The Wolf of The Wall Street

The wolf of the wall street film is very interesting to watch because it deals with stock brokers. Yes, one more film related to trading in the financial sector, especially in the field of stock trading. This film tells the story of the success story of a stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who started from small until his company became large. This film was produced by Martin Scorsese who is a producer and director who is usually nominated for an Oscar.

This film actually tells about fraud in the process of offering shares to his clients. So this company has been very successful in selling its IPO shares by a company called Stratton Oakmont. In the course of his business, Jordan Belfot sold shares to his clients, stocks that were not very good or stocks that were underperforming. But with the expertise of a Jordan Belfort with high marketing skills, he managed to sell these stocks to his customers and generate huge profits.

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At the height of his success, Jordan Belfort went into action illegally by earning $22 million in three hours after announcing the initial public offering of Steve Madden's (Jake Hoffman) company. This brought Jordan and his company to the attention of the FBI and SEC. But after all, I really appreciate the marketing methods employed by Jordan Belfort and he has published a book on marketing that is under his control.

The advantages of the film The Wolf of the Wall Street
  1. Quality cinematography
  2. Quite a bit funny narrative
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  4. Motivate
  5. Is a film from the true story of Jordan Belfort
  6. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio top class with a strong character
  7. The total revenue from the film reached 392 million dollars.
  8. The marijuana use scene is actually vitamin b

The Disadvantages of the film The wolf of the wall street
  1. It is not the consumption of all people because of the heavy theme
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  3. In my opinion, the 3 hour film duration is too long
  4. There are several adult scenes of violence and narcotics
  5. It takes focus to follow the flow.