Vin Diesel hits the big screen again with his latest action film, starring Bloodshot. This film has just been released on April 13, 2020, unfortunately because Covid-19 and theaters could not air, finally the film producer, Sony Pictures Releasing, decided to screen this film digitally through the Video On demand service both on the official Sony website and such as the On Demand Video service. and other Movies such as Netflix and its friends. Yes, it is fate that the film has not been very successful until now even though it is quite good to watch.

The budget that was issued around 45 million US Dollars until now in September 2020 still has not returned on investment. Even though for a Box Office like this with high quality like this, usually only a matter of 1-2 weeks is a return on investment + profit. Fate-fate, because the condition of Covid-19 does not allow people to watch in theaters. This film was directed by a seasoned director named David S.F. Wilson and of course the main character who made this film awaited by many people is Vin Diesel. Let's discuss it completely.

The Advantages of Bloodshot (2020)

Vin Diesel on the board !. This is its main advantage. Who can't wait to see the kills and beats of Vin Diesel. Even though he is getting old now, both from acting to fighting to acting overly and on the face of pity, this person is still powerful and at the divine level. So, if you are a fan of Action Films, then you must watch this film.

The plot of the story is fun and unpredictable. The plot of the story is cool and very unimaginable. At the beginning we will be faced with a Hollywood pop action film that you don't really think? Namely the act of revenge for someone who lost his wife, yeah ... how can Vin Diesel play a movie like this? But after going to the middle to the end, now this is what makes this film so classy.

Great mix of Sci-fi, Drama & Action. We need to pay close attention that combining the three things I mentioned is not a very easy matter, a director must pay attention to details and of course, must not be complacent with only Action alone, the science side even though it is fantasy must still be considered properly and according to I'm David SF Wilson was successful at combining it. In my opinion, the sci-fi offered is also unique, even though there are many circulating in the market that are similar to this.

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The Advantages of Bloodshot (2020)

Not in theaters because of Covid-19. Watching on Netflix on a smartphone or home TV will not be very satisfied because the screen is not wide enough and the sound system that is owned will not be able to provide eye and ear orgasms. That's why it's a shame this film came out at the time of Covid-19. Really bad luck for the producers and for all of us. Even though I've watched this film on Netflix, when it's over Covid next year and the cinema opens as usual, it looks like I want to watch it again.

Synopsis Film Bloodshot (2020)

The tragic story of a US soldier who had just successfully fulfilled his mission and returned home. He was finally greeted by his beautiful wife and they decided to take a vacation. Unexpectedly the criminals and their gang managed to track down the whereabouts of this soldier (Vin Diesel) and arrested himself and his wife. He and his wife were eventually killed.

Suddenly he woke up in a very shocking condition. He was told that he was dead and that his body was donated by the United States Army for research. He gets a new body with tremendous super strength where in addition to being stronger, he can also heal himself quickly, and his brain can access computers and data around the world.

Finally he was determined to take revenge on the person who killed his wife. In the midst of his journey, he finds something strange about himself and his memories, and he realizes that he is caught in an evil conspiracy. Is that? What is the fate of the soldier? Can he avenge his wife and who is the evil conspirator behind the strange things he finds?

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Bloodshot Movie Cast List (2020)

  • Vin Diesel As Ray Garrison.
  • Eiza Gonz? Lez As KT.
  • Sam Heughan As Jimmy Dalton.
  • Toby Kebbell As Martin Ax.
  • Guy Pearce As Dr. Emil Harting.
  • Lamorne Morris As Wigans.
  • Alex Hernandez As Marcus Tibbs.
  • Talulah Riley as Gina Garrison.
  • Tamer Burjaq as Mombasa Gunman.
  • J? Hannes Haukur J? Hannesson As Nick Lines.
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  • Siddharth Dhananjay As Eric.

Bloodshot (2020) conclusion

Regardless of the oblique comments from other people I still say the value is 9. Why? Yes, it's clear because this film stars Vin Diesel and I happen to like Vin Diesel. Because that's a good value of 9 and can be pinned in my opinion personally. What do you think? Please watch the film yourself.