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Thread: Overview ON DHL Company

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    Default Overview ON DHL Company

    Overview ON DHL Company

    You have to wait when choosing the shipping company you will rely on primarily to ship your e-store products to your customers all over the world if your store is selling in different regions and countries of the world choosing the right shipping company from many shipping companies, whether domestic or international or even international, is not easy for e-store owners around the world, so during the lines of this article we will talk about one of the best international shipping companies, if not The best in the world, dHL.

    We must make it clear that one of the most important challenges facing most electronic stores is to find a suitable shipping company that can provide high quality services at the same time at prices and facilities satisfactory and highly suitable, where we must note that the shipping company that contracts with it and deliberately delivers the products of your e-store is one of the most important factors that reflect the image of your store with your audience, as the occurrence of any problems in the shipping process to consumers gives bad impressions to your audience what leads in turn To a bad and useless shopping experience through your online store, which may eventually reduce the number of shopping visits through your store and then reduce sales and then profits from your online store.

    During this brief report we will explain to you why DHL is your best choice to ship your e-store products to your customers all over the world, in addition to explaining the company's most important features and outstanding services that make it at the forefront of all other international shipping companies, and we will also be exposed in the report to the history of the high-end shipping company "DHL" as well as its land, air and sea cargo arsenal around the world, and its ability to employ the company also has a human arsenal. Tremendously trained to deal with all the situations related to product shipments around the world, which gives a good impression to your customers when their orders arrive through this global company DHL.

    First: DHL's vision and mission
    During this paragraph we can summarize you and also explain the vision of the global shipping company DHL and the message that the company seeks through its services and its land, air and sea arsenal as well as humanity to achieve in the world of commerce as well as retail trade, where the global shipping company "DHL" has a clear and announced vision that says: "We have always revolutionized, shaped and simplified the world of logistics services. From the invention of the international air transport industry to become the world's leading logistics company, we are thinkers, manufacturers and pioneers constantly challenging what is possible. We are now dealing with the final frontier: delivery to the moon."

    Following that point, we must point out here that DHL, as the world's leading logistics provider, has succeeded impressively and uncertified in integrating Parcelcopter into its delivery chain. During a three-month trial, people in the Bavarian community can use the automated service to send and receive packages. A total of 130 shipments were sent over an eight-kilometre radius a 30-minute drive, but less than eight minutes.

    This is a great success and wide field can achieve more profits for all e-stores or retailers as well, as the company has succeeded in reducing the hours and duration of the product shipment, which can greatly achieve high sales ratios based on this superior speed of delivery through this great invention.

    Second: The history of the international shipping company DHL
    When talking about the international shipping company "DHL", it is necessary to refer to the company has a long and long history of many achievements in the field of logistics and shipping around the world, the global company did not arise of this greatness and size but began as a simple idea and through many years of development and innovation and follow the latest technological and scientific methods succeeded the international shipping company "DHL" in reaching this huge position and standing on the throne of logistics and shipping services companies around the world.

    During these lines we will talk briefly about the history of the international shipping company DHL, as well as the most significant turning points in the company's success story and to this magnitude and leadership in the field of international and international shipping.

    A few months after Neil Armstrong was placed on the moon in 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblum and Robert Lane founded DHL, the world's first door-to-door international delivery service. Their simple and pioneering idea was to provide shipping documents by air, so that they could reach customs before shipping itself. These are the shipping companies that saved days or even weeks dhl had invented the international air transport industry.

    Important dates:
    1969: DHL was established
    1971: DHL expanded to the Far East
    1972: DHL deals with more than 500,000 shipments

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    1977: DHL moves away from pure document delivery
    1985: New International Centre in Brussels, Belgium
    1986: The first Express company operating in China
    1998: Deutsche Post AG becomes shareholder in DHL
    2002: Deutsche Post acquires DHL
    2008: Leipzig, Germany became DHL's Air Hub
    2016: DHL's strongest quarter in history
    With all those dates, DHL has succeeded in becoming the world's largest logistics company, and shortly after its formation, DHL has enjoyed rapid growth worldwide. Today, DHL is the world's largest logistics company with more than 360,000 employees and offices in more than 220 countries and territories.

    DHL has also won many prestigious awards for outstanding sales and customer service achievements a testament to the customer-focused mentality at the heart of every shipment we deliver.

    Third: The most important awards received by the international shipping company "DHL"
    We also emphasized in the previous paragraphs the excellence of the international shipping company "DHL" and its place on the throne of logistics companies and all international shipping companies, due to its high-air services in shipping and its uniqueness in this field, qualified it to receive many prestigious awards offered by the largest institutions in the world, and this was a testament to the excellence and uniqueness of the international shipping company DHL in the field of logistics services around the world.

    During the following lines, we will monitor some of the most prestigious awards received by dHL from the world's largest institutions:

    30 CS Awards in Americas
    62 CS Awards in Asia Pacific excl. China
    6 CS Awards in China
    22 CS Awards in Europe
    15 CS Awards in Middle-East North Africa
    34 CS Awards in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Fourth: The most important features of the international shipping company "DHL"
    Behind each success many factors and components that have essentially helped to achieve this success in the required way, these components work harmoniously and coherently so that they can eventually meet the success of any business around the world. If we take dHL as an example, we must point out here that the great success achieved by the global shipping company DHL was based on many factors and factors as well as features and features that distinguished the company from other logistics companies as well as all the shipping companies in the world.

    During the next few years we will review some of the most important features of the international shipping company DHL, which has helped it to take over all shipping companies around the world, as well as explain the number of advantages you will gain from dealing with the global shipping company? DHL in shipping your e-store products to your customers all over the world.

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    DHL network covers more than 220 countries and regions with a working force of 500,000 employees worldwide.
    It caters to the demands of express-direct shipping customers with more than 100,000 international experts, over 250 aircraft and a fleet of 40,000 vehicles around the world.
    The company is also characterized by reliability, innovation, speed, leadership and leadership of its customers.
    - Door-to-door service with un-deliverables return
    Reliable transit time as follows:
    - Top Cities: Next Day
    Remaining: 2-4
    -East Malaysia Days: 3-5 days ¹ JB, Penang, KL
    Shipping gate:
    - Easy-to-use shipping gate for package preparation
    - Print stickers at your convenience and get an instant tracking number
    - Load in large quantities for large traders
    - Instant reports
    IT integration:
    - Various ingredients options available, including. Api
    - Dedicated IT support
    - Multiple label creation options
    Door experience:
    - Trained and professionally qualified delivery agents
    Delivery attempts and notifications:
    - Get quick, hassle-free notifications of your shipment status
    SMS messages before delivery with direct link to track parcels
    DHL's professional delivery staff who bring a smile to your customers
    - Control and visibility of delivery schedule
    Customer service:
    - Professional Call Centre for Merchants and Consumers
    - Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm Saturday 9am - 6pm

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    - There are branches that operate 24 hours a day
    Insurance and value protection:
    - Additional insurance available for high value products
    - Buy insurance for each piece on the gate
    - A simple, hassle-free way to protect your customers' packages
    - Highest available local and international coverage
    - Affordable option regardless of shipping volume
    E-commerce weight and optimal dimension:
    Maximum weight: 30 kg
    - Maximum dimensions: Length + width + height should not exceed 150 cm
    Late receipt until 6 p.m.

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    Though trading on financial markets involves high risk, it can still generate extra income in case you apply the right approach. By choosing a reliable broker such as InstaForex you get access to the international financial markets and open your way towards financial independence. You can sign up here.

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