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Thread: Drama Recommendation: "Save Me" Starring "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" Leading Star, Seo Ye Ji

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    Default Drama Recommendation: "Save Me" Starring "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" Leading Star, Seo Ye Ji

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    Retrieved from: Netflix

    If you still can't move on from It's Okay To Not Be Okay because of your not so ordinary female lead actress, Seo Ye Ji's superb acting prowess, I recommend you watch her another drama, Save Me. It may not be a romantic themed drama where you get all the chills of the characters' love story, but this is a webtoon based thriller drama that will sure offer you more than what you expect from it. Seo Ye Ji will prove you more that she is really an Oscar-worthy actress.

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    Retrieved from: kdramacache

    Story Plot:
    The story revolves around four young men who try to save one woman. One night their car bumped into a service van and Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) was inside of it. She whispered the words "save me" to one of the four men. Sang Mi was a part of a religious cult group. Sequence of horrifying events then followed them as the mission to save her began.

    Sang Mi's Family:
    Seo Ye Ji as Im Sang Mi
    Jang Yoo Sang as her older brother Im Sang Jin
    Jung Hae Kyun as her father Im Joo Ho
    Yun Yoo Sun as her mother Kim Bo Eun

    The Four Young Men:
    Ok Taecyeon as Han Sang Hwan

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    Woo Do Hwan as Sok Dong Cheol
    Lee David as Woo Jung Hoon
    Ha Hoe Jung as Choi Man Hee

    The Leaders of Religious Cult Group
    Cho Seong Ha as Spiritual Father Baek Jung Ki
    Park Ji Young as Apostle Kang Eun Sil
    Jo Jae Yun as Apostle Jo Wan Tae

    Sang Mi's family moved to a new town, Muji-gun, when her father failed his business in Seoul. It was a rainy night, along their way to the town, the tire of their car blew out. Four young men who were passing by the road helped them and told them the way to their destination. When Sang Mi's family had finally moved to their new home, the people of Goseonwon warmly welcomed them.

    A religious group was always the talk of the town and their family was introduced to the group. One day, the Spiritual Father visited Sang Mi's family to pray over them, especially her brother who once experienced bullying in his old school. Sang Mi felt something was wrong from the moment the Spiritual Father touched her leg while praying for her. Apostle Kang and Apostle Jo offered the two kids to work as volunteers.

    Sang Mi and Sang Jin started studying in their new school. However, it was not a fresh new start for both of them. As the school days went by, Sang Jin was getting mercilessly bullied and assaulted by other students. Sang Mi came to his rescue and Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol also came to help them. Another day passed by and Sang Jin was yet again bullied. Sang Mi asked for Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan's help, but only Dong Cheol went after her. Sang Mi then again came to his brother's rescue as what she had always been doing, but Sang Jin, having to repeatedly experience such nightmares, decided to take his own life and jumped off the building in front of Sang Mi. Sang Hwan who came late saw Sang Mi crying for his help.

    The bullies managed to get away with their crime because of their family's power. Dong Cheol got arrested for being involved with Sang Jin's death. Sang Hwan asked for his father's help, but his father told him to keep quiet as the incident would affect his upcoming election. Sang Mi almost went crazy over the death of her brother, but her mother went insane quicker than her. Her father, who couldn't think of anything else to do to fix his wife, asked for help. Apostle Kang and Apostle Jo came to their house to pray for them. The people from Goseonwon were very considerate of them and Sang Mi's father fell for the preaching of the cult group. Sang Mi tried her best to make her father realize the truth about the cult, but she ended up being trapped. She lived with the people of Goseonwon even after three years.

    While after those years, Sang Hwan and his friends, Jung Hoon and Man Hee met again. One night, they happened to bump into the van where Sang Mi was in. Sang Mi saw Sang Hwan and whispered, "Save me" to him. Sang Hwan recognized Sang Mi and decided to make it up to her for the wrong he did in the past.

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    Sang Mi couldn't bear with the pain anymore and decided to escape with a young boy named Jeong Gu. As they escaped the town, Apostle Jo and his men followed them and caught them along a railroad near the forest. Sang Mi and Jeong Gu were at the different sides of the railroad. Sang Mi warned Jeong Gu to not take a step towards her as a train was about to pass by. But Jeong Gu did not listen and was hit by the fast passing train. Sang Mi witnessed another death and went insane for a few minutes, whispering, "Hide. Hide carefully."

    Dong Cheol was finally released after serving three years from prison. Sang Hwan thought that Sang Mi really needed his help and this time he was determined to save her. Sang Mi's father locked her up into a new house and looked after her day and night to make sure she couldn't escape the place. Sang Hwan's team tried to get inside their house and talked to her through the window, asking if she really wanted them to help her. When Sang Mi replied that it was true, Sang Hwan told her to wait for them to help her. Dong Cheol started working at the night club and there he met some familiar faces from the past.

