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Thread: A review on vivo v9

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    Default A review on vivo v9

    it has good camera of 16M+ 5Mp in f/2.0. Super performance it has taking the ability to high quality videos and photos and it has flashlight that is very good for taking the photos at comes with face detection autofocus HDR PANORAMA. flash light LED.


    it has capacitive touch screen and having 16 M has good resolution power and good pixel density of 440 is good and suitable for playing games. It has good performance about Internet browsing and gaming because it has good quality of Ram and memory. 2G 3G 4G Mein and great kind of performance report 64GB and 6 GB RAM. It has having the latest android operating system of 8 pie. It has having the nonrenewable removable battery and having the in Announced in 2018.

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    It is having two colour and it does not have infrared and it has no any temperature sensor and it does not have Corning Gorilla Glass for protection of screen and it is not good phone as well as according to the demand of the customer and it has no any kind of NFC feature and not waterproof.

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    This post is sponsored by a content payout program available to anyone to participate.
    Vivo company, which sponsors the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Unsurprisingly, the company calls its recently launched V9 smartphone the "official 2018 FIFA World Cup smartphone". Featuring a large FullView screen that occupies 90% of the front surface area, this mobile device is packed with smart functions supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which is responsible for various aspects of the smartphone, from smart photo functions to sound settings.

    Appearance and usability
    The body of the Vivo V9 is hidden, though neat: it's a thin plastic trough that gently embraces the main pride of the smartphone: the large, bezel-less display. There are no metal parts here, the body is one piece, so there is no need to make inserts and grooves to take out the antenna. True, for decoration, a likeness of such curly grooves is made, but this is only an imitation. The case is completely matte and very thin by modern standards. This feeling is particularly emphasized by the very tapered and almost sharp side edges. Perhaps, this is an exaggeration, a smartphone with such a thin side is no longer held securely in the palm of your hand.

    No complaints about the quality of materials and assembly - everything is clearly adjusted, does not creak when compressed, monolithic body. The matte surface of the case is not very slippery, but still, the smartphone receives a high-quality, practical case in the kit, which doesn't spoil the look and protects the device from bad influences. The camera module on the back is slightly protruding, but the smartphone doesn't shake when you touch the screen, as it sits steadily on a hard surface. The camera is on the rear of the dual body, next to which you can find a single LED flash which is not very bright.

    The fingerprint scanner pad is conveniently located under the index finger, easy to find by touch, stands out well. No complaints about scanner work, it works fine, without any errors in recognition.

    The front panel accepts an LED event indicator, which is good news. Not at all happy, however, that she also received the famous "bangs" (aka "monobrow") - not the best of a copied Apple iPhone X design. Below the screen, there are no touch-sensitive hardware buttons; a very narrow empty space was left here. The side button is usually installed on one side of the side. There are no complaints about the button itself: size, rigidity - everything fits. The card slot is not hybrid, but triple: you can install two Nano-SIM cards and one memory card in it at once. The device will automatically reboot when inserting and replacing the card.

    Nothing at all on the top end, not even an additional microphone in sight anywhere odd. A retro-style interface connector set is arranged on the lower end: the USB port is represented by a Micro-USB connector, but the usual 3.5mm audio-out for headphones is preserved. The main speaker and spoken microphone are brought here too, on the lower end.

    The Vivo V9 goes on sale in two colors: pearl black and gold. The front panels in both cases remain black, but there's something else to be curious about here: the gold version has a matte front panel, while the black one is unexpectedly shiny. As a result, the black version has a casing that is easier to dirty, fingerprints look better than matte gold ones. The smartphone does not receive moisture protection.

    Vivo V9 is equipped with an IPS screen with a 2.5D protective glass. The screen dimensions are approximately 68 x 144 mm, the diagonal is 6.3 inches. The resolution is 2280 x 1080 (19: 9 aspect ratio), so the dot density is around 405 ppi.

    The width of the frame around the screen, taking into account the convex side of the body itself, is about 3 mm on the side, the groove from below is about 7 mm, and from above - only 3 mm (including the "bangs" - 8 mm). The screen occupies 90% of the front surface. The display brightness can be adjusted manually or using automatic settings based on the operation of the ambient light sensor.

    As the front camera, Vivo V9 uses a module that has received a sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels and a lens with an aperture of f / 2.0. HDR hardware captures a wide range of brightness for an image, which is why, regardless of the level of exposure, in sunlight or in the shade, the image becomes more detailed, more vibrant, with an expanded color gamut. Vivo V9 shoots with the front camera very well, it also provides quite good quality indoors.

    An AI-based program called Face Beauty detects the gender, age, skin tone and texture of people in photos, as well as lighting conditions, then uses this information to enhance selfies. In addition, the program remembers the settings the smartphone owner uses to automatically apply them whenever he takes a picture. There is an automatic option that adjusts the increment settings independently, and the results are still considered acceptable, but the maximally rotated "increment" does something unimaginable to faces.

