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A Filipino movie love story starring Paolo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi. Through Night and Day was Originally released on November 14, 2018, at theaters and it was directed by Veronica Velasco. It didn't go well at the box office and Alessandra de Rossi admitted that she was disappointed by the outcome because she really believes that it was a good film. She even shaved her head for the role. But she said that maybe the reason why the film didn't perform well before is that they don't have enough time to promote their film and for some other reasons.

The film became popular after it was released again after two years at Netflix this July 9, 2020. It became a number one trend for just a short period and many Filipino people expressed their thoughts and emotions after. They showed their gratitude for making such a beautiful touching story during this pandemic.


The story is about between an engaged couple. Alessandra de Rossi as Jeniffer and Paolo Contis as Ben. They are dating for 13 years and finally decided to settle. One day, Ben gave a gift to Jen which is a trip to Iceland. The dream country of Jen and that's where their love for each other got tested.


Alessandra de Rossi- Jeniffer "Jen"
Paolo Contis- Ben
Joey Marquez- Dad (Father of Jen)
Cheska Inigo- Mother of Ben.
Kathleen Paton- Abi


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Filipino Movies, Comedies, Dramas, Romantic Movies, Romantic Dramas, and Romantic Comedies.

The story started when Ben finally proposed to Jen at the Bar. It was honestly a funny scene. Jen said yes to the proposal of Ben but she wanted to put the ring on her middle finger because that's the only finger that she have a good manicure. Anyway, she said that she's gonna put it on the ring finger after she has done a good manicure on it.

The two are hilarious. You can say that they are really happy and will never get bored with each other. But despite their sweet relationship. They still haven't done it. The sex and even intimate kisses. Because Jen is a Christian and she believes that they should have done it after their wedding. She's quite a preservative woman which honestly so amazing of her.
On the other hand, Ben is the complete opposite of her. He's quite playful yet he learned to control his dirty thoughts to turn it into actions because of his love for Jen. Which is not easy for him he admitted it himself. He asked Jen about going with him in New York but Jen said she is going to think about it. Because she wanted to finish her bar exam even though she failed it last time already. Ben understood it and even said that it's okay that wherever she is, he will also be there.

The next day, Ben gave the best gift ever to Jen. It was a magazine about Ice Land. Jen thought at first that it was just a magazine about Ice land and told Ben that he really doesn't know her yet. Because she knows already all the things about Ice land. But Ben told her that they are going to go to the Ice land and make fun of her stupidity for not realizing it right away. Jen became so excited and cuddle with Ben without realizing it which is so cute.

Jen talked to his father regarding going to New York. She admitted that even though it's hard leaving her father alone, she's still going to New York for Ben and decided to surprise him when they're in Ice land. She did ask her father to just go with them to New York. But His father refused to go and preferred to stay in the Philippines.

The journey of the two has begun. They finally arrived in Ice Land. The scenery shown in the film was amazing and mesmerizing. The engaged couple rents a car. Jen asked if there was a toilet in it but the man said there wasn't. She was upset because she often goes to the toilet these days. But Ben comforted her by saying that there's a bedpan that she doesn't need to worry and it's part of a journey. They bought some food later and they were shocked at the prices. Even the mineral water is so expensive and Jen explained that it's because the Ice land has the cleanest water. In the end, they still bought it anyway.

The two watched the sunset on their first day. They also spent a night together. Jen brought her Journal and they talked about what was written in there many years ago. Like how Jen made the first move to get Ben's attention and I think that was a cute scene. Later, Ben asked her if where she wanna go tomorrow since they haven't plan anything yet. Jen told him to just follow the Ring road so they wouldn't miss anything but they must see together the Aurora Borealis. Ben agreed and became playful again. He asked Jen why she wears the dress which is his favorite on her. He said that it was much harder for him to control himself, even more, when she wears that dress. Jen laughed and told him a suggestion. Jen asked for his hands and said that they are going to pray for his lust to go away. Ben laughed after and just said it's okay and there's no need for that but he's a little sad though. He's a man after all. But it was amazing how he managed to control his lust for 13 years guess it's because he truly loves Jen. That's also so rare for a man.