    The Spiritual Father chose Sang Mi as the Spiritual Mother. Her father, who was completely brainwashed by the cult's preaching, agreed with it and even thought it was a blessing for her daughter to be the chosen one. Sang Mi broke a glass and tried to kill herself in front of everyone as a refusal to their offer, but the Spiritual Father threatened her that her mother, who still wasn't well, would be in more danger if she insists to refuse. Sang Hwan started his mission by meeting with Dong Cheol and making it up to him, but Dong Cheol was still mad about what happened to him because of Sang Hwan's father, so he refused to help them.

    Sang Mi once again reached out to Sang Hwan for help regarding her current matter. Sang Hwan who was very determined to make it up to Sang Mi agreed to finally start his mission on helping her. He didn't want to run away like what he did three years ago. They broke into Sang Mi's house and helped her escape. They brought her into a friend's house to keep her safe from the ones who tried to trap her forever. Then they went with Sang Mj to a police station to report her case and asked for an investigation. The police remembered seeing Sang Mi one time with her father and Apostles Kang and Jo. He did not help them when Sang Mi's father reported that she was kidnapped by the three men.

    However, Kang Soo, a detective, was intrigued about the cult group. He asked Dong Cheol for help. Sang Mi told the three that she will go back to Goseonwom with her own will. It was a part of her plan to get her mother out of that place too. When the three men's first attempt to save Sang Mi failed, Dong Cheol finally decided to take part in the mission and offered a different strategy to help Sang Mi. When she was back at the cult, Sang Mi witnessed the true colors of Spiritual Father. He tried to rape her but she stopped it by agreeing to be the Spiritual Mother.

    Spiritual Father then prepared to welcome Sang Mi as the Spiritual Mother. Everyone at Goseonwon also prepared for the upcoming wedding ceremony. Dong Cheol pretended to be interested in the volunteer work of the church and joined them along with other youth. He there met So Rin, a n undercover journalist who was pretending to be a believer to get information about the cult group. The day of the wedding ceremony was fast approaching, the gang prepared to save Sang Mi at once.

    Meanwhile, Goseonwon revealed it's true colors. A dead body was found near the forest where the church was built. Detectives and the police found it suspicious. The gang tried to expose the secrets of Goseonwon and they found a lead. Sang Mi on the other hand was asking the apostles why was she the chosen one.

    The Spiritual yet again revealed his true colors in front of everyone. He made them believe he was the Son of God by showing them her hand was burning on fire but he didn't get hurt. Apostle Kang found it suspicious. Sang Hwan sought help from the police and he went to Detective Kang Soo. Dong Cheol and So Rin continued to stay inside the church to help Sang Mi. Sang Mi began to see hope and played along with everyone to succeed with their plan. However, Apostle Jo discovered the internet broadcast.

    Sang Hwan with his team and the police sneaked into the forest. As part of the plan, Dong Cheol made a scene to conviced everyone in church that he was a true believer like them. He told them he saved the Spiritual Mother from being kidnapped by other people. Apostle Kang and Apostle Jo fell into a heated aruguement because of everything that was happening ever since Sang Mi was chosen as the Spiritual Mother. Apostle Kang decided to expose the demons that were hiding behind Goseonwon.

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    Sang Hwan sensed that something wrong might be going on inside because it took too long for So Rin to show up according to their plan. Dong Cheol started to be suspicious of Apostle Jo. He thought the Apostle might be playing with them although he already knew about their plan. In order to save Sang Mi, Sang Hwan cornered his own politician dad. The Spiritual Father and his dad were actually teaming up.

    Sang Mi's mother finally healed with the help of So Rin. She watched her from time to time so she wouldn't take the medicines the Apostles were giving her to keep her crazy. The day of the wedding ceremony finally began. Dong Cheol and So Rin prepared their roles for the plan. Sang Hwan and his team along with the detectives and police began to execute their plan. Sang Mi's mother also went to her to help her, but everything got out of hand. The Spiritual Father threatened Sang Mi's mother, Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol that he would kill Sang Mi.

    Apostle Kang went to the Spiritual Father's room with a plan of burning the entire place and start anew. Spiritual Father went inside with Sang Mi. Apostle Kang then poured a gallon of gas. Spiritual Father let go of Sang Mi to stop the apostle. Sang Mi then pulled a scissor hidden under her dress and stabbed the Spiritual Father on the neck. Apostle Kang went away on her own. Sang Mi picked uo the lighter and was about to burn the pastor. Sang Hwan came to stoo her and reminded her of her dreams. He told her she didn't want to end up a murderer. She wanted to leave thay horrible place and walked outside the real world waiting for her. The pastor got up and accidentally burned himdelf with the candles and gas. The wooden cross in his room fell on him. Sang Mi and Sang Hwan went away.

    The battle has finally ended. Sang Mi and her mother were saved. Her father ended up in jail with the other believers and apostles. Apostle Kang managed to escape on her own and built another cult group, claiming herself as the new Spiritual Mother and encouraging people to join her. Sang Mi and her mother started anew and left the town. Sang Mi visited the four young men who saved her and thanked them before leaving. For the first time, they saw her genuinely smiled.
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