The film Johnny English (2003) is an old film almost 17 years ago but it is still really worth watching, for example if you are dizzy or stressed. The film was directed by Peter Howitt and the script was written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and William Davies.

This film scored an incredible amount of nearly over $160 million with a capital of around $40 million only. Almost 4 times that. Especially if it's not the charm of Our Mr.Bean idols are all very legendary. This film is the first film in the Johnny English silly agent series, followed by a follow-up film titled Johnny English Reborn and Johnny English Strikes Again. A family film that will cheer you up and you don't need to understand English to fully understand the storyline.

The advantages of the film Johnny English (2003)

A summary of the advantages of the Johnny English film (2003):
  • The Power of Cute Actor Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr.Bean)
  • assistant role Mr. Bean, played by Ben Miller, is very funny too
  • Beautiful supporting female artist is charming. (Natalie Imbruglia)
  • Simple story and of course SO FUNNY

Speaking of Johnny English, the power that becomes a magnet is of course the role of Mr. Rowan Atkinson. The very legendary bean. Her very innocent face is annoying that makes the whole film very interesting. Of course, it cannot be denied that this film is really annoying funny to the point that you will laugh out loud.

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Ben Miller, who plays Angus Bough as Johnny English's assistant, is also funny. Angus Bough is Johnny English's assistant who is always the target of Mr.Bean. Actually not Mr. Bean's the name of the role, but just let it be more familiar.

Of course, just look at Mr. Bean was acting stupid and was ridiculous that he would get bored if no one was clear. Who else but beautiful Natalie Imbruglia. Her role as a woman who is beautiful, smart, sexy, and charming is a strength in itself for this film.

The Disadvantages of Johnny English Movies (2003)

Because this film is intended to be funny and funny, I say there is almost no shortage because that is the goal to be happy. It's different from the heavy film that I will criticize.

But if you can give one point maybe because this is an old film, so in the setting, if you watch now in 2020 and above, it looks like this film is old school and really old. However, the story and the strength of the characters from this film will make you ignore the outrage of this film.

This film is a simple one with an easily predictable plot. This film is suitable to watch on weekends, especially after you are tired of work. Because the plot is simple and everything is really funny, you will enjoy this film from start to finish. Don't worry, this is not a serious film that will make you go crazy.

Synopsis Film Johnny English (2003)

An emergency occurs in which all MI7 agents are killed at the funeral of a British agent. There is only one agent left, namely Johnny English. The problem is Johnny English is a reserve agent who is hired as a clerk. He has an assistant named Bough.

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Finally Johnny Bough was hired to take care of a case in which the British royal crown was stolen. Johnny faces a very strong enemy who has enormous political power. Furthermore, will Johnny English and his innocent assistant be able to solve this crime? I don't want to spoil it, you have to watch it yourself.

Don't forget that the supporting artist Natalie Imbruglia will amaze you with her beauty, flexibility, and also her very unique acting.

List of Johnny English Movie Players (2003)
  • Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English
  • Natalie Imbruglia as Lorna Campbell, Beautiful Girl who accompanies Mr. Bean
  • Ben Miller as Angus Bough,
  • John Malkovich as Pascal Edward Sauvage, the main villain
  • Oliver Ford Davies as the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Tim Pigott-Smith as Pegasus aka Head of MI7
  • Kevin McNally as the British Prime Minister
  • Douglas McFerran as Klaus Vendetta
  • Steve Nicolson as Dieter Klein
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  • Greg Wise as Agent One
  • Tim Berrington as Roger
  • Prunella Scales as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Tasha de Vasconcelos as Countess Alexandra
  • Nina Young as Secretary of Pegasus

Conclusion film Johnny English (2003)

On a scale of 1-10 I gave a value of 7.5. And honestly very comforted. I sometimes watch this film again randomly between the first series or the second and third. Maybe I will discuss this Johnny English series on another occasion.