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Thread: 5 Top Rated Motorbikes Of The Century

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    Post 5 Top Rated Motorbikes Of The Century

    A motorbike is the big mechanical invention of the world. When it was newly launched for the first time, it was not that luxurious and beautiful that it is nowadays in different shapes and models with many imported parts. We can see that there are differently designed motorbikes that are used for different specific purposes. Every motorbike has not been designed to fulfill the same purpose. Some are specifically designed for racing purposes, some are designed to carry a lightweight on them and some are so unique and sensitive that they should be used for a single sitting.

    Motorbike lovers are everywhere in the world. Depending upon the level to afford it. There are many bikes ranging from low to high in prices. Simple and cheap motorbikes are also available everywhere in the market, and expensive, strong bikes with heavy engines are also available. It totally depends on the person or buyer who can afford which type of motorbike to fulfill his interest. Some factories or companies that are manufacturers of motorbikes, also offer you to give them a design of your own wish to manufacture a unique motorbike. These offers are usually given to the consumer to attract them and to make them a permanent customer of their company.

    Every motorbike gives a different experience to its rider, depending upon the quality of its speed, engine performance, sounds, accelerator, tires, seat, front backlights, mirrors, and also the fuel performance. These are some major factors that a bike lover keeps in his or her mind, While going to purchase a new one or second-hand motorbike. There are millions of bikes available in the markets. Many local, as well as global brand names, exist that are running industries and factories to manufacture the different motorbikes daily, and then they are being supplied all over the world. Lets have a look at five highly rated and beautiful motorbikes of this century.

    Harley Davidson WLA:

    Harley Davidson WLA is the motorbike that has been specially built for the US armed forces. This was designed and built during the second world war and this is totally different from the one that is designed for the civilians by Harley Davidson company. Bumpers are manufactured in a way that it should scatter the muddy battlefields. These motorbikes came up with knee guards and windshields to stop the spray from the sand and the pee. It also has blackout lights that are used when armed forces are traveling in the form of the convoy. A version of this motorbike is the best for the armed forces as it is specially designed for them.

    ****** Chief:

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    ****** Chief is another second and wonderful motorbike of the century. This bike was made by the best motorbike manufacturing company of India, that is named as Hendee Manufacturing Company. The company that manufactured this motorbike has the biggest ****** catalogs of bicycles too. There were two brothers, one was known as chief. Motorbike's name was set to his name and then recalled as a platform that was put into production as a brand name of motorbikes in India. It was later marked as a big brand and left a big mark as a brand, in the world of motorcycling.

    Triumph Bonneville:

    Another most popular and 3rd top-rated motorbike of the world is named as Triumph Bonneville. Motorbikes lovers with good taste are famous as Bonneville riders. This bike has given a wonderful riding experience to its riders and thats why it is the 3rd most loved motorbike in the world. This motorbike has awesome speed and its manufacturers had experimented with its speed recordings on every annual basis. It gave a wonderful result and it is also not very costly in its maintenance and was the big reason for this motorbike to become popular among many bike riders.

    Norton Commando:

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    The most top rated, being loved and fourth in number, the motorbike is named as Norton Commando. This amazing motorbike was introduced in 1967 and later it turned into the most popular mechanical invention all over the world. This motorbike won the award and stayed for the consecutive five years as the machine of the year. Such fame of the bike is enough to represent its importance and the riding experience it gives to the rider. This is also the most loved motorbike of the century.

    Vincent Black Shadow:

    One of the most iconic and the fifth top rated motorbike in the world is renowned as Vincent Black Shadow. This bike was introduced in 1955 and it is famous as the black shadow of Vincent among its riding lovers. This bike can give you 190mph and has a 998cc tank to give an excellent riding experience to the rider. It was declared the fastest and brilliantly modified motorbike of the 1950s. It has amazing brakes with a brilliant performance. It can stay durable for a very long time along with all its features. It is also the most loved bike of the century, Although there are few more above it, its importance can also never be denied.

    Moto Guzzi Le Mans:

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    Last but not least amazing bike of the century is Lemans moto Guzzi. This motorbike is the finest and glowing black colored bike. It gives the efficiency of fuel and can give twenty-four hours the best riding experience to its riders, The big reason behind its fame. This was used by big racers to enjoy the wonderful experience of the south long drive. This bike looks likes sports bike through its design and one of the most reliable motorbike of the century which has ever made.

    In short, motorbikes that are discussed above are the five top rated bikes of the century. They are very fast motorbikes with great user experience of engine sound, fuel efficiency, durable tyres, lights and all other parts. Many motorbikes lovers also import these types of bikes to their country. These bikes are also very high in price. There are many other best motorbikes in the world but the five discussed above are the most top rated in the world with amazing features.

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