The two set an alarm so they wouldn't miss the Aurora Borealis since it has a specific time when it shows up. But only Ben witnessed it since Jen won't wake up even after many attempts of waking her up. Ben just wrote it down in a journal like what they promised to do every time they wanted to say anything. He said in there that it was better if she was there by his side while looking at the sky and witnessed Aurora Borealis together. The next day, Jen was upset because she missed Aurora Borealis. She blamed Ben for not doing his best to wake her up. Meanwhile, she forgot that she cooked something for breakfast so she stopped arguing with Ben and went outside. But the food was burnt. The two laughed at it and it changed the atmosphere and turned them in a good mood.

The problems arose in the next more following days. They argue a lot. Ben is not happy going anywhere which Jen were all suggested. He felt like it's always Jen's suggestions where there are going. She just controlled everything in their journey which is not supposed to be like that. They don't even follow the Ring Road anymore because Jen suddenly wanted to follow the Map. One time, Jen noticed the sad expression of Ben and suggested to go to where Ben's wanna go tomorrow which is the Volcanic Crater. But the day after, Ben woke early and ready to go but Jen is still laying on the bed like she has no plan of going anywhere and said she has a headache.

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Ben begged her to wake up and get ready and Jen just forcedly did it for the argument to stop. They walked so many miles just to get there and see the Volcanic Crater. Ben was so amazed by the beauty of it and asked Jen if she brings the camera with her like she always do but she didn't bring it this time. She even complained that going to see the Volcanic Crater was just a waste of time. That it wasn't that beautiful and worth it. Someone heard her complained and they almost fight. Ben told her that what she said about the Volcanic Crater was not nice to say.

The two apologized to each other and reconciled after. But seemed like they did not really get over it. Because while driving at the road they fought again. They almost had a serious accident. Good thing that the rented car only had a damaged and not them. Ben called about what happened and asked for a repair. Then Jen called up and told him to look at the sky and there they witnessed together the Aurora Borealis.
But they still haven't talked about their issue with each other.
The rest of their days was just spent taking pictures and just only Jen enjoying it. The time has come and they'll finally go back to the Philippines. But Jen forgot where she put her passport. Ben told Jen to check it again in their room but there wasn't in there. Ben check again their belongings and saw the passport in Jen's jacket. He got mad and told Jen that she is so irresponsible.

The two missed their flight. Ben finally decided to confront Jen about his feelings. He asked if Jen was happy and then Jen said she is. But Ben admitted that he's not enjoying it anymore. He even confessed that he's having trouble dealing with her like it's another Jen that he's spending his time with. He also told Jen that she's being inconsiderate and selfish. He even suggested to move their wedding and Jen got mad and said that it was better if they just broke up. At first, Ben refused but then agreed to the last minute. They separated their ways and never see each other again after that day.

After three years, On a prenup interview, Ben said again what he said at the begging of the movie which is Every time I see her. I forget everything. But this time he's saying it for his new fiance. They looked so happy together. He looked completely moved on from Jen.

The two are still neighbors but never saw and talk to each other since their break up.
Jen is now bald and it turned out that it was because she has a Brain Tumor and got surgery. She only found out that she was sick after a few weeks when they came back from Ice land.
When Ben found out about it he rushed to the house of Jen and he's in a complete shock about what he saw.
They finally talked and found out the real reasons why they broke up but they don't end up together. They decided that it wasn't meant to be. The two of them. But Jen said she never regret loving Ben and then same goes with Ben. In the end, Jen died on the arms of Ben while they were watching sunset together.


>Some things are not meant for you.
>When you truly love someone, you just don't give up.

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>Be honest with your feelings as well as yourself and to others.
>Enjoy your life and make the most out of it because life is too short.
>Love is patient and worth the wait.


I'm honestly not a fan of Filipino movies. Also, I don't like watching a film just because it was popular. My friends told me to watch it because it was a great movie and finally I gave it a chance. The movie was funny, heartbreaking and the storyline is fine. But it wasn't that good. It was different from what I expected. I thought it was really a great movie like what many people said on social media.
But the storyline is so predictable and to be honest, there weren't many big scenes that could make your mind-blowing. You'll feel like you're crying just because you have to. Just most of the scenes were their fights. I enjoyed the beginning of the story as well as the characters. But in the middle of the movie or when the climax showed. It was annoying. There weren't many characters developments. I could feel that they are trying so hard to make people cry and satisfy the emotional needs of the viewers instead of giving justice to the story. I would rate it 5/10.

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