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    The presence of two cameras on the back of the smartphone makes it possible to shoot in great detail, and it also allows you to achieve a bokeh effect by focusing on the main subject in the frame. Vivo's AI developments include: AI Face Beauty, AI Selfie Lighting (adapting to lighting conditions when shooting with the front camera), and AR Stickers - augmented reality stickers (basically funny masks). The bokeh effect here is also created by the special AI Bokeh technology.

    The camera menu is the same as the one on the Oppo F7: it is completely different from what you see on most Android smartphones, but it is similar to the iPhone camera menu: selection is made by scrolling under the viewfinder screen. There is no standard option for saving images in RAW.

    The camera is very good in terms of image quality, all in terms of the level of detail and color reproduction, the white balance is automatically adjusted accordingly. Claims can only be made about brightness: all images appear dark. But if you rely on post-processing, this is even more precise. At the same time, you need to keep an eye on the camera: sometimes, for unknown reasons, almost half of the frame may become blurry. No particular complaints about sharpness, it feels lower just at the corners of the frame, but the best shots are obtained with a firm grip, you can't get good shots on the go.

    The camera can record videos at the maximum 4K resolution, but even at 1080p it's limited to 30 fps. No optical stabilization. In general, the video is good, the sharpness is normal, the details are satisfactory, but the color rendition is unnatural, the image is too saturated. Sound is recorded cleanly, with no visible distortion.

    Telephone and communications department
    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 chip includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon X9 LTE ​​modem with LTE Cat.7 / Cat.13 support, which is capable of uploading / downloading at speeds of 300/150 Mbps. Smartphones, depending on the region, can support six LTE FDD frequency bands, including the three used in Russia (Band 3, 7, 20). Within the city limits of the Moscow region, the device behaves confidently, the quality of signal reception on the wireless network does not raise any objections.

    Both Wi-Fi bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) are supported, as well as Bluetooth 4.2, but there's no NFC module, which is frankly sad for the not-so-cheap smartphone price.

    The navigation module works with GPS (with A-GPS), with domestic Glonass and with Chinese Beidou. The first satellite during a cold start is detected quickly, within the first minute. They did not forget to attach a magnetic compass, which is necessary for the navigation program.

    Software and multimedia
    As a software platform, Vivo V9 uses the Android 8.1 OS with its own FuntouchOS shell - it's almost the same as Oppo's ColorOS. It is possible to renew over the air (OTA). The interface of both shells is odd, obviously trying to emulate iOS, but following in the footsteps of the Chinese love of all kinds of manual adjustments of all. So, while there are some atypical moments for standard Android, like the quick access curtain that doesn't slide from above, but from below, in general everything is pragmatic in Chinese. There are gestures, virtual multi-function buttons on the screen, and a wide variety of settings.

    Facial recognition has been implemented, and it functions quite clearly and quickly. By the way, it is surprising that this program is also able to distinguish unauthorized access attempts by tracking the light reflected by the surface and slight facial expression movements to protect the smartphone from unlocking using photos or videos.

    The developers themselves talk about the existence of an artificial intelligence element in everything: AI Attention Sensing, for example, is determining user activity to properly adjust sound and brightness, and the AI ​​Smart Engine is a smart reallocation of resources for quick response and saves battery.

    Vivo V9 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 SoC (MSM8953Pro) as its hardware platform. This 14nm SoC is configured with an eight-core processor and an ARM Cortex-A53 core clocked at 2.2GHz. Responsible for graphics processing is the Adreno 506 video accelerator, which operates at 650 MHz. 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal flash memory. Of these, about 51 GB are free. It is possible to increase the memory by installing a microSD card, but the system does not offer to install applications on the memory card. You can also connect an external flash drive in USB OTG mode.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 is an enhanced version of Snapdragon 625, introduced in October 2016, which has improved overall performance and lower power consumption thanks to 14nm process technology. According to the developer, the overall performance of Snapdragon 626 is roughly 10% higher than that of Snapdragon 625.

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    Battery life
    The non-removable battery installed in the Vivo V9 has a capacity of 3260 mAh. This is not small, but also not very much. However, even with such a battery, the hero of the review shows an impressive level of autonomy in all certain operating scenarios. In real life, the device behaves the same way as most modern smartphones: it confidently fills up to charge at night, but you can't count on more.

    Tests have traditionally been carried out at typical power consumption levels without the use of power-saving features.

    Spoiler Spoiler:
    Spesification vivo v9


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    Advantages vivo v9
    • Better Performance in Its Class
    • Camera Still Champion
    • Battery Life Is Good Enough
    • Dual 4G
    • Triple Slot (2 slots for SIM cards and 1 slot for microSD)
    Disadvantages vivo v9
    • Using a plastic body
    • No Screen Protector
    • No NFC yet

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