bangerz (2013), Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015), She Is Coming EP (2019), and her last released full-length album entitled Younger Now (2017). After publishing She Is Coming last year, she then released the emotional ballad single entitled Slide Away, as well as the OST of the Charlie’s Angels movie entitled Don’t Call Me Angel, which was in collaboration with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey.
These albums and releases prove that Miley is a perpetually metamorphosing artist who is never afraid of change.

Midnight Sky, which was released via RCA Records, is another testament of Miley delving deeper into the disco-pop genre. The music and the video were conceptualized and written by Miley, with the help music producer and her creative partner, Andrew Watt. OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and Louis Bell also helped in co-writing the song that Miley felt as the foundation on which she can lay her story on.

As stated earlier, Miley published this glimmering groovy track as a foretaste before releasing her EP entitled She Is Miley Cyrus, following her 2019 EP titled She Is Coming. However, the reason why it seemed that the gap between She Is Coming EP which was publicized in the summer of 2019, two more EPs entitled “She Is Here” and “She Is Everything”, and the Midnight Sky releases were too long because of the vocal cord surgery that Miley went through. Also, controversial circumstances such as her separation from her now ex-husband Liam, and the unfortunate pandemic contributed for the album’s delay.

Nevertheless, Miley’s fans, which are dubbed as Smilers, are craving for a hopeful release on the She Is Miley Cyrus EP for an album’s worth of songs that we can all obsess and sing over into the new decade. Although Midnight Sky is indeed an appetizing release that give wistful reflections on Miley’s past songs, her formal jump back on the music train and the release date for the She is Miley Cyrus album is very much awaited.
Final Thoughts
I was born to run, she said. Well, Miley’s telling everyone, no stutters and hesitations, that she’s here and she’s the boss.

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Backtracking in the colorful years of Miley’s career in Hollywood and in the music industry, her journey has been fascinatingly crazy, full-packed, and absolutely remarkable. It is nowhere near normal nor simple because Miley, through her adventurous and brazen compositions, accompanied our memories and youth. As she went through her restraining growing pains, relatable heartbreak happenstances, and brave revelations, we also went through the same, significant phases.

But, as more years went by and as Miley gradually expressed her narrative to the world, her metamorphosis was harshly criticized. Whether through her dating arrangements, her choice of words, style of music, courageous clothing, sexuality, beliefs, morals, or even her provocative actions, people have continuously dragged her and retold stories that weren’t even her own. Until she had enough and she embraced the denunciations. Then, the people who truly listened to her witnessed how she evolved even more beautifully.

Fast forward to today, Miley became even more radiantly confident as she strives to declare what her heart finds acceptable and not, where her morals and values lie by launching corresponding programs and producing music that poetically conveys her sentiments.

Midnight Sky is Miley’s art canvas, where she could firmly narrate the thoughts and stories that she kept through the years, now without holding back. It is also a representation of her fearless creativity as she continues to explore new musical elements and venture genres, leaving iconic footsteps as she goes. Amidst the melodious lyrics and the aesthetic symphonies that surround the song, Midnight Sky is a reflection of her waking up – taking her head high up in the clouds while walking down the midnight road.

You can easily drown to the psychedelic, compelling beats that sway with such powerful voice that transport you to a neon fantasy dimension where you define the rules and the world you want to live in, without anyone standing on your way. Just like she did, Midnight Sky adds a colorful tune while you walk with your head held high, letting everyone know that you don’t need anyone’s validation in order to thrive nor let their whispers speak loudly to you. Let Miley take you to a cloud 9 adorned with kaleidoscope of colors, where you can feel good on your own.

Meet Miley Cyrus again while she’s just being Miley.