A film directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis entitled Bright is truly extraordinary. Coupled with the role of the famous film star Will Smith, this film makes this film even more cool. You may be familiar with the types of creatures from the Lord of the ring such as Elves, Orcs. Now in this film, the story of elves and orcs in the modern world is presented. Are you more curious? Of course you have to be curious, why? Because this film has a budget of up to 100 million US dollars. So, this will be really cool. Surely you haven't watched it yet? Prey!!! You can watch it on Netflix or on other Video on demand services. But before watching, see my review first.

Advantages of Bright Film (2017)
  • An interesting story. If we usually hear the ORC or ELF story, it must be classic stories, yes, but this time we will be told this story in a modern urban (urban) concept. This is very interesting. You will see how humans, ELFs and ORCs interact with each other. And you will be able to see a simulation of how monsters and other creatures interact in modern life. Really cool.
  • Will Smith. Will Smith is a senior and veteran actor. Every time he plays a role his film is definitely booming. Apart from being very good at being active, Will Smith always has the ability to portray any character. This time he will portray the character of a policeman who handles a big case and has a correlation with MAGIC. Wow, more and more curious, right?
  • Stunning Graphic Display. If you talk about the graphic display then you will not complain about this. The film budget is up to 100 million US Dollars cuy. So, you won't find edits like the Bima-X series like that. You will be satisfied and your eyes will be spoiled with various scenes with powerful special effects.
  • Social Criticism. The film also provides social criticism, where the brutal police behavior towards blacks in the United States is shown as the analogy of the police brutally treating the ORGs. There is also a small group of elite who control the economy in the United States, aka the Jews are shown by analogy to the ELF. So this is really interesting, do you want to watch it? Are you more curious?

Disadvantages of Bright Film (2017)
  • Disliked film fans. I do not know why? Maybe because I was with Will Smith that's why I was okay with this scene in this film. However, this film was insulted by many parties and even considered a failure. From film critics to netizens grilling this film as the worst film in 2017. Wow, why did it come to that? In my opinion, this is because this film fails to present a modern feel to the ORC, ELF and human story and the story is really absurd.

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    I also feel the story is a bit forced and weird. But I think it's still fine, but the public in the United States really doesn't like this film. In fact, almost all over the world to beat this film. Don't know why? Maybe because it doesn't suit their taste.

    But overall, if you really like Hollywood films, I can honestly say when you watch this film you feel like watching ****** films. Because it does not highlight the characteristics of American films. But I do like Will Smith and whatever they want to say. Subjective anyway.

Synopsis Film Bright (2017)

A modern life where the order of life is not only filled by humans but also other creatures such as ORC and ELF. A policeman named Daryl Ward (played by WILL SMITH) is suddenly paired with a policeman named Nick Jakoby who is the first policeman from ORC descent. He was very upset and didn't like this condition.

One night the two policemen were in a condition that might be considered an incident of gang fighting, but it turned out to be something bigger. They are trapped in a state where someone claims to have a "Magic Wand" which is a secret weapon to cast magic.

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The fighting continued, until this policeman was overwhelmed and it turned out that he had to face his conscience whether he wanted to help his fellow police officers or help his colleague Nick Jakoby, an ORC who was beaten and framed by his other police colleagues. Please watch it yourself.

List of Bright Movie (2017) Players
  • Will Smith as Daryl Ward.
  • Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby.
  • Noomi Rapace as Leilah.
  • Lucy Fry as Tikka.
  • ? dgar Ram? rez as Kandomere.
  • Ike Barinholtz as Pollard.

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Conclusion Film Bright (2017)

Personally, I give 1-10 a score of 7. Not bad in my opinion apart from the "Experts" and "Critics" and "Netizens" of the United States of America bully this film. I think this film is worth watching. Nobody is perfect, and it's okay to watch a movie once in a while that gets bad criticism. Because the name tastes different.

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