Kim Hye Yoon acted as Kang Ye Seo of the high rating korean drama Sky Castle in 2018-2019, where she won the Best New Actress award. Not too long after the drama ended, the same year, she starred in the drama, "Extraordinary You". She paired up with boy group SF9's member, Ro Woon. Their excellent portrayal of Dan Oh and Ha Roo made them be recognized as Best New Actor, Best New Actress and Excellent Actress.

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The story is about Eun Dan Oh, a lady from a wealthy family and has a heart disease. She studies in a prestigious high school, together with her fiance, Baek Kyung. She loves him a lot, but he does not have even an ounce of love for her. One day, Dan Oh suddenly has a short term memory loss and finds the ability to see through the future. She gets confused whenever she closes her eyes and wakes up in a different place, different time and with different people. She learns from the Dried Squid Fairy (Jinmiche) from their school's kitchen that everyone there is a character from a comic entitled "Secret". She gets frustrated upon realizing she is not the main character, but rather a mere extra and only has a short time to live. She wants to find her own true first love, opposing the cliche story which the writer is writing.

Kim Hye Yoon as Eun Dan Oh
Ro Woon as Ha Roo
Lee Jae Wook as Baek Kyung
Lee Na Eun as Yeo Joo Da
Jung Gun Joo as Lee Do Hwa
Kim Yeong Dae as Oh Nam Joo
Lee Tae Ri as Jinmiche (Dried Squid Fairy)
Lee Ye Hyun as Kim Soo Hyang

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>I like how the story was written as a whole. I cringed with all the cliches and laughed at how the characters woke up to reality and bashed the writer of the comic world in which they were living. I felt like I was really watching myself (through Dan Oh and Do Hwa) confronting a comic book writer for being too cheesy with the main characters' lines, their very cringe moments especially when the female lead gets bullied every single time and then the male lead would come to her rescue. Every time Dan Oh gets out of the stage and comes to the outside world, I know it is time for me to laugh so hard like crazy. You probably know what I mean if you have already watched the drama.
>Another cliche of this drama was when it was revealed that Dan Oh, Baek Kyung, Ha Roo, Dried Squid Fairy and everyone else were characters of an old historical comic book "Trumpet Creeper". I kinda liked it because it emphasized Dan Oh and Ha Roo's love for each other in their past lives.

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Eun Dan Oh
>Since the first episode, Dan Oh has never failed to make me laugh so hard because of her bubbly and humorous character. I hate how the comic writer always hurts Dan Oh when she has moments with Baek Kyung. You know the typical arranged marriage set up where the girl loves the boy so much but the boy just won't love the girl back? That sucks. Thank goodness that Dan Oh finally realized that she does not really love Baek Kyung but was only following the script of the writer. That moment she decided to find her true love, someone from the outside world and not someone like Baek Kyung from the comic, I knew I'd finally get to breathe. Sorry, I was just really suffocated with all the cliches in the comic world. Just how many times do I have to say this, really? Anyway, I really love Dan Oh. Especially when she switches from Dan Oh the weak girl to a really strong and savage one.
>Her love for Ha Roo is kinda deep. She hated the fact that the writer drew him as a nameless extra without any special exposure in the story at all. At first, I thought she wanted to be the female lead because she did not want to die. You know she's an extra with heart complications. But as the story went on, I realized she dreamed of changing the story so Ha Roo, once a nameless extra in the comic, won't disappear when the story of "Secret" finally comes to an end. During her past life, she also loved him first.

Ha Roo
>During earlier episodes, someone was often shown sketching Dan Oh's face. It was predictable that it was Ha Roo. He was already aware of himself and was watching over Dan Oh even before she became aware of herself. It was obvious that he liked her first in "Secret". But since he was only a nameless extra back then, he couldn't get any closer to Dan Oh for it would ruin the comic story. It may seem like he was being scaredy-cat, but I understand why he was so afraid of approaching her. He had a big scar on his hand. That was a scar from his past life where he killed his beloved woman, Dan Oh. He did not want to repeat that same tragedy and tried to be happy for Dan Oh and Baek Kyung.
>He later realized her deep love for her. Their little sweet moments together were the reason I tried holding on to this drama and actually finished it. Even though he forgot about Dan Oh because of the conflicts in the collision of two comic stories "Secret" and "Trumpet Creeper", I was satisfied when it didn't last long for him to remember her.

