Why should I not leave this kind of spam in Google Analytics?
It was reputed to be Spam and it was still a Spam all day long. Although it does not harm the website Or your computer But you shouldn't keep it in Google Analytics because it will cause the processing to crash. Which in the end, it may lead to the wrong decision you make.

Which if I don't go to check that I might be happy to see a lot more people visit the site, even though those spams are not actually the ones reading the content. Also, it also performs important values ​​like Bounce Rate or Average Time on Page, so now you know its toxicity. Let's see how to fix it!

How To Block Spam Traffic

We normally filter traffic from our ip and from our login to prevent Google Analytics from reading errors. So if you think of it quickly, all I have to do is go to Google Analytics, then go to Admin and All Filters.
In Filter Type, select Custom and select exclude Hostname that is Spam Traffic, now those spams will no longer be included in Google Analytics.

This method should work. But in fact it doesn't work because I have come across spam traffic from so many places over and over until I have to find more solutions. In the end, I found a great solution on Reddit with a one-round fix. That is, blocking Spam on Google Analytics with Referrer Spam Blocker.

I try to read. Viewed on the website I think this program is probably not Spam, and I tried it myself. With just a few simple clicks, those spams won't be overwhelming for a long time

How to use this program, there are only 3 steps (ask for permission, not Screenshot because it is really easy).

1. Login via Google Analytics

2. Select the website that you want to add Referrer Spam Blocker to.

3. Sit and sip tea, wait 4-5 minutes, it is done.

P.S. Due to Google Analytics limitations, this site will only help block about 200 spam sites a day, so if you can't go in and do it, I recommend going to bed first. Then wake up in the morning again and try again

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