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    Thread: Overview ON Choose the right shaver

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      Default Overview ON Choose the right shaver

      Overview ON Choose the right shaver

      How do you choose the right electric shaver for you? A question on the mind of all those who want to have a distinctive electric shaver.

      Choosing an electric shaver is not easy, as the multiplicity of types of machines and their different prices and specifications make the person very confused.

      Through the lines of this article, we will lend a hand to help you and guide you to the way you choose the right electric shaver for you.

      How do you choose the right electric shaver for you?
      There are many types of electric shavers and their uses, which are made to perform certain tasks or to suit certain skin types.
      The price of an electric shaver increases as the features it contains and the features it offers increase.
      However, there are a range of common characteristics that a person should be keen to have in the machine they wish to acquire and from the most obvious characteristics:

      • Water resistant: You should be sure to choose a water-resistant electric shaver to be used in the shower, and modern water-resistant electric shavers have the ability to dive into the water up to three meters deep.
      In general, you can dispense with this feature if you don't want to use it in humid environments.
      • Contains cleaning fluid: Make sure that there is a cleaning fluid inside the electrical barber machine tray you are purchasing, as this liquid sterilizes the machine and cleans it of bacteria that are stuck in it better than viruses.

      • The shape and size of the electric machine: the shape and size of the electric shaver are numerous, but the best is the medium-sized machine, which helps you control it properly and does not hinder the shaving process.

      • Contains several heads: When choosing an electric shaver, you should make sure that the machine has several heads that perform different functions, to help you get the required shaving.
      The shaver must have at least five heads in order to perform the tasks required of it optimally.

      • Tools attached to the machine: In order to be a good electric shaver, it must contain a set of attached tools that facilitate the shaving process, and the attached tools can be removed and installed when needed, and from the blades for the hair on the nose and between the eyebrows.

      • Vibration rate: You should track the vibration rate on the machine casing, the higher the machine performance and for the machine to operate characteristically, the vibration rate should not be less than 10,000.
      In modern machines, the vibration rate has reached 14,000.

      • Charging speed: You should keep track of the battery speed, as the battery of the modern machines is enough for five minutes to be able to use the shaver once, while the entire machine charge needs about one hour.

      • Lightweight: You should make sure you choose a lightweight electric shaver, in order to be able to carry it on your travels, and to be able to install it next to the woman or in the bathroom.

      How do you keep the electric shaver from being damaged?
      In order to keep the shaver fresh and working for a long time you should take care of it, and do not neglect it, and there are many ways in which you can keep the electric shaver from damage, the most important of these methods:

      • Switch the cleaning fluid at least four times a year, due to the role of the liquid in eliminating the bacteria inside the machine.

      • Clean the electric shaver directly after use, so that the hair does not hang between parts of the machine, causing it to be damaged over time.

      • You must change machine oil every once in a while so that it does not rust, and its primary color changes.

      • Stop shaving several times while shaving, so the machine takes a break and doesn't overheat.

      • Hold the machine tightly during use so it doesn't fall to the ground.

      • See the producers' recommendations in the machine packaging, so you know how long the parts with the machine will last, when you should switch them, and generally change the machine pieces every year or half, and this is measured by the number of times you use them.

      Technical specifications that should be found in the electric shaver:
      When choosing an electric shaver, you should make sure that the machine contains a range of technical specifications, including:

      • Machine type: Choose a good type electric shaver that has international trust from users, and stay away from cheap and infamous machines.

      • Battery: When choosing a machine, you should make sure that the battery is good, operates for a long time without having to recharge it over and over again, and shows the importance of the battery when using the machine for trips and trips.

      • Contains sterile liquid: Do not buy an electric shaver that does not contain sterile liquid, even if it is washable underwater, because the sterile liquid completely eliminates the bacteria in it.

      • Blades and heads: The electric shaver must have enough heads and blades to suit all types of shaving.

      The most prominent types of electric shaver:
      There are two distinct types of electric shaver:

      • Traditional rectangular blade machine: This machine consists of a thin layer of metal, covered by a layer of perforated blades ranging from three to five blades, and the hair enters between these holes, making it easier for the blades to cut.
      This machine has many advantages:

      • Move its blades back and forth to make the hair on one level.

      • Suitable for people with sensitive skin as it moves gently on the skin.

      • You can cut hair no matter how short it is.

      • Help the user to identify the support and hair with great accuracy.

      • Easy to clean because it does not keep large amounts of hair between its blades.

      • Circular shaver: The circular shaver consists of three heads and each head has successive blades to fully surround the hair, and the user should make sure to move it slowly because the blades are fast moving.

      This machine has a range of features and the most important of these features include:

      • Gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation to the skin.

      • Moves smoothly, helping to reach all hair areas with great ease.

      • Suitable for all types of hair especially curly and thick hair that grows in all directions.

      • Suitable for trips and travel because it does not consume much freight.

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