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Baek Kyung
>I probably hate his character the most, since the very first episode. I can still understand why he was so cold and heartless toward Dan Oh at first, given the fact that he was not aware of himself yet. I thought that when he finally recognizes his true self, he would change to be better for Dan Oh or at least let her go and love Ha Roo. But then, though both him and Dan Oh already know that they do not really love each other, he acted like he owned Dan Oh. I expected a big character development from him in the next episodes, but I only ended up frustrated. When everything else failed and he and Dan Oh finally became the main leads and Ha Roo as the second male lead, he competed with him even outside the stage. I know that when you realized you really grew to love someone, you should fight for them. But come on, the true Dan Oh obviously didn't love him. He was only being a fool by chasing after her. Look how the table has turned.
>I honestly pitied his character too. It was too late for him to realize Dan Oh's worth. But that pity easily went away when he became a true villain in the story. When he found out about the story of "Trumpet Creeper", he became a more irritating character. He learned that in their past lives, Dan Oh chose Ha Roo over him so he copied Dan Oh and tried to change the story of Trumpet Creeper. He even told Dan Oh that Ha Roo was the one who killed her in the past. But the truth is, he ordered the hit because of his jealousy. Ha Roo couldn't really kill Dan Oh back then. Baek Kyung was actually the one who held the end of Ha Roo's sword and pushed it to stab Dan Oh. That's how it appeared that Ha Roo killed her.
>When he learned the entire truth, I gave his character a chance. He became a little nicer to both Ha Roo and Dan Oh. He became content with spending time with her inside the stage and let her do what she wanted outside the real world. That made me realize that his love for Dan Oh was deep and true as well. It was just sad that he made a mistake in their past life and repeated it again which made him lose the battle.

Yeo Joo Da
>I hated her character too. When she was still the female lead in "Secret", she always got bullied. She never fought back. Like an ordinary female lead, she chose the bad male lead, Oh Nam Joo, over the good second male lead, Lee Do Hwa. But, here's the real deal. I didn't expect that just like Dan Oh and the others, she was already aware of herself. I kinda sensed it when I noticed her character became tougher, but I thought it was only part of the script since "Secret" is almost ending. You know, it's time for the female lead to face the bullies and fight for her love for Oh Nam Joo.
>It was sad for me to know that she loved Do Hwa in the outside world, but she still chose Nam Joo over him. She rejected the man she really loved to protect Nam Joo. She wanted Nam Joo to be aware of himself too and make him a better person before "Secret" ends.

Lee Do Hwa
>I'm still having the second lead syndrome and can't get over the fact that Yeo Joo Da did not fight for him. When Do Hwa became aware of himself, I expected he would stop liking her. But he still did. He loved her both inside the stage and in the outside world. Inside the stage, he couldn't change anything, unlike Dan Oh who managed to change the storyboard and became the main lead. He tried changing it, but everything just went back to the original story. Even though he couldn't get her inside the stage, he fought for her in the outside world. He confessed his love for her. He asked her to choose him. But sadly, her love for him wasn't as strong as his love for her.

Oh Nam Joo
>I don't have a lot to say about him. All I know is that he's a very irritating and boring character. Yeo Joo Da tried her best to make him be aware of himself, she even left Do Hwa for him, but he didn't even try to understand her. Out of all the main and second leads in this entire story, he was the only one who didn't become aware of himself. That being said, you cannot see any character development from him even in the last episode.

Dried Squid Fairy (Jiminche)

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>I already knew he was strange from the very first time he appeared in the story. Something was just off about him, given the fact that aside from Ha Roo, he also became aware of himself too early than the other characters. I wanted to throw my phone every single time he tried to stop Ha Roo and Dan Oh from loving each other and changing the storyboard. He tried to stop Dan Oh from making the other characters aware of themselves and threatened her that it would harm all the characters in the story.
>But then his story was revealed. I gave him a chance just like what I did to Baek Kyung. He was being like that because he didn't want the story of "Trumpet Creeper" to repeat in "Secret". In his past life, he once loved a woman. He tried to change the storyboard. He woke her up to reality, just like what Dan Oh did to Ha Roo. But that ruined the entire story of "Trumpet Creeper" and caused the death of the woman he loved, Kim Soo Hyang. He didn't want Dan Oh to repeat in "Secret" the same mistake he did in "Trumpet Creeper".
>When Kim Soo Hyang suddenly appeared as a new transfer student, he tried his best to avoid her. She had always approached him and made his heart flutter, but he suppressed his feelings to avoid losing her again. However, he didn't know that she was only trying to be nice to him, but just like him, she didn't want to let him know she was aware of herself.

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The ending of this drama is actually good. The story of "Secret" finally ended by showing the graduation ceremony of the students since the entire story took place in high school. Kim Soo Hyang and Dried Squid Fairy lowkey had a reconciliation when she admitted she knew who he was and asked for a hug because it's been a long time. Yeo Joo Da and Oh Nam Joo ended up together, but she still remained friends with Lee Do Hwa. Dan Oh reconciled with Baek Kyung by telling him that Dan Oh from "Secret" wanted to thank him, and Dan Oh from "Trumpet Creeper" had already forgiven him.

When "Secret" ended, the comic world closed and everyone was living in the outside world. Some were still friends, but some weren't able to recognize one another. It was an acceptable ending for me because they were controlled characters in the comic world, and finally they were free and living a normal life. Dan Oh met Ha Roo again in the outside world after years. What made it romantic was they met on October 10. That date had a very special meaning for them during "Secret". They promised to meet there one time, no matter what, but they weren't able to. Their story ended with a sweet hug and that's all that matters in the entire story.