Foreign Exchange Market is known as Forex. It was started in the early 1970s. The trading is done through these foreign exchanges. This market has the right to determine the fixed value. This digital currency method covers the field of selling, buying and currency exchanging on a rate which is fixed or determined. The rate varies every single day. The Foreign Exchange Market is considered as the important, significant and largest market in terms of volume trading. There are many different ways in which this market is working just like a financial institution. The currency can be exchanged whenever they are in pairs.

When an indicator tells us the transition of signals on a chart which is displayed on the screen, the process is called Repainting. The process tells the traders about the accuracy of the indicators when they come upon the chart. The main feature of a repainting indicator is that they can reposition itself when a new price bar comes. These indicators take the future value and predict the values for the entry on the price bar. In the real world, these indicators are way much opposite to what the traders see on display charts. Whereas, non-repainting indicators do not change their value on a close price bar. These indicators ought not to change.

The traders of forex use these non-repainting indicators on the data which is provided when the current price bar is opened. The non-repainting indicator will remain fixed until the other price bar is opened. The non-repainting indicators frustrate the user as they are very slow and their accuracy is very much low. The non-repainting indicator performance in real-time is very much low as compared to if it is seen virtually. These indicators can perform well but they are very slow and they do not change themselves according to the market situation.

MT4 Platform:

One of the top and most reliable trading platforms for the traders. It is mostly used in forex trading. It stands for MetaTrader 4. Using this platform gives an edge to the traders that there are a lot of indicators which are easy and the traders can also find some professional software. Another edge of using this platform is that its user friendly and also gives distinct charting tools which are required by the traders. All software available at this platform is easy to use and it can be easily programmable. Let us understand some of the software which is free and easy to use.

DSP Oscillator MT4:

The word DSP stands for Detrended Synthetic Price (oscillator). It was first developed by John Ehlers. It has a new modified version and it is modified by Mladen Rakic. The DSP Oscillator comprises many colours and options for the easiness of the user so that they can understand and use it easily. This indicator has seven different volumes of colours. These seven colours refer to a particular thing. This indicator helps the user to understand and analyze the market trends. The oscillator works on the charts on the signals created on the price bar. The creator John Ehlers version is based on the trading levels which are fixed. The John Ehlers version was modified by Mladen Rakic. He added some extra features to the older version and terminated some features which help it in making it easier for the traders to use it.

Position Size Calculator:

One of the favoured software used by traders in risk management. From its name, the signal is positioned properly to handle big risks to avoid any uncertain situation. This software is widely used because if any traders trade at a new position, the fair percentage is not seen which leads to different kinds of risks during trading. This software has some features which include stop and loss level, risk tolerance, account currency and many more which tells the traders on how many lots trade can be done. Open this software, enter everything it asks and press the F9 key.

Orders Indicator:

Another software which is available on the Metatrader 4 platform. The orders indicator allows the traders to see their past performance so that the traders can do good in future. The past trades are shown in the charts. This indicator also allows the traders to share their result on social media. Whenever the traders enter the trade, they are hopeful that they will get a good result. This indicator also has the features through which a user can change the colour type, text type and other variables.

Undock Charts:

Whenever the traders are trading, they also want a good interface to get result fine and clear result. For this purpose, the MT4 platform provides a good interface to the user through Undock Charts. The user can do the technical analysis easily with its good interface. This software is open in multiple windows. This software also provides the features of colour variation, a different type of text and bars. The disadvantage of this software is that it can only be run on a PC screen. To resolve this problem a script from IBFX is used. After that, the user can use it in the manner he wants.


The word fibo is derived from Fibonacci. It is also called as a self-explanatory software. This software is merged with the ZigZag indicator and then it is used. Fibonacci retracements are drawn by this software automatically. The drawing is based on the signal indicative of High and Low. When it is used along with ZigZag the indicator tells the status of high and low. Whenever the setting of the ZigZag indicator is changed it tells the accuracy and also the size of swing produced during a trade.

SHI Channel True:

Another software provided by the MT4 platform is SHI True Channel. It is also a chart-based indicator. This software draws the Barish Polo Tv dynamic moving on the chart automatically. The working of this software is done through history which is based on time fractals. The fractals are then connected with a line and then a parallel line is drawn by this software on the chart between maximum fractal and opposite structure. It also draws a median between parallel lines and maximum fractals. This software is used during the price development. Stop loss and profit-making is also given by this software.

News Cal:

The full form of News Cal is News Calendar. The indicators work like a calendar by which data can be updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can also create an event of any type like currencies variation, exchange variation etc. just like you create on the normal calendar. The events you create are displayed on the chart and by default, it is on the left side of the chart. You can change the position of the chart which is done from settings. The features of this indicator are it has sound alarms, you can change the table settings, change colour on charts and filter currency etc.

Breakout Zones:

From its name, we can say that this indicator works by creating two zones. This indicator creates two zones by drawing a red line. The area above the red line is called resistance. Whereas, the area below the red line is known as support. This chart which is displayed on the screen will break out and be called resistance when the price goes above this zone and the signal generated will be for a long time. Whereas, when the price goes low the signal generated will be for a short time and it is in the support area.