If you're someone who spends a lot of time streaming and watching your favorite anime, shows, or series online, then you've probably heard about this very famous and popular streaming platform. For those of you who don't know, Netflix is an online streaming platform founded by businessmen Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 headquartered in Los Gatos, California. By April 2020, the platform has over 193 million subscriptions worldwide, however by the word subscription, it means that this streaming platform's library of entertainment doesn't come for free. To be able to watch the compilation and variety of shows offered by the app, you have to pay for a subscription plan. Although you have to pay for it, it surely is worth every penny. If it was not, I don't think 193 million people would sign up for its service don't you think? I personally think that it's worth it for I've been using it for a long time now. Let's now jump into what Netflix can offer.

Netflix offers a wide variety of shows. It can range from every genre you could ever think about, horror, comedies, dramas, thriller to even animes and k-dramas ranging from the old ones we grew up watching, to even the latest ones the producers have built, and this without the hassle of too much buffering for it scrubs the net at a high rate of bandwidth so it will not interrupt the streaming of your favorite series and shows. Netflix also offers shows that are produced by companies like Fox just like this very superb series "Prison Break". It also has wide sets of privacy and policy, especially if you're paying through your cards, this will help you big time to keep your account safe and free from who might try to access your resources. The tools in their site or app are also easy to navigate making it handy for the ones who aren't used with how the technology works, this can be our parents, grandparents, and our kids! Yes, you can customize the profile's restriction to "Kids" so your kids can use it without you thinking too much in what type shows they might get their hands on. Their customer service is also very responsive to assess you in whatever you might ask. Now, that is too much of an introduction, if you're here you probably have your hands on a Netflix account right now and might be looking for a good Netflix show to spend your time to. Well, I got you! Today, I'm gonna be dropping in my list of Netflix series that totally blew my mind out of existence! Let's get right into it

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This series might sound familiar to some of us, especially to those bookworms out there who are a fan of supernatural, fantasy, and thriller genres. As you might've guessed, is derived from the ever-popular book series, "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. The story follows the character of Clary Fray and the super-natural world she lives in. It all started when Clary Turned 18. Everything was starting out in a great way. She was accepted in the Brooklyn Academy of Arts for arts was her passion since she was a kid. It was Clary's dream school so when she got the word that she got accepted, she celebrated this wholesome achievement with her friend Simon Lewis. This is when he saw a group of people that has weird markings on their skins only she can see them. With her being intrigued, he followed these people and accidentally saw getting into a fight, Clary interfered causing her to stab someone with a blade, leading here to believe that she had just killed someone. She immediately grabbed a ride home this is where her mother revealed a secret she's been keeping from Clary. It turns out that her mother is actually part of the group of people she just saw, her mother is also a shadow hunter but someone is after her and Clary, the main antagonist of the story, Valentine Morgenstern. She posses an instrument vital for Valentine to carry out his evil plans and she's protecting it with dear life. In order for her to keep Clarry safe, she decided to keep this a secret until Clary turned 18. This will eventually carry ours with various plot twists along the series making it one of the best I've actually watched that made me lost my sanity for a moment when I finished it. Great series overall!

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This is a Korean Drama series featured on Netflix with 16 Episodes. If I am to rate this series out of 10, I'll give it a nine. Starring Ji Chang-Wook (JCW) and Park Min-Young. "Healer" is an alias and works illegally as a night courier with outstanding fighting skills. He fell for a female reporter (Park Min-young) with whom he was asked and paid to protect by Yoo Ji-Tae, a reporter, who is the key to unleashing the greatest and deepest secret in the past. "Healer" fell in love with Park Min-young however, they found out they are connected and are good friends fighting for democracy in South Korea. When they found out about the story in the past, they joined forces to reveal the truth about their lives. The truth was very hurtful but they were fated to be with one another.

The Original Sound Track of this series is Eternal Love by Michael learns to Rock. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of how a person should accept fate and live life to the fullest with the person you love regardless of what happened in the past.

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You might be wondering why I scored it 9 and why can't I give 10, it's because there was a minor part of the story which made me sad. It turned out that Park Min-young's mother was still alive but it was not highlighted that much. It could have been more satisfying if they had shown more scenes of the Healer spending time with the woman she loves and her mother who had been longing to be with her daughter but overall, it is a great series and I recommend this to everyone.

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This series shows and explains what Family. This series started in 2009 and ended just this April 2020 and it has 11 seasons so can you imagine. I Have seen the cast started so young and on the last episodes of season 11, the kids were all grown up and matured and the adults just aged a little bit but they were all still gorgeous. I watched this series for almost a month but it makes me feel watch for more. It shows how a modern family love, fight, argue, reconcile, laugh, cry, and a lot more. It portraits a picture of a great relationship between the family members in a modern way and how they accept and respect each other even the children. This series also teaches us about equality and that the connection between family members is not limited to those with the same blood type running through their veins. It proves that friends can be a family too and an adopted child can be a real family too. Overall, this is a must-see series and I recommend this to everyone especially to those who are seeking answers to their questions on how to strengthen the relationship with your family.

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Now this almost everybody has heard about. The Witcher, a series produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, is based on the book of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski, which had a game adaptation before the live-action series was released earlier on 2019. This series was cast on by Henry Cavill, he was also the who acted as Superman in its stand-alone film, and as Superman on Justice League. He played as the main character of the story namely Geralt Of Rivia. It turns out that Henry Cavill also read and plays the game which made him a great pick for the role because he already had the knowledge about how he should play it beforehand. Going back, the story revolves around the destiny placed around Geralt of Rivia and Princess Ciri. This will follow their individual paths just before they meet but everything before that is simply amazing. They use a very mind-blowing concept to narrate what they had to go through just to meet each other. This series is so the top of the line that it'll make your head spin while figuring out what's happening in the series.