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Thread: How to prepare your travel bag?

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    Thumbs up How to prepare your travel bag?

    Planning an overnight trip for the weekend to refresh and breathe? Then start packing your must have for your travel so you will have a hassle free weekend getaway.
    Weekdays are work days which make us tired mentally and physically. Sometimes work needs to be brought at home which lessen the time we can rest which adds to the tiredness we feel. There are days that come where we like to just escape all the office work we have but we cannot because we might be up for penalties at work if we do not file a proper leave of absence.

    The best option to find the perfect time to have an escape or vacation is during our day offs. Usually weekends are the day offs we have and when holidays are a day before or after the weekend it is usually another day so long weekends happen. One way to enjoy our weekend getaways is to have everything we need during the trip with us because if we leave our swimwear back at home while we are on a beach it will be stressful and we will be forced to spend money to buy swimwear instead of using the money to buy souvenirs. This kind of situation will be prevented if we have properly packed our travel bag.
    Our travel bag is the bag we need to bring during our travel. It is best if we only bring one travel bag for our own convenience. One travel bag means only one bag will be checked in the baggage check-in counters and so it will save time. Your one travel bag will be easy to watch and so it lessens the chance to lose your belongings. One travel bag means it is easy to hold and bring anywhere then you will not worry about any lost luggage.

    We think that packing our travel bag is easy and does not need so much time but it actually does for you to be able to make sure you will not miss anything that you need. Most of the time the thought that it is easy to pack our travel bag brings us to have a lack of sleep before our travel day because we get surprised how time consuming it is to prepare our travel bag. Another possible situation is we become late with our airport schedule because we consume a lot of time to pack our things a few hours before the schedule instead of using that time to fight traffic on the way.

    What are the important things to consider before preparing your travel bag?

    1. Your travel destination
    Your destination is important to know for you should identify what kind of clothes you should bring. If your destination is a resort then you will pack your swimwear, towels and skin essentials but if it is somewhere cold then you will bring sweaters, gloves and caps to fight coldness. You have to know if the place you will go to has a list of banned things so that you will immediately check if you have them in your packing list and remove it to prevent any hassle.

    2. Your type of vacation
    Will you be staying in a hotel for a staycation? Or will you be doing island hopping in a beach resort? Or will you do hiking? You have to identify your type of trip so that you will be able to control the weight, size and type of travel bag which you will use. If you will do hiking that will surely consume hours of walking with your backpack on then it means you need your backpack to be lightweight as much as possible but complete content of what you will need during and after the hike.

    3. Your travel time

    Your hours of travel will influence your travel bag. This will affect the things you need to bring in your travel bag. If your travel time will be more than two hours and the type of transportation is not offering any food for you to buy then you have to bring packed foods and drinks too to make sure you will not starve during your travel. The packed food and drinks will add to the weight and content of the travel bag you will bring.

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    4. Your possible access to a laundry area

    Not all destinations mean that your area where you will stay has enough services. In fact some areas do not have working cell sites and wifi so most probably they do not offer laundry services too. It is important to know if there are laundry services available in your vacation place so that you will be able to have an option to lessen the clothes you have to bring because you can easily wash your pajamas and then use it the next night. Laundry services will benefit those who will stay for more than an overnight stay.

    How to prepare your travel bag?

    1. Do your research.
    Know what to expect in the place you are about to go so you can think of the things you should bring and you should not bring. The reviews given by the people who have experienced the place in its website will help you with your expectations. These reviews can say if there are a lot of insects in the place and they advise the next visitors like you to bring insect repellants so you will bring one to make sure your skin will not be bitten by any insect.

    2. Prepare a list.

    Spend time during at least a day or better if a few days to think and research about what you need to bring for your trip. This is the best step especially to those who are first time travellers and alone travellers in their trip because they will only rely on their own. Some can finish their list in one day but as days go you will have to think thoroughly about what you will bring or not so have the chance to add and subtract things.

    3. Choose your bag.
    Since it is best to bring one bag in your travel then you should choose what type of bag considering your needs and how you will be able to carry it. You should think about the bags size, weight, storage and extra space.

    Bag size

    If traveling by air then know about the airlines rules about the bags maximum dimension which they will allow for you to bring. Usually smaller bags can be easier to bring and will be more comfortable for your use. The smaller bags will also give you an option to put in overhead compartments or under your seat in the plane.

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    Bag weight

    Avoid bags which have bulky handles and wheels and prefer bags with a strap. More specifically it is better if you choose bags with hip belt and backpack straps. If your bag when empty is already heavy what more if you add things you will bring for your travel then you have to find a bag that is lightweight. Most bags which are lightweight are because of the materials used for it like if it is a bag made out of rip-stop nylon.

    Bag storage

    The more pockets then the more places to put your travel needs in your bag without needing any bag organizers because these pockets are a big help in keeping things organized. It is big yes if the bag you choose has pockets outside for it will help in giving access for your travel essentials such as candies to keep you awake and so you will not feel dizzy like you want to throw up. Having pockets outside the bag will be a way for you to stop yourself from digging inside the bag which means you have to unpack and then repack the things everytime you need anything inside.

    Bags extra storage

    If there are a lot of pockets then there is a big possibility that you can leave an extra storage for the souvenirs you can buy from your destination.

    4. Bring only what you need.
    Do not consider the just in case scenarios because it might just let you bring a lot of unnecessary things in your travel bag. Imagine if you thought you will need to bring heels to a resort just in case there will be an impromptu event. The impromptu event in your head will require you to wear formal attire but what if it will not happen then it will just be heavy and will eat space in your bag.

    Only think about what you need each day of your stay especially the items which will make your days in the trip improve. You need clothes to wear on your trip and the most advisable number of clothes set to bring is at least for three days. Do not forget your toiletries and your medical items especially if you have medicines for maintenance. In any chance that you still have some space try to bring a travel first aid kit. If you have power banks then it will be very beneficial for you to bring one so that you will not need to leave your phone charging inside your room alone. Bring empty plastic bags because this will be helpful to catch you if you will throw up while you travel or it will be to pack your dirty or wet clothes.

    5. Pack with a technique
    The way you put your clothes inside your travel bag will greatly affect how much space will be consumed. There are different packing methods available for you to try to be able to save space and have extra storage. One method will be the rolling method which means you will roll your clothes like a tight cylinder. The rolling method is one way of saving space and minimizing wrinkles in your clothes. The next method is the bundle method. The bundle method is done by wrapping the clothes around your other bag content such as your water jog or pair of shoes. In this way you can save space and also lessen wrinkles in clothes. You can mix up rolling and folding methods for your clothes.

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    6. Buy small sized travel essentials.

    In travelling using an airplane the airlines usually have a rule when it comes to bringing any liquid material inside. You can only bring 100 ml of liquids in your travel bag. Most liquids we bring aside from water or drinks we will drink during the trip are for our toiletries. There are available miniature sized toiletries which travellers can buy in the grocery which is fit for your travel.

    In case there are no available small sizes then you can buy big ones and then buy small containers which you can transfer a small amount of those toiletries such as shampoo, liquid body soap, lotions, alcohol and hair gels. You can also buy the solid type of these liquid toiletries then you will worry less about the airline rule about bringing liquids and you will not worry that any liquid will leak inside your bag in your clothes.

    7. Recheck your travel bag before you go.

    To make sure you brought everything you need for your trip then you might as well give some time to double check the content of your travel bag. Take a look back in the list you made so it will be easier to double check. Think again if everything inside your travel bag is necessary and will be helpful in your travel.

    You have the option not to recheck if you are confident enough that you followed instructions of your airline about the right weight of your travel bag so it will be allowed inside an airplane and if you are bringing liquids then it will not exceed the limit. Always remember to be able to travel safely, worryless and completely then bring what you all that you only need and essential for your life on your trip